Beloved Ones (Deceased)

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Trained among the esoteric dangers native to the Bay, as well as abroad, the noble culture of the Beloved One's utilize the cove's supernatural perils in order to strengthen their tireless combat training.

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The Kwazulu Coda (Eradicated)

"Honor bound"

Nia Bahati-Bashir & The Coda
Nia Bahati-Bashir & The Coda

The Kwazulu Coda are esoteric aura sensitive warriors who currently serve as the elite personal guard of the Vibranium Maharajah, Ali Bashir. Their black virbanium armor serving as both ceremonial tribute to their fallen queen and Golden Barricade of the False Bay, Nia Bahati, as well as the supplementation of their meta-human durability in battle. Bond by anthropological dogma and sacred ritualistic fortitude and nobility to uphold their sacred promise to the deceased queen. The unyielding protection of the Bashir Bishop.

ted into the fast paced high flying martial arts techniques of the Kwazulu Coda.

Spear & Shield

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Parrying or blocking a bladed strike is not done by placing the spear in position to meet an incoming strike with the sharp edge of the spear. That only succeeds in damaging the blade. Kwazulu Coda's defensive accomplishments are solidified by meeting an incoming strike with a strike of equal or greater force from an angle that will allow the pikesmen to knock the opponent's sword from their grasp instantly disarming them. Utilizing the lock-step spear and shield techniques of the mighty phalanxes.Though completely confident and comfortable in CqC.

The Kwazulu Alcazar (CVnU Location)

The King of Orphans
The King of Orphans


The Origin

Erected some time around the end of the 15th century to serve as a suitable way-point for Portuguese slave-traders, the beach front fortification known as the "Kwazulu-Alcazar"(castle), was an enterprising success. Allowing the Portuguese to diversify as they're ambitious explorations along the coast afforded them exclusive trade routes in both spice and slaves. With the cooperation of two of the regions most influential chieftains; who as a profitable result of their disturbing allegiances, were allowed to expand their tribal rule, Portugal quickly established a strong presence in the southern cape. As their influence and power grew, so to did the keep.

Eventually sprawling over 700,000 feet of land, including the sacred burial grounds of the Geliefdes (Loved Ones). The holiest of sanctums shared and respected throughout even the most hardened of tribal rivals. This direct affront would eventually lead to one of history's great unknown slave revolts championed by a warrior tribe, a family. Whom had been the righteous and ceremonial custodians of the Geliefdes since before the Great Panther God had opened up the African plains. In the end the original Moorish castle was all but destroyed, but pieces of its foundation would later be used to build a new more technologically advanced Kwazulu Alcazar.

Thanks in large part to the Bengal Bashir's (Ali's great great grandfather) decision to unseal the regions Vibranium mines thus granting access to its moderated vein of precious metal. Marking the Kwazulu as a small yet indomitable coastal African bastion that would be handed down through generations of Bashir men. A holy site, with many from around the region make the daunting pilgrimage to pray at the alters and be baptized in the springs.

The Bashirs:

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Once the chosen wardens of the False Bay, guardians of the Geliefdes, the Bashir's were a celebrated family of political prominence. Suggested cave paintings once illustrated a possible genetic link back to the Original Man ( a religious concept adhered to and practiced by the Bashirs & others). Molding the family into a folklore with intricate strands of historical fact woven in among the legecy. The sacred Bashir ethos is a fantastical tale of revolution, prestige, honor, and justice. With each patriarch of the family taking on not only the honored mantel of the False Bay warden, but the spiritual responsibilities of the Original Man (the panther god as adhered to by the Bashirs & others) and the protection of the tribes. A duty that has fallen squarely on the shoulders of the Black Republican as the last surviving member of the Bashir linage.




Polygonal poor-in-stone towers, remnants of the former Kwazulu Alcazar, comfortably rest at the corners of its outer enclosure with semicircular structures built in along the wall overlooking a man made watering spring. With its main panther inspired cathedral offering an ocean front view of majestic inspiration. Beyond the palace a stunning arcade gate permits heralded access to the sacred springs of the Geliefdes Grotto.

Further aristocratic appreciation of glamorous antiquity is effortlessly featured with African ivory mantels and hand mason tiles that culturally make up the foundation of the expansive rooms. Artisan doors open onto a landscaped wrap terraces ideal for alfresco dining, sunbathing, relaxing and looking at the gorgeous views of the False Bay. Unbelievably there seems to be more space on the inside rather than there would seem to be from the outside. Various angles curve the corridors into labyrinths, and the arrangement of rooms seemingly rearrange themselves. The Moorish castle hosts numerous items of ceremonial enthrallment as well as meditative & religious occultism.

Magnificent marble staircases upwardly spiral into an exclusive family gallery with six windows and the original domed ceiling. Authenticated portraits of the Bashir family lineage line the walls of the curved dome. Vacationed off the gallery is a spectacularly sculpted sky room which is wrapped in a sun-flooded room with contemporary wood burning fireplace.

One of the castle's main ascetic yet functional pieces, remains a vibranium sheath wall that make up the front facade of the building. While inside the main entrance, a large atrium with extensively restored statues and sculptures premiere a certain pursuit of excellence and historical achievement. Some of the antiquities, consisting of over 35,000 items, includes artifacts from the Nile civilizations which date from 4,000 BC to the 4th century. The collection overviews Egyptian life spanning from Ancient Egypt to the Middle Kingdom, the New Kingdom, Coptic art, and the lost Khoisan periods. Pieces from the ancient period include the Gebel el-Arak Knife from 3400 BC, The Seated Scribe, and the Head of King Djedefre. Middle Kingdom art, "known for its gold work and statues", moved from realism to idealization; this is exemplified by the schist statue of Amenemhatankh and the wooden Offering Bearer. The New Kingdom

and Coptic Egyptian sections are in deed deap.

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The Castle's library present holds a number well into the 100,000. Books as well as around 800 currently received periodical titles and unearthed scrolls. This catalog includes rare drawings and exclusive manuscripts such as the Domesday book and the inventory of all Henry VIII's possessions at the time of his death. Even Vertue, 'The Gate at Whitehall' in Vetusta Monumenta Vol.1, 1747 (1826) One of the most aggrandized archaeological libraries in the World, it is home to an outstanding collection of wide spanning documentation and literature.


Original Powers

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Superior Sapiens