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Who is Thor? 0

Five issues in and we still don't have a single clue who the new Thor is. We know she's from Midgard, could she be Roz Solomon? Jane Foster? I'm anxiously waiting for the reveal but I find my patience waning as we're five issues in and we're no closer to knowing since we were from the start. After such a great issue last month I was expecting another great addition...but I was unfortunately let down. The problem so far stems from the fact that the new Thor doesn't really feel like she has a voic...

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A New Era for Jessica Drew 0

Spoilers!!Spider-Verse is over. The Inheritors are dealt with, and every Spider can move on with their lives right? So what is to come for Jessica Drew? After so many alien invasions and alternate realities, Jess seems to have had enough of that for awhile, and is determined to do something else for awhile. The issue opens with Jess confronting Pirate Jess and it's a nice jest between how different the two Jess' are on their identities and what makes them Jessica Drew. Jess ultimately convinces...

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Spider-Verse Comes to a Conclusion! 2

Without a doubt, I can confirm that Spider-Verse has been one heck of a ride and quite possibly one of Marvel's best events in recent memory. Having just gotten back into Spider-Man comics recently after a nearly five year hiatus, I was thrilled to see favorites of mine brought back into the event. Spider-Man Noir, Mayday Parker, Miles Morales, Cosmic Spider-Man just to name a few. This event was a celebration of the history of Spider-Man and the way they were brought into the event was extreme...

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John Carter Has Returned! 0

I will admit that I am very new to the world of John Carter and to all the characters that make up Barsoom, and Ron Marz made sure that this starting issue was both friendly to new readers (like myself) while also engaging and introducing new conflicts for those who are more familiar with John Carter. A lot of the issue retells John Carter's origin story, but it was done very cleverly by the main antagonist of the series (as of right now) who is interrogating an imprisoned Dejah Thoris (John Ca...

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On to Helium! 0

We arrive at this issue seeing John Carter being chased by a ferocious White Ape as he chases after one of the alien invaders who have laid siege to all of Barsoom. He is able to save both his new prisoner and also the white ape that was chasing the duo. After being saved, the white ape shows his appreciation by not ripping John Carter apart. He learns from the captive that Helium has fallen and that the man leading the invasion is another Earth man like John. We cut back to Helium to see Joshu...

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The Amazo Virus Has Been Unleashed 2

Metropolis has been abandoned, the streets are littered with debris, cars are empty, and scavengers who recklessly stayed behind are scooping up what they can before Batman and Superman show up ordering them to come with them to be treated for their illness. The city has been quarantined after the deadly Amazo Virus from last issue was released as a result of Neutron trying to kill Lex Luthor. While Superman and Batman are on the streets, Lex Luthor is keeping tabs on the the rest of the Justic...

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Jessica Drew's Adventure in the Spider-Verse! 5

Finally, Marvel has made a new series for our favorite female arachnid Avenger, Jessica Drew and dropped her straight into the middle of the popular, current Marvel event "Spider-Verse" with Jessica on the run from The Inheritors along with the newest Spider member, Silk, and Spider-Man Noir. This issue takes place directly after today's release of "The Amazing Spider-Man" #10, so if you want to know the full story I suggest you pick up that issue as well, though it is not mandatory.The story be...

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The Mysteries Begin 0

It's now the end of October and we are treated to a new issue of Jeff Parker's and Paul Pelletier's run on Aquaman. Now that last month's Future's Ends issues are done, we get to start off fresh with a new story arc. The last time we saw Arthur, he had a tremendous skirmish with The Chimera in Boston, who reminded Arthur that Atlantis herself would not "allow" a surface dweller to run the kingdom. In order to completely understand what Chimera meant, he does the unthinkable and grants both Dr. ...

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Welcome to Gotham 0

It's's finally here and the latest installment in Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's run sure packs one hell of a punch. After the year long epic of "Zero Year" we find Batman back in the present day, and the events of Endgame take place after those of the weekly series "Batman: Eternal." I won't talk too much about the plot other than some of your favorite Justice League members make an appearance...but not in the way you think they would. Instead of helping Bruce, they all wish to kill...

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Mera's Time to Kick Butt! 0

Last month's issue of Aquaman saw Arthur taking on Swamp Thing, questioning him about the algae blooms that are killing sea life in the oceans while back at the Triton Base, Dr. Orson was just putting on his finishing touches of his "masterpiece" the Creature King (Chimera in the New 52) a creature created by multiple kinds of sea life and the remains of Coombs, the diver from Issue 28. We also saw Mera travelling to a new area of Atlantis, unknown to most known as the Underrealm where she and ...

