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CVNUCode Name: Prodigy

Name: Alianette Orloshima

Monikers: Ali, Yin, Yang

Title: Student of Coven and Impero

Age: 21

Height: 5'6

Weight: 120

Hair Color: Dark red

Eye Color: Black orange iris


Force: normally she uses the Force for physical boosts like speed sense and battle meditation. She's also a frequent user of telekinesis, that said her understanding of the force is deep and much farther leading then shown.

Yin Yang Chi: yin is life as yang is death. Combined Ali is a necromancer to say the least. Her feats further however as her chakra is inherently yin yang in nature. This means her body doesn't tire get sick or need substance all provided naturally for her. Further more she commands life and death and barely flinches at most extreme pain. Recovering in milliseconds, rotting and decaying in breaths this is natural to her.

Yoso: Ali's natural pair is lightning and fire though she now can use all Yoso techniques. Casually amplifying her attacks and speed through said elemental use. Her mastery of the elements is far reaching and often surpassing many others however thanks to having crafted souls of Yoso masters to her own. This leads her to be a monumental threat as she surpasses virtually all past Keijijo in this regard who usually could only achieve three at most.

Spiritual: yin and yang mastery have led Ali to master spirits. This includes possession of a person or more frightening the claiming of another's soul. It further helps as awareness of where living things are, and the ability to guide souls as she chooses. One of the more impressive feats is swapping body and soul making her a Spector in combat. Over her time toying with the afterlife she has recently learned the ability to materialize in and out of the material world. Because of this she can become intangible as a ghost as well as remove herself from an ordeal entirely. Spiritual energies can also lend to rapid recovery from harm surpassing even Yin chi.

Heavens Eyes: Surgical precision promptly executed in experimental move by Alianette implanted the Namikaze's inherited trait into the eye sockets of the daughter's. These eyes boast a myriad of abilities, five of which have been granted to Ali thanks to Milo.

Truth- These eyes can track instantaneous movement with ease and perceive temporally manipulated speed with ample accuracy. Multiple spectrum of lights may be viewed by one in possession of these eyes and they may see 360 degrees with uncanny peripheral depth perception. Chemical composition down to the subatomic particle is accessible as well as the chakra network with in depth correlative definition. Movements viewed by these eyes can be instantaneous recorded and reproduced by the user of the eyes.

Reflect- Variable levels of emotion and conscious thought exist within every living entity. Heaven's eyes may discover the ethereal connection (quantum strings) beings their existence to and manipulate such connections. This manipulation is a method used to induce various forms of hypnosis, hallucinations, and illusions. Precise stimulation can allow a user to induce hypnotic suggestion, luring opponents into an opening that doesn't exist or committing them to performing her deeds. This also gives the user a distinct ability to detect and deter psychic assaults with immense intensity, causing a backlash that could render a strong telepath dazed.

Hatred- This white flame is capable of destroying absolutely any substance. This includes other energies, a property that invokes Ali's curiosity. These flames are controlled by the user and will not stop burning unless destroyed by said user. Sight must be focused on a target for the flames to appear in the correct location.

Command- Utilization of the planetary forces of gravity allow the user to push and pull any object or entity towards them with the flick of a wrist. Depending on the amount of chakra used, this technique may be capable of destroying a city.

Release- Strict access to a pocket dimension specific to the eyes individual inheritors is accessible, through this dimension one can simulate teleportation by moving in and out of the dimension with instantaneous speed. A more innovative technique can allow one to achieve intangibility by moving body parts to the plane of existence. Once transported to the plane a person may not leave unless allowed to, though said transportation would take mere seconds to enact.

Zetsubo: a frightening ability of consuming ones chi robbing them of all presence. Ali learned this from her little brother though it's sparingly used.

Shinwa Sei: thanks to her brother she has access to the wolf and through he the snake thus able to grant herself traits of each. This includes claws, fangs, venom, and the elongating of limbs.

Weapons: often makes use of throwing knives shurikan and shi usually with Keijijio symbols in place.

Transportation: Whatever is conveniant.

Fighting Style: thanks to training, experience from her brothers soul and Heavens Eyes she possesses vast skill in hand to hand combat. She focuses however on pressure points.

Bio: "My name is Alianette and if you are reading this then your looking at my journal. Which likely means that I am going to run this blade through your eye socket. Yet force you to live through the endearing horror of pain such a blow comes with. However allow me to assume this journal is but my own writen statment not observed by another, however thus I will write of my positioning. I was born a perfectly average girl, father a man from Japan, mother American. I grew up in Japan untill the age of fifteen, it was at this time my dog Hiro had died. I had always had a curiosity about the workings of life. Wasn't good in school but I knew very well the anatomy and biology of living things. I took a moment to study various books on chackra and chi trying to understand the logarithems of life."

"And it worked, I brought Hiro to life. He lives even now with mom and dad, but im not with them. You see a few months after bringing Hiro back to life Lady Coven came to me. Said I could be more then some school girl statistic, of course I excepted. Something happend the other night though, I was in Lady's room as she was in meditation. We could both feal a change in the wind, I had been practicing necromancy at the time. To my surprise however the skeletal remains grew organs, a pulsating heart. I could see a brain forming in the hole within his skull. He rose naked and bare but alive, not a reanimated corpse but alive. He looked around asking who he was and where. I named him Hiro."

Coven opened the door smiling at Alianette having taken one of few roads that could lead to the monastary. Three people walked through the ornate doors. Coven was first her robes flowing behind her like water long raven hair straight and cascading over shoulders and down her back. Thick tinted glassess masked her eyes, or truthfully the lack there of. Beside her in a suit was Hiro. Nobody special in apearence yet also not standing out either no indication prevelant that he was a man born yesterday, born unnaturaly. Behind them a cloacked woman whos apearence could not be spotted. A resounding click could be heard in a soft echo brought on by the cains both Coven and Hiro had with them. Lady's velvet voice answering questions and getting doors to open without ever pausing.

"Impero Ishin, a pleasure. I do believe we have never met, my name is Mishelia Starend though you know me as Darth or Lady Coven. At the time no demand was in existance for you and I to talk face to face. Each have are people to look after. This however has come to change, brought on by a rather percuiliar revelation that has come to pass. If you would be so kind look into Hiro's eyes" her hands indicating to the man. Those who had killed a person would know the eyes of a dying man, the eyes much like Hiro's. "You know what this means don't you? I thought neither of us would see someone like this in a natural life time." It was rather clear, this man was not natural life brought on by unimaginable means. When the demon was finaly slain the other night it granted a chance for one to grasp the truest powers of Yin Yang chi and chackra. Having allready been well versed in the arts of life and death Ali was the first to show signs of using them.

Pulling back her hood her blood red almost black hair flowed outwards cool blue eyes looking to Impero. "Alianette Orloshima, I've allready learned the bulk of the force related to life and death. To fully reach my potential however I need you. Please be so kind as to teach the art of your people" Ali dropping to one knee in a humble bow. The first and only time she ever would do so.