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@outside_85 We'd be happy if they treated her with respect. Not sideline her in her own book. That's really all there is. But apparently they struggle with that very simple task. I guess when you are fans of characters who haven't had to worry about being disrespected it's so goddamn easy to assume we are being petulant. Go ahead, continue thinking there's nothing wrong with how DC treats it's Trinity member.

@agent41 I think it's safe to say, 6 months after the film with absolutely nothing comic wise to capitalize on it, they've officially passed the buck on that bank in favor of more Batman. Now they will use that as an excuse that she doesn't sell. To which I say, they could've made her a contender along with Batman and Superman but dropped the ball hard with their disregard.

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Boy had to read through to the second page to actually get to any discussion about Wonder Woman and the quality of this arc. That's terrible news for the character.

I think all that needs to be said has been said. Wonder Woman is basically a C list character now, either relegated to team ups where she's just in the background or some love interest for someone in the bat universe (thanks to Tynion, Lobdell, and Sharpe---apparently Amazons only like to screw Bat cast members). This is her own book and very few people who matter seem to be pointing out that she is not in her own title. It's become a contest started by the N52 of how many dicks can they ostensibly make important to Wonder Woman, when the one dick that probably rightfully should be important to her (Steve Trevor) is relegated to being a cuckhold...because I guess he's not a masculine enough dick.

Also, this "oh I'm so sad my father died," is bullshit. She barely knew him, he was a douche, so why the hell should she suddenly be "no faaaaaaaathhhherrrr". One of my best friends had their dad walk out on them when he was 6, and he doesn't give much thought to the guy twenty years later. Why should he? When he had no hand in raising him or being around him? Diana has grown into full adulthood and has met far greater people in her times than her absentee dad, so it makes no sense that she would honestly be so emotional about all this.

It's just garbage and if DC wasn't currently dominated by resident dudebros Snyder and Capullo currently jacking off to their Batman fetish I'd honestly hope they look back on this and think of how they treat the Trinity. (Oh who am I kidding. The whole "Trinity" is bullshit, and I wish DC would just let it die than be a hollow consolation prize)

And yes, some here, notably @lvenger and @saren on this thread don't know how privileged they are if they think they are more in the rights to be pissed off about this issue than Wonder Woman fans (which btw most Wonder Woman fans don't give a rat's ass if the Olympians are more powerful than Darkseid. In my experience, most prefer the Olympians to be hands off or non-existent in her stories.) And you are missing the entire overall picture as usual and makes me wonder why the hell you're on a Wonder Woman thread if all you care about is if Darksied can pummel her in her title.

As for Robinson, I'll give his Silver Swan arc a chance, because it's very possible editorial mandated this entire nonsense for him and he phoned it in to get it out of the way. And I would be lying if I said I didn't like the idea that they killed off the Olympians---that just means we don't have to spend too many future arcs wasted on the same "oh look gods among people" unoriginality that has been repeated to death since Perez and Azzarello. But if it reeks of the same "we have to make this about men because apparently they can't relate to a female character" as this current arc then it's safe to say I won't be buying a Wonder Woman comic (or a DC comic for that matter) in a long while.

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God people still bitch about a perfectly respectable Wonder Woman Rebirth issue? Haven't you guys dropped it already? And if you have why are you wasting your time trashing people who happen to like the development of characters that aren't your male faves. People have been bitching for ages that Cheetah is barely a character. And now Rucka is giving her one. We've got good arcs with Etta Candy and Steve Trevor....both btw are not Rucka's "pet" characters. And people bitching about "pet" characters are such hypocrites as if Azz didn't have his own pet characters that he erased Diana's own characters for.

@scorpio_cassadine: If people like saintwildcard can't respect other people's enjoyment of a title, then he's not worth engaging. No self respecting person would trash a personal opinion and label it as a "Christmas present" when he acts like respecting a person's opinion is mercy. That's low so he's not worth it.

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@dshipp17: Seriously? Getting bitchy with me? ARGUS may have had nothing to do with this issue. But Steve Trevor certainly does and that was the point of the conversation. You're the one needlessly bringing in Psycho into a conversation that didn't warrant nor ask for it.

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@dshipp17: Don't know what Dr. Psycho has anything to do with this issue or conversation but ok.

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@archizooom: I agree and I disagree. Being in Argus left him a lot of opportunities outside of Wonder Woman, but yet he was never featured in a Wonder Woman story. Weird being a Wonder Woman character and not showing up at all in her books even once. Same with Etta Candy. Plus when he was ARGUS he was basically the beating puppet of the government paranoid Justice League and superhuman paranoid Amanda Waller. ARGUS was a good platform but did not utilize his character at all well other than to create strife between Wonder Woman, Superman, and him.

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I waffle back and forth with this issue. I like the narrative style, the narration being the letter Steve leaves for her. But, for someone that Rucka has been setting up as being more than just Wondy's current squeeze, he left a lot to be desired in Steve for such an introspective issue. Perhaps there's more development to be had, and the ending with him taking Diana for some care was really great, but if any of us were paying attention we could pretty much tell he loves Diana, and despite saying that "that's not all there is to me" he really doesn't end his letter with anything too surprising. He's hardcore and loves Wonder Woman. I think we all figured that out by issue 2.

A good filler issue, just expected a more revealing character introspection for Steve's character. But I am curious to see what he's up to and how will Diana go forward in her alias.

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He doesn't HAVE to keep anything. No one has before why should we now? Besides, if we kept everything Azz did, we'd go back to same ol same ol for years on end which ironically Rucka's detractors complain about. It's new characters, new story, same continuity, but we are moving on from the same "Gods are being assholes" tropes that just won't die with Wonder Woman. Christ, Thor has had less stories involving Norse Gods and that is saying something.

If people want to read a book about all gods all the time, there are thousands of mythology books out there, plus every damn thing written from Perez onwards. That's 20 + years of Greek Mythology in Wonder Woman stories. Wonder Woman needed to move in a different direction for once. It's like if Superman fought Lex Luthor in every issue.

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So unexpected heart eyes thrown between Cheetah and Etta. Unexpected but not unwanted.

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@archizooom: Well the last time they tried to avoid gender talk, Wonder Woman changed from feminine empowerment (which is and has always been a backbone of her character) to "blood curdling masculinity", the very thing her creators and subsequent authors wanted to avoid, especially as more and more of her powers mirror Superman's.