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Theories on Questions of Green Lantern #20

This week, the finale of Geoff John's run on GL has ended in a brilliant 72 page book with a mythological flashback to some of the most iconic things that he's done starting with Rebirth. But as always, there's loose ends and thanks to G-Man's article on it, I got my brain running.

Contains spoilers

1. Sinestro's fate

This is one of the easiest and hardest questions to answer.

I think that he is the Bookkeeper of the Book of Oa ergo he destroyed his own records of existence. Furthermore, the way he talked about the deaths of the Lanterns is a big indication that he still harbors Parallax (because of his lack of a ring and his abnormal long life) and the Templar Guardians which might have forgave him and gave him the position to atone and find solace.

2. The Fall of the Justice League

In the Bookends of Oa, the narrator talks about a new female GL trained by Simon Baz on Earth that's passing on the reins of the Justice League (which sounds disbanded because of the tangential birth of Hal's kid which shows the trio.) But due to our crafty narrator, it might be a red herring for the Trinity War conclusion. (who Johns is writing)

3. Hal Jordan's strange 'rebirth'

The second resurrection of Hal Jordan can be described in the equation (Young Hal + Black Lantern Hal = Green Lantern Hal) which is sounds absurd but the reason Hal came back to life because apparently his younger self has a pure echo of all life and when he took it back, it appears he had that life back too.

Anyway, I read it and don't so I try to describe as much in words (A picture is worth a thousand words)

If you have any comments or things to pick on, don't hesitate

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Is Mainstream comics rather unoriginal?

I mean they often played with stereotypes, echoing or close to replicating plots from various media, the worst offender is trying to replicate their own stories with the most success or popularity from long ago, or just trying to change every classic, unconnected stories into their new story arcs which can be a headache for the most hardcore fan, imagining what it would do to new fans.

I want to hear your opinion if you agree, partically agree, or disagree and maybe think of existing or new ways to fix this problem. (Innovation is greatly appreciated in this blog!)


List: Writers that were bad (and kinda good) for Green Arrow

Disclaimer: This is strictly editorial, no writers offended.

Ollie has a long history in comics with about 5 volumes of issues with lots of guest appearences. However, there were some stuff that they did that made me kind of flinch.

Judd Winick:

He wrote lots of stuff for Green Arrow with a huge part of his volume 3, some volume 4 stuff.

Reason for being bad: Wasn't consistent with Ollie's personality, writing was weak at points.

Something good: He worked on Green Arrow for quite a while.

Ron Marz

He didn't write as much as other Green Lantern on Oliver Queen,

Reason for being bad: Messed up Oliver's personality completely in Green Lantern: Parallax View

Something good: Ollie was a good gravestone in Parallax: Emerald Night.

Geoff Johns:

Had Oliver appear in his major events and a guest star in some of the Green Lantern issues

Reason for being bad: Writing Flashpoint and rebooting Oliver, for the majority worse.

Something: About to include him the new Justice League of America in January 2013


Not My Cup of Tea: An Editorial on The Justice League Movie

As I was innocently being a bored comic fanboy on the web surfing for something to maintain my black hole of knowledge, I tread on some link that lead me to an article that's hotly debated by plenty of fans on the comments section on the bottom of the page and to my surprise, they are more amusing then the actual article.

What do you think, do you agree or disagree or laughing at what they say? Have fun posting

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My Retroactive Continuity Questions

I know that Oliver Queen was retconned to 26 or so in the New 52 but that raises a lot of questions, here are my top 3:

1.How did Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner get their rings in Rebirth and what happened in Zero Hour then if Oliver didn't shoot Hal with the arrow?

2. So Oliver's entire series from his earliest Volume 1 things in 1945 to his last Volume 5 stuff in 2010. How bad is that?

3. What would happen to him in his future right now? Has he lost his place as a participant or distinct personality?

Tell me what you think about this, feel free to add more questions you have or make a list of stupid retcons on your favourite character and effects on their timeline and surrounding characters.


Rants: Oliver Queen's Place in the DC world

I know this is my first blog but I would like to share to you a hint of my nastier personality as a critic, the fact is the New-52 Ollie is worse than the one with all the baggage we have thrown away. I'll put this in a nutshell the reasons why, he has been here for almost 80 years real time and has been in most of the major events like Crisis on Infinite Earths as well as major teams like the Justice League who he was induced into because of his fan following. Also his personality shaped his reputation as a liberal and influential person as well as a dynamic superhero who had a good supporting cast and supported him nicely (before the later parts of the things he was in tore the aspects apart). Right now, he has barely anything distinctive, he has a younger age (24 to be exact), no family, no friends, (he has a technical team working to get him out of problems), no ladies that like or love him more than an arc and the most infuriating one, no interesting history or good storylines to enjoy (Because of the age difference, anything before the start of the series are retconned out). Sure he's going to be in the new JLA but it still hampers my enthusiasm for his future as it's probably likely that DC will keep the changes for a long time or... just until the next Crisis comes and I don't mean my mid-life one.

If you find anything you want to contest me on, feel free to do so.

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