The Kwazulu Coda (Eradicated)

"Honor bound"

Nia Bahati-Bashir & The Coda
Nia Bahati-Bashir & The Coda

The Kwazulu Coda are esoteric aura sensitive warriors who currently serve as the elite personal guard of the Vibranium Maharajah, Ali Bashir. Their black virbanium armor serving as both ceremonial tribute to their fallen queen and Golden Barricade of the False Bay, Nia Bahati, as well as the supplementation of their meta-human durability in battle. Bond by anthropological dogma and sacred ritualistic fortitude and nobility to uphold their sacred promise to the deceased queen. The unyielding protection of the Bashir Bishop.

ted into the fast paced high flying martial arts techniques of the Kwazulu Coda.

Spear & Shield

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Parrying or blocking a bladed strike is not done by placing the spear in position to meet an incoming strike with the sharp edge of the spear. That only succeeds in damaging the blade. Kwazulu Coda's defensive accomplishments are solidified by meeting an incoming strike with a strike of equal or greater force from an angle that will allow the pikesmen to knock the opponent's sword from their grasp instantly disarming them. Utilizing the lock-step spear and shield techniques of the mighty phalanxes.Though completely confident and comfortable in CqC.