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Villains that are kind of heroes, but are kind of not...

In my opinion, there all heroes, but given the way they go about their business, many people are not big fans...  
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List items

  • The biggest in between of all, whom often raises the question 'Do the ends justify the means?'

  • Does some good stuff for the good guys, and does some bad stuff for the bad guys. Nuff said

  • The right thing is done, but at what cost? Similar to Ozymandias

  • Yeh hes good, and he fights for good, but Christ Almighty does he leave a mess. Many innocents must have died as a result of the Hulk.

  • Very evil, but fights against an even eviler evil, so he is sort of a hero...

  • Again, doing the right thing for the right people, but in reality a terrorist. Do the ends justify the means here?

    Yes. Yes they do

  • Both he and Marv. In fact, especially Marv.


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Rorschach and V arn't villains.
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@Jerry Seinfeld said:
Rorschach and V arn't villains.
There hasn`t been a mention in this list about them being villains.