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The Big Reveal Schmeveal 0

The big reveal will surprise NO ONE. And despite what #8 says, she WAS on the list all along (screengrab from Thor v4 #5). We all knew, despite the writers trying hard to cheat their way out of it. Still, Thor v4 is my absolute favourite series of 2015 so far. Bold, original and unsurpassed in terms of art and dialogue. Highly recommended read!...

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Cover Art 0

[rant] I' not following this series nor have I read the issue, but I have got to say - what a cool cover art! Almost makes me want to buy the comic just to have it on shiny paper. Why can't marvel employ some serious artists instead of the 10 year olds they have now that turn most series into cartoons/caricatures/stick figures? [/rant]...

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What's up with the cover? 0

This is a neat little self-contained story including Emma Frost training young Jean Grey in the use of her powers. She takes her to Madripoor and has her face off against Blob. There is some good dialogue and very artistic art from Mike Del Mundo that enhances the mood and setting of the story.The only thing I can't figure out for the life of me is why the hell Marvel went with a mediocre Iceman+Beast cover instead of putting something decent showing Emma and Jean to match the content inside? B...

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Cover 0

What an amazing classy cover! Just look at it! Pure artistic brilliance.I'm really looking forward to some of the digitally cleaned-up reprints of the old classic Marvel stories, and this book contains one from one of X-Men's most interesting iterations....

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Planet Rogue 0

This 3-issue arc is a self-contained story with Rogue as its sole protagonist. Rogue is transported across dimensions into an alien planet which had been ravaged by cataclysm and had survivors thrown into conflict over remaining resources. Rogue is caught up in the war between the insectoid hive-mind army called the Swarm and a humanoid feline race called the Vray. Good read.The story is reminiscent of Planet Hulk and Planet Red Hulk and since Marvel didn't give it a name, I dub it "Planet Rogue...

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