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Why? Because Arrowverse is the worst things happened to comics with MCU. Arrowerse has humiliated and betrayed each of DC Comics characters for the beginning. Arrowverse has betrayed and failed Batfamily, Superfamily, Arrowfamily, Flashfamily and Justice League. Arrowverse has burst what has made DC Comics forever, the legacy and the family notion. Let's begin to enumerate the issues.

First with Arrow:

-Green Arrow isn't Batmannnnnn!!!!!

-Green Arrow is supposed to be primary an archer, then why does he only win by wielding his bow in season 1, 2 and 7?

-Green Arrow and Black Canary are one of the most important DC couples in history. Then what is this garbage couple made by Oliver and Felicity.

-Dark Archer has meant to be Green Arrow's archenemy. Why is he treat like a jobber after the season 1?

-Count Vertigo is supposed to be one of two Green Arrow's archenemy. Where is he? Where is Perdita? Where is Vlatava?

-Black Canary (Laurel) is supposed to be one of ten greatest martial artists in DC Universe, and she is better than Green Arrow. Moreover, she is the first Black Canary's daughter. Dinah Drake Lance is also a Justice Society founding member with Wildcat. Then why does Wildcat get the same generation as Oliver and Laurel in Arrow. Why is Black Canary weaker than Green Arrow in a hand-to-hand fight in Arrow?

-The greatest cliché about Green Arrow is that he is a pathetic Batman duplicate. This TV show gives reason for this cliché.

-How is Komodo treat?

-How is Shado treat?

-How is Emiko treat?

-How are Longbow Hunters treat?

-How is Constantine Drakon treat?

-Why does each antagonist wield a bow?

-Where is Richard Dragon?

-Why does Diaz get those abilities? Who does trained him?

-Green Arrow is a political character in comics.

-Green Arrow and Hawkman are frenemies in Comics. They have the same relationship as Batman and Superman.

-Arrowverse has replaced Connor Hawke and Roy Harper by Mia Smoak!!!!!!!!

-Roy harper, Mia Dearden and Sin are supposed to be the green arrow and black canary's children.

-Why has Felicity lived?

-Why can noob compete with League of assassins members?

Then with Flash.

-Barry and Iris are adopted siblings in Arrowerse. What????? They are married in Arrowverse, what????? That is an incestuous relationship in arrowverse.

-Wally is supposed to be Barry Allen's nephew by in-laws and his adopted son. How is this relationship treat in Arrowverse?

-Zoom is the greatest Wally's villain in comics. Why is he the main antagonist of season 2? Why doesn't Wally go to his defeat?

-Where is Bart Allen?

-Why isn't Captain Cold the main antagonist of one season?

-Why isn't Gorilla Grodd the main antagonist of one season?

-Barry Allen is one of the four most intelligent Dc characters. Then, why is he an idiot in Arrowverse? Why does Team Flash exist?

-Barry Allen's best friend is Hal Jordannnnnnnnnn.

-Flash Family isn't bound with Arrowfamily but with Green Lanterns. Each Flash is best friend or partner with each Green Lantern: Alan Scott and Jay Garrick, Hal Jordan and Barry Allen, Kyle Rayner and Wally West.

-Flash isn't Supermannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Then with other DC Show.

-Stop humiliating Superman and Batman.

-How long has Supergirl been more powerful than Superman?????????

-How long has Batwoman been better than Batman?????????

-Where is Wonder Woman??????

-Where are Green Lanterns?

-Where is Batman? Why doesn't Batman go for the fight against League of Assassins?

-Why is Superman a jobber?????

-Commander Steel is a Captain America's pastiche not a Colossus's pastiche in comics.

-Ray Palmer is one of the five most intelligent Dc characters. He is very serious and doesn't make kidding. Then, why is he a clown is Arrowverse????

-Why doesn't Mon-El have the same powers as Superman or Supergirl?

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Arrowverse and MCU are ever the worst comics adaptations.

Let's begin shitting on these adaptations with Arrow:

- Oliver Queennnnnnn isn't Bruce Wayneeeeeeee!!!!!!

- Many cliches about Green Arrow tells Green Arrow is a Batman bis, that steals all the villains from Batman's universe. The arrowverse gives right to detractors.

-Black Canary is like Black Widow or Mockingbird, they are supposed to take part the best martial artists in the world, being better in hand-to-hand fight than their husband (Hawkeye, Green Arrow), which are focused on the fight long range.

-Where is the Count Vertigo? The Count is one of two Green Arrow's archenemies.

-Where is Perdita? Where is Vlatava?

-What is that garbage Connor Hawke? Connor Hawke is the Oliver's metis son.

-Where is Mia Dearden?

-Roy Harper is supposed to be Green Arrow and Black Canary's adopted son

-What is that garbage Ricardio Diaz? Why don't we know how he had become so powerful? In comics, he is the Richard Dragon's disciple. Richard Dragon being the best martial artist in the DC Universe, better than Batman, Lady Shiva or Bronze Tiger and getting the dragon claw.

-What is those garbage Longbow hunters?

-What is that garbage League of Assassins?

-What is that garbage Mr. Terrific? Isn't supposed to take part three characters most intelligent in DC Universe?

-Felicity sucks! Felicity sucks!

-Why does Oliver never make jokes or name Black Canary "Pretty bird"?

-Why doesn't Oliver get political position?

-The Oliver's frenemies is supposed to be Hawkman not Flash.

-What is that garbage Dark Archer after season 3?

-Arrow season 3,4,6,7!!!!!!