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Why "Civil War" actually makes more sense in the MCU

Now I never cared for "Civil War" in general. Hell, the main reason I'll be going is just to see Spider-Man and Black Panther make their MCU debuts. But in the MCU the fact that this story could happen is actually a little more believable.

Civil War was obviously a lot more plot-driven than character-driven. I mean, the two opposing leaders were Captain America and Iron Man. Two best friends, comrades, teammates, source of yaoi fanfic shipping (hell, that one's not even totally unjustified). They've spent decades fighting side by side together through thick and thin. And no matter what personal differences ever came up between them (all of which were a lot bigger than something as dumb as opposing political positions) they always overcame that and managed to work together!

But no, in Civil War they just said "f*ck it" and started wailing on each other instead of trying to work out some kind of compromise.

But that was in the comics, where they'd had decades to forge the bond we know they have. But in the MCU? They've had like 2 movies together. Sure, there was all the offscreen missions we found them wrapping up at the beginning of "Age of Ultron", but that still hardly compares to the years they had known each other in the comics by the time Civil War rolled around. So, in the MCU the story actually makes more sense.