Comic Industry Folks I Have Commissioned or want to Commission.

A list of people I have commissioned or would like to get commissions from! Basically a dream list that is killing my wallet. Thanks a lot Tony, with your awesome art picks.

I'll probably update this list with pictures as my collection grows. If anyone ever sees this, let me know who your favorite artists to get a commission from is! You're also welcome to post anything you've gotten in the past!

Roguecrawler by Todd Nauck

Hipster X-23 by Todd Nauck

BumbleBea by Todd Nauck

Hipster Gamora by Todd Nauck

Hipster Angela by Nick Bradshaw & Karibu

Vampire Jubilee by Brian Buccellato

The Thing by Brian Buccellato

Adventure Time sketches by Andy Ristaino and others

RattleBalls by Andy Ristaino

Blue Lantern Hope Corgi by Agnes Garbowska

Rogue by Marcio Takara

Powergirl by Marcio Takara

Rikku by Marcio Takara

Luchadeer by Agnes Garbowska

X-23 by Mike Choi

Spiral by Kris Anka

Mike Vasquez of Mikegoesgeek has drawn me Symbiote Black Cat/Spider-man but does not have a page on CV.

List items

  • The first person I've ever commissioned, it was for "Roguecrawler" at Long Beach Comic Con 2014. I don't know how Todd does such high quality work in so little time. Asked Todd to continue his Hipster X-men series with Hipster X-23 at San Diego Comic Con 2014! My 3rd Nauck piece is BumbleBea from his original IP WildGuard. New Idea: Gamora or Angela. Edit: Idea fulfilled Hipster Gamora achieved.

  • Das Booch, really classy guy. At Long Beach Comic Con 2014 he let me basically stalk his table for the entire day while I waited for my commission to be drawn. I definitely overstayed my welcome and he was completely gracious about it. Painted for me Vampire Jubilee. When I commission him again it will be for Ben Grimm Thing, his favorite. Maybe I can talk him into The Thing dunking a basketball. Edit: Forgot about the basketball, but I did get Thing!

  • Upcoming commission of Rogue, I am excited for it! Hopefully it will make the trip from Brazil ok! (It did not make it from Brazil) May have also gotten a Powergirl something or other due to his commission list being open. Edit: Did in fact get a Powergirl from him, and a Rikku side sketch.

  • Skronked is a really cool guy. He draws stuff sketches for free is you visit his table during a con. I bought two prints from him in exchange for him being awesome. I met him at Wondercon 2013 and 2014 where he drew for me Flame Princess, Puppy Jake and Finn respectively. Wondercon 2014 was magical because I also got sketches from Kent Osborne, Jack Pendarvis, Jesse Moynihan, Steve Wolfhard, Adam Muto on the same print due to an Adventure Time signing. At SDCC 2014 I commissioned him to draw RattleBalls!

  • A regular on Tony's AAPs. I love the recent hero initiative cover she did for Battle of the Atom Cookie. I asked her something super silly, Blue Lantern Hope Corgi! She drew it super adorbz and I love it so much. Also got a Luchadeer from GB done.

  • Incredibly gracious, meeting him and Karibu was a delight. They both did an amazing job on Hipster Angela and I'd love to have him draw more Guardians for me in the future.

  • Got a beautiful X-23 bust done at Long Beach Comic Expo 2015

  • Very cool, signed my comics which in turn led to me commissioning him for Spiral since he makes Spiral look incredible~

  • I believe I have a commission of Motheresa coming thanks to the Footprints kickstarter. I look forward to reading what Jon and Joey Esposito have created.

  • Everything Phil draws is stunning. The way he draws faces is so expressive and his Vampire Jubilee is one of my favorite books. I am in love with the face Natasha makes near the end of Black Widow 6. I'll prob never get a change to commission him, but this is my #1 dream pick.

  • I hope to one day get a Rocket Raccoon commission from her! The way she draws Rocket is my favorite interpretation of that character. Preferably it will be Rocket eating a sandwich, one of my favorite panels from one of her GoTG issues.

  • Everytime Tony posts his art on Awesome art picks I just think man that is incredible. His inked Tigra picture makes me lose my mind.

  • Her work on Powergirl speaks for itself. That said, I'd feel bad asking her to draw PG again. Probably would ask for the Pro, which is maybe not that far off from PG anyway.

  • The stuff Francis creates is magic. Unfortunately I just go to conventions where he doesn't have a table in artists alley. Not sure what I would ask for, maybe a Wondergirl piece due to that amazing page in Adventure Comics.

  • His recent X-men work and pre convention sketches are great. I have no idea who I would ask him to draw. I'll figure it out if I ever get the chance.

  • Dodson is just classic. I would love to get a sketch from him during Comic Con but I don't think I will be able to fight the crowds and get on the list. Still though, I fell in love with his Black Cat during Evil that Men Do.

  • I don't think I need to justify Adam Hughes. I hear that he no longer does commissions though due to ebay resellers which is understandable and utterly sad. No matter what I ask him he'd knock it out of the park.

  • A painting style that is reminiscent of "Pop Art" that I really like.

  • Recently drew a Teen Titans selfie cover, thinking of a punk rock Raven or something similar.

  • Did a recent zoom shot of a bored Medusa, the scorn in her eyes is fantastic.

  • Saw his stuff on Awesome Art Picks, looks pretty cool!

  • Know him from Nailbiter and Awesome Art Picks. From this page (, Carnage, Rogue, and Vampirella if it gets posted. Would prob ask for Venom. Looking at his Carnage and Mononoke Hime if I get money together.