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Nope , stopped reading Thor , Avengers, Spidy , all marvel titles altogether right after the nick fury whisper zapped thor on the moon , the blatant marketing driven stories just so marvel can sell new versions of cap, iron man and thorina was so nauseating I get the dry heaves just thinking about it, I was a life long marvel fan , now I dont even bother to thumb through a marvel comic sitting on the rack.

Marvel did do me a favor , since I Iike the original Thor character I bought all the earlier Thor comics going back to issue 83 at fraction of the cost of the current rubish marvel spits out , I had most of the Thors from Walt Simonsons run , now I have all of them from 83 thru GoT #25 . Best idea ever , now I have all the real Thor comics I can read , for less than it would cost for the current garbage marvel writes now and not one damn penny went to those jerks at marvel. So take my advice and buy your marvel comics off ebay you will save money and you will know what your getting too.

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No, Aaron should never have been writing Thor or any other super hero comic, his style isn't suited for super hero comics hes way to dark and depressing.

I quit reading the new Thor's soon after Aarron started writing, I went to ebay and bought over 300 back issues of Thor comics I now have a complete run of Thor comics starting with issue 130 to read. I'm very content to ignore Marvel comics completely , the only new comics I look at are inde's and DC , I'm done with Marvel/Disney B.S. they ruined Marvel comics turning it into a worthless merchandising and marketing rag maker.

Everyone at the comic shop says the stories are like watching a train wreck happen , watching to see how bad its going to get. Even with the reboot Marvel/Disney comics will still sux all they care about is marketing and merchandising. Comic book characters stories are now dictated by marketing and accounting at Disney.

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In AoU , which wasnt that great, Thor brings Vision to life knowing Vision will control the mind gem , why the heck would Thor then try to beat the crap out of him when that goon Ultron is already trying to destroy the world ...

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My brief review of the movie:

1) great action

2)Ultron sux he was an idiot - Ultron is supposed be the Ultimate cold calculating Super Android not some act at a 3rd rate comedy dive.

3)WTF Whedon !! Hank Pym created Ultron , he's not inside some little blue alien gem in a staff left behind by Loki.

4) Scarlet Witch is the new Jean Grey - did Whedon even read any Marvel comics

5)Vision - was ok , except NO he doesn't have the yellow infinity stone in his forehead and he has NEVER wielded Mjolnir , nor would be able to since he has never been tested to be worthy.

6)Hulk/Banner was great , he basically saved the movie w/o his character and Black Widow this movie would have totally sux.

7)Hawkeye was ok , got a bit boring though...

8)Captain America was good , was better in Winter Soldier

9)Black Widow , was good , better than Hawkeye

10)Thor was so , so , he really wasn't on screen that much compared to the other characters he was mostly off screen somewhere doing something else his part of the script was probably 1 or 2 pages altogether.

11) Stark was ok, he was better in his Ironman suit than out of it as Tony Stark , and the attempt at a running gag with him picking at Capt was forced didn't seem natural.

12) Quicksilver - WTF - again has Whedon ever read a Marvel comic - first Pietro gives the orders NOT Wanda and second he would have NEVER left Wanda alone and wtf he's dead now , thanks Whedon

The way the movie portrayed the Ultron character ruined the movie , think Jar Jar binks bad , that's what he did to this movie , after the first couple of scenes of Ultron I began to dread listening to his idiotic one liners , he came off as some kind of stupid goon.

3 out 5 stars , get Ultron right and it would be 4 out 5

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I've said this more than a couple times, if there was something Thor did that would make him unworthy it wouldn't matter if he was aware of it, he'd simply be unworthy at that moment. And you may want to watch the language before any mods see it.

The enchantment on Mjolnir would be aware if Thor had done anything that would have lead to Thor being unworthy , so instead of Fury telling Thor something later and then Thor losing Mjolnir what should have happened is that as soon as Thor made a mistake , then the very next thing to happen after that would be the enchantment on Mjolnir preventing Thor from wielding it. The enchantment on Mjolnir doesn't need Fury to tell Thor at some later time that Thor made a mistake the enchantment on Mjolnir would have done that by itself, and right after that Thor should have known he made a mistake.

This is why the whole idea/story is so ridiculous and it is even worse when you consider that in the time that the "Fury unworthy event" occurs that it is after Thor has been through so many trials and been tested in so many situations to prove his courage and honor , Thor isn't a brash young Viking anymore so even the idea that Thor could screw up so bad as lose Mjolnir is pretty far fetched. So between the screwed up way Aaron treats the enchantment on Mjolnir and his ignoring the character Thor history it's all just complete nonsense.

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If Thor had done something bad enough to lose Mjolnir then he would have known it when it happened because it's part of the enchantment on Mjolnir , the enchantment doesnt need Nick Fury telling it what Thor did wrong or act as a messenger to Thor.

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You are correct , its one big cluster fuck, because its all based on an enchantment on Mjolnir so the moment Thor screws up then no more Mjolnir, Mjolnir's enchantment doesnt need Nick Fury to step in and tell Thor when and how he screwed up Fury is not part of the enchantment, it would have just happened w/o Fury.

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Oh yes !!! Because there are no female superheroes are there? There is no one named Valkyrie or anyone named Storm or anyone named Rogue or anyone named Emma Frost or anyone named Jean Grey or anyone named Phoenix or anyone named (place her name here) freaking dozens of times over so yes let's high jack the most masculine superhero put a dress on him and call it feminism because we all know females can't get anywhere on their own, they all need a man to do all the work for them and we will just ignore the blatant crass commercialism of the entire fiasco and call anyone who doesn't go along with it a male chauvinistic bigot as a way to shut up any critics that see through the pathetically disguised PR stunt. /sarcasm off

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Yep, I've noticed that too. You can tell by their comments , they know zero about the comic or the character , I call them freak show fans , they are only attracted to the idea of the freak show spectacle that the Thor comic has become now.

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@jayc1324 said:

Short term publicity stunt and financial gain, and to pretend to be diverse and do "daring" changes.

Pretty much this. It's a dangerous and possibly destructive cycle for the business. The only thing keeping it afloat is the live-action films and the interest in the characters for film/television rights. Eventually though people will tire of superhero films. I'm wondering if both DC and Marvel keep relaunching and rebooting their characters for short-term profit, they'll eventually drive away many of their most loyal fans.

It wont matter Marvel/Disney has enough intellectual property they will make all their money off the multi-media sales , Marvel superhero's are going the way of Transformers , He-man , and Smurfs .