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List: Writers that were bad (and kinda good) for Green Arrow

Disclaimer: This is strictly editorial, no writers offended.

Ollie has a long history in comics with about 5 volumes of issues with lots of guest appearences. However, there were some stuff that they did that made me kind of flinch.

Judd Winick:

He wrote lots of stuff for Green Arrow with a huge part of his volume 3, some volume 4 stuff.

Reason for being bad: Wasn't consistent with Ollie's personality, writing was weak at points.

Something good: He worked on Green Arrow for quite a while.

Ron Marz

He didn't write as much as other Green Lantern on Oliver Queen,

Reason for being bad: Messed up Oliver's personality completely in Green Lantern: Parallax View

Something good: Ollie was a good gravestone in Parallax: Emerald Night.

Geoff Johns:

Had Oliver appear in his major events and a guest star in some of the Green Lantern issues

Reason for being bad: Writing Flashpoint and rebooting Oliver, for the majority worse.

Something: About to include him the new Justice League of America in January 2013