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A2 Amalgam Universe Master List part 48

List items

  • Iron Thunder! Kevin Irons is the son of Erik Irons, also known as Titanium. When his father was turned into a Thunderman robot, Kevin organized a big manifestation to critique the regime. Thunderman showed up... and crippled him. Before his death the Slash would help him walk again. He will be outfitted with Bruce Stark's last invention and he became the leader of JA Next.

  • Boogeyboy! Grant Marko is the son of the Boogeyman. After Thunderman and the Moon Spectre obliterated his father, the gem of Greytorak would survive and find Grant. He has much more control over the stone than his father.

  • Rina Williams is not related to Logan Allen, nor is she a mutant. But like him, she had a rough childhood and found a way to connect to the Uni-Speed Force. Like HawkQueen, she was a member of the Justice Revengers before turning over a new leaf.

  • Microsting! Wendy Foster-Pym is now all grown up. She was HawkQueen's worst enemy until they learned to work together. She was lost in the microverse for some time.

  • American Wonder is Anastasia Stark, the lost daughter of Iron Bat and Mianju Mogui. She will use the Extremis virus to continue this important legacy.

  • Nightframe is a robot created by Bruce Stark. Before his death, he downloaded the brain waves of Richard Lebeau into it, who died years earlier. He became the mentor of the JA Next.

  • Freebat! Damian Stark betrayed his father and joined Thunderman and his regime... and he killed Night Ace by accident. With the years he had a change of heart. He swore on his father's deathbed that he would forbid the Extremis virus and purge himself of all technology. And he did, become the Freebat,

  • Ultimate Dr. Joke! At one point in this reality, Doctor Joke had enough of losing and decided to take things to the extreme! After killing the Doomed Four and imprisoning Reed O'Brian in the Azaroth Zone, he began his plan to destroy Thunderman and New Metropolis. Thor-El killed him not long after, but his spirit still looms over this reality!

  • Thunderman once got his own Yellow Totem ring and he could recreate a hammer of some sort. American Warrior convinced him to let go of the weapon.

  • from the PS4 Spider-Man game

  • Sinestro Octavius was a good guy on this world. A refugee from a war torn planet and a friend and boss of Peter Jordan. But this good guy was even more corrupted by the Yellow Totem Ring and soon became Thunderman's second in command during American Warrior's coma.

  • Lord Leviathan: In the chaos after the destruction of Washington and New Metropolis, Atlantis tried to invade the above world. They were defeated and Arthur Banner became Lord Thunderman's vassal Thor-El gave Atlantis control of South America and Banner became a gangster, dominating the continent.

  • Lex Loki was almost always friends with his brother on this reality, so much that when the regime took over, Thor-El named him President of the United States. But Lex was secretly working with Iron Bat to overthrow him. When he killed the Slash, not knowing he was in fact an ally, he almost killed the rebellion too. With luck, his chief scientist...

  • Ray Pym, found a way to Earth Prime and contacted the JA to help them and save the rebellion.

  • At first, Iron Bat tried to help his friend Thunderman by staying on his team. But with time, it became clear that they drifted apart. Stark soon rebelled completely against his former friends. After the regime took over, Thor-El revealed Stark's secret identity and bankrupted Stark Enterprises. Bruce took the little money he could save and changed his name to Bruce Travis. He also completely merged himself with his technology, getting lost in the fight. And this fight would cost him his life... but not before he defeated his former best friend.

  • After Dr. Joke died, Harley Chip joined Iron Bat's side. She became friends with Jean Batson but lost her. Her other lover, Poison Mary, also died in battle with the Strange Thing. But he was also pulverized by the Moon Spectre and Blade Constantine. But the amulet of Agarama chose her. She will survive the civil war and be part of JA Next.

  • When Oliver Murdock was killed by Thunderman, Dinah Natchios' world fell apart. She adopted his young son Connor and took his place as Green Devil!

  • The Core. Not long ago, the core was attacked by the Citadel of Truth and Sybraxar, but it was protected by Corbeau and the Doomed Four!

  • Chief Maximillian Corbeau was a member of Baxstar Institute and a good friend of Bruce Stark and Reed O'Brian, among others. With the help of C.H.E.S.S. he created the Core, a research station in space. With time, he freed himself from all outside interference when he moved the station solar systems away! With time, and with the help of the Xannian Empire, the Core Station became a little city and trading post, with many allies making their home. To maintain order, Corbeau has some help:

  • Lady Eye. Comet Raccoon's wife and chief of security on the station. A tough (and funny) cookie).

  • Talia Starkins was a lab assistant to Jean Foster before being recruited by Corbeau.

  • With the robot Bella, Talia is the Core's number two scientist.

  • The Weird Axe is a thousand years old traveler of time and dimensions. Only on the core would he find some peace.

  • Dr. Surya: The research of this Indian scientist was paramount to Reed O'Brian's success in transferring Ben Steele's brain in Robo-Thing's body. But the good doctor tried it on himself and he went crazt. He also created the robot (and Doomed Four ally) HERMIONE from his dead daughter's brain patterns.

  • Brig is Castle Rock's best protector from another dimension. She got her abilities from a necklace that contained the power of the Celtic Gods. She is also Joshua O'Brian's nanny from time to time.

  • Gregory Tyme is a small-time Doomed Four villain with delusions of grandeur. His plans were always easily foiled by the Four every time he tried. Lately, he made a comeback!

  • Super Hunter was a Navajo girl that lived on Earth A. After being kidnapped by Eclipsus she had to grow up in the Azaroth Zone, hating the Four. She desired to kill them at first but she soon became an ally and a hero.

  • Reign of the Dark Knights! In a future world, an older Bruce Stark is getting back in costume after seeing the death of his friend James Fury and the new city of Gothamopolis slipping into hell. After witnessing the beating of an old Peter Jordan by thugs, he gave him his ring that he kept all these years. So they team up to clean the streets, while also recruiting a young mutant to be the new Redbird! The trio will first fight Quentin Nigma. He "reformed" and became the bishop of the Rackham Institute. But when his two worst enemies came back he just couldn't take it anymore!

  • This young girl, Carrie Marko, is in fact the daughter of Clifford Baker, who was once known as Major Sand.

  • Once Major Sand, he is now only known as Abner. He will join Dr. Joke later in his schemes. When he hesitated to kill his own daughter she killed him instead.

  • The megacity of Gothamopolis is overrun by the Black Venom Gang and their leader, Eddie Hand. To protect the city, Marshall Windel wants to introduce the Web: a giant energy net that will protect the city. After a big fight with Venom Leader, Peter grows frustrated with Iron Bat's methods and leaves.

  • Meanwhile, Thunderman, the only sanctioned superhero, is meeting with President Rogers. She gave up her superpowers and became the President. She wants Thunderman to take care of the problem. While Iron Bat heals himself from his encounter with Hand and starts training the members of the Venom Gang, Peter goes back to Mary-Jane Pearlman's grave. She was killed by Sinestro Octavius (no radioactive junk here, folks!). Peter once again has to fight the ghost of his worst enemy...

  • P. Peter Peterson is now a talk show host. He changed his view on superhumans in general. He now believes that all heroes, not just GS, are "fascist" and he wants to rehabilitate Quentin Nigma and Dr. Joke. He will almost be killed by the latter but he will be saved by GS.

  • Marshall Windel is in charge of Gothamopolis. She wants to cloak the city in the Web. With time she will have respect for Iron Bat's methods. When all the heroes vanished, Dr. Joke got rid of his armor and checked himself into Rackham Institute, where he would lay comatose for 20 years. The heroes' return also brought him back. He killed himself to incriminate Iron Bat. In the grand finale, Thunderman fights Iron Bat to stop his "fascist" plans. The fight is almost lost for Bruce when Peter comes back with both Green and Yellow rings, creating an Asganite arrow that could give his friend a fighting chance. And Bruce did kick Thor-El's ass... but sadly his heart gave out... or did it? Green Spider and Thunderman know the truth!

  • Mongrull Kill Krew, aka the Yellow Team. They were all rich kids that were on a luxurious cruise ship. Unknown to them, they were fed cow meat that was in fact Mongrulls in disguise (they once fought the Doomed Four). The meat was sold as "exotic cow meat" by unscrupulous butchers. While most of the rich people who ate the meat died, some of them survived and got morphing powers. They vowed to use their powers (and money) to kill all Mongrulls!

  • Minou (Jean-Paul Dion) is a French-Canadian kid and the sister of Luna. She prefers to be in cat form and is bisexual.

  • Cecilia Hazard is a valley girl from Vegas. She uses her hands in a slashing fashion.

  • Abdulah Michaels (Brainz) was the daughter of the janitor of the ship, and the only one who was not rich. She used her morphing abilities on her brain, which allowed her to think faster than anyone on Earth.

  • Luna Dion is the sister of Jean-Paul, and she is racist and on the far right :p. She never uses her powers because she thinks they are unnatural.

  • Princess Riot (Fatima Qahtanii) is the daughter of an oil sheik. Her anarchist beliefs put her at odds with Luna Dion. She is also a mutant. The Mongrull meat only gave her more power. She is now on a Gibbonite level of perception.

  • Commodore Ryder was the son of the boat owner. He is the leader.

  • Ron Ulrich was a crime reporter working on Wilson Cobblepot, the King Penguin. After Cobblepot moved to Sea City, Ron followed him there and became friends with Green Devil.

  • Ned Lombard is the sportsman in chief of the Planet's Bugle. He is arrogant and kind of a douche. He really likes to laugh at Donald Kent but for some reason took Peter Jordan under his wings. He was once framed as the Yellow Goblin.

  • Lana Porter was Donald Kent's girlfriend in high school and is the liaison between the newspaper and the Baxstar Institute. She will become Thunder Woman!

  • The Band of Annoyance! This team is a group of small-time crooks created by Lex Loki to waste the superheroes time as much as possible. Before fighting the Indigo Twins, Jiccan and Zeed, they were also enemies of Howard the Bug (that says a lot about them!)

  • Hun Phetamine's only powers are her brute strength and she is absolutely motivated (a little too much, really).

  • Black Flag was a punk that found a strange flag that could operate as a black hole. Pretty strong power but a really stupid guy. He dated Zeed for one night.

  • Cell Phone Bullseye is Lex Loki's spy. An old FBI agent that got busted making contraband with natives, she was punished by them and fired by the bureau. Lex gave her some old Norse weapons that looked like green cellphones. She could teleport people to the Hel Zone with it. Oh, and she is also really racist...