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Re-doing an old list

All the supervillains over the years who are dark reflections of the Dark Knight.

List items

  • People tend to go on and on about how even as kids, Bruce Wayne and Tommy Elliot were dark reflections of each other.

  • Most people don't know this, but he was the first villain designed as such. He basically tried to make himself "Batman for criminals", with a Moth-mobile, a Moth-cave, and a Moth-signal.

  • In the most literal sense possible

  • His parents were criminals gunned down by a cop, and he's unbelievably overpowered

  • One cartoon gave him the traits of other anti-Batmen (Catman's orange color scheme, Prometheus's backstory of criminal parents, and Killer Moth's M.O. of protecting criminals from Batman) as well as his own Robin (Scorn, who was later brought into the New 52)

  • His name is just one letter away. And, though I've never actually seen them, apparently he has "Catarangs"

  • It literally doesn't get any more obvious

  • He's even got his own Alfred (Wintergreen)

  • (SPOILER ALERT) especially as the Arkham Knight

  • Batman from the wrong side of the tracks. His physical and intellectual prowess rival Batman's own.

    Not to mention becoming the new Batman during that "Forever Evil" fiasco

  • Both are intelligent and prepare for everything, and both try to push the limits of physical and mental perfection.

    One comic actually made it look like you were watching Bruce Wayne training and giving an inner monologue, before revealing it was really Strange.

  • "I've been trying to emulate you, Batman, to do as you do -- bring scum to permanent justice --justice without recourse!"

  • Before the accident he was Gotham's "White Knight". He also mirrors Batman's origin and obsession with double identities.

  • Much like Bruce Wayne, he plays up his public identity as being a bored rich idiot

  • "Yet we're linked, you and I. Like comedy and tragedy. Two sides, same coin."

  • I hear that he was Batman's counterpart in "Trinity" (the main reason I'd like to read that) and has been a rival detective

  • They both use fear as a weapon

  • Like Hush, he's like Bruce Wayne if brought up with poor parenting (he was literally dropped on his head as a baby) and a millionaire who created an extremely violent masked alter-ego for himself that relies on fear tactics.

  • He was created by Joker specifically so he could kill a Batman, after all

  • As "The Coon"