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Theories on Questions of Green Lantern #20

This week, the finale of Geoff John's run on GL has ended in a brilliant 72 page book with a mythological flashback to some of the most iconic things that he's done starting with Rebirth. But as always, there's loose ends and thanks to G-Man's article on it, I got my brain running.

Contains spoilers

1. Sinestro's fate

This is one of the easiest and hardest questions to answer.

I think that he is the Bookkeeper of the Book of Oa ergo he destroyed his own records of existence. Furthermore, the way he talked about the deaths of the Lanterns is a big indication that he still harbors Parallax (because of his lack of a ring and his abnormal long life) and the Templar Guardians which might have forgave him and gave him the position to atone and find solace.

2. The Fall of the Justice League

In the Bookends of Oa, the narrator talks about a new female GL trained by Simon Baz on Earth that's passing on the reins of the Justice League (which sounds disbanded because of the tangential birth of Hal's kid which shows the trio.) But due to our crafty narrator, it might be a red herring for the Trinity War conclusion. (who Johns is writing)

3. Hal Jordan's strange 'rebirth'

The second resurrection of Hal Jordan can be described in the equation (Young Hal + Black Lantern Hal = Green Lantern Hal) which is sounds absurd but the reason Hal came back to life because apparently his younger self has a pure echo of all life and when he took it back, it appears he had that life back too.

Anyway, I read it and don't so I try to describe as much in words (A picture is worth a thousand words)

If you have any comments or things to pick on, don't hesitate

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