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Bard's Got a Plan... 0

After last week's (very) disappointing issue, I was a bit hesitant to keep following along with Batman: Eternal, because it didn't seem to go anywhere with any of the storylines that they've introduced. Well...I stuck with it, and I gotta say I thought this week's issue did a good job of washing away the bad taste in my mouth from last weeks. We start off with Lieutenant Bard meeting with Maggie Sawyer and Harvey Bullock to discuss the real problem in Gotham. While Forbes and the rest of Gotham...

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Aquaman Fights the Jolly Green Giant 0

Arthur Curry arrives in the swamps of Louisiana to find the Avatar of the Green and "question" him about the red algae bloom that has been destroying the sealife in the oceans. He brings along Y'Wara (a member of the Others with him) and they stumble upon Swamp Thing. After a clash with the two, it's clear that Aquaman and Y'Wara are no match for the Avatar of the Green, and he explains that he is the embodiment of all plant life on Earth and there is no way to defeat him. Meanwhile in Atlantis...

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I See Dead People... 0

Avengers World has been one of my favorite series at Marvel so far but it does seem to drag on forever with the multiple storylines. It almost would work better as a weekly series instead having to wait months for your favorite characters. That is the only issue I have with this series. There are some characters that I just don't care about *cough Starbrand, Cannonball, Sunspot cough* and I usually pass over their issues. Thankfully, Issue #8 was heavily focused on some of my favorites like Spid...

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What Happened Here? 0

Batman: Eternal has been a fun ride so far, not a perfect one, but still enjoyable for the most part. While the main story is Carmine Falcone coming back to Gotham amidst a gang war in the city to take the city back for himself, this issue focuses on another very important storyline that was introduced in the first issue. James Gordon had been accused of killing hundreds of people after the events of Issue #1 and his daughter Barbara Gordon, Batgirl, is out to clear his name, and goes after a m...

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Arthur's Greatest Test...His High School Reunion! 0

The majority, if not all of the New 52 is known for it's dark, gritty atmosphere that is present in its books (most notably the Bat books) so it's a nice change of scenery when we get to see Arthur and Mera attend Amnesty Bay's High School Reunion. This issue is fun and light, really digging into Arthur's history and relationship he had with others while he was younger. The issue starts off where the last one ended, Arthur is chasing down the "mind" of the sea creature he fought in issue #27 wh...

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A Great Start for Parker 0

This issue was one everyone was either really excited about or very, very worried. Issue #25 marked the last issue written by Geoff Johns to end his phenomenal run on the Aquaman title and everyone was a little concerned to see if Jeff Parker could continue the story as well as Johns had. If this issue is an indication of how things are to come, then I think we can all rest easy. I'm not saying this was a slam dunk but it was an intriguing issue, so let's get to it! SPOILERS AHEADParker takes o...

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Babs to the Rescue! 0

SPOILERS AHEAD... I've been a fan of this series since the New 52 began and this issue finishes up what I would consider the best story arc in Babs' title. After a little break because of the Zero Year tie in we return to see Knightfall's minions preparing to kill Commissioner Gordon. However they are interrupted by Batgirl's arrival, who still harbors angry towards her father for accidently shooting her boyfriend, Ricky, in #23, and anger towards herself, blaming herself for killing her brothe...

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An Amazing Conclusion to an Amazing Run 0

SPOILERS AHEADAquaman has by far been one of the most entertaining titles of the New 52 for me and Johns has done an amazing job making Aquaman relevant. He acknowledges the fact that he is usually made fun of and not really thought of as being much of a hero. If you're caught up on John's run you'll know that Arthur Curry is not someone you mess with! I will admit that Johns turned me into a huge Aquaman fan (and a Mera fan) beginning with "Blackest Night" and "Brightest Day."Aquaman #25 picks...

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The War For Atlantis Has Begun! 0

This is the fifth chapter in the "Death of a King" story arc and it delivers beautifully. It is a breathtaking chapter that ends with one of the best cliffhangers that I have read in a very long time. It is war. That is the best way to describe it. If you've been following the story so far, you already understand who is attacking Atlantis and it really shows that Aquaman is ready to sacrifice anything to protect those he cares about most. This issue is filled with mysteries of Mera's past, The ...

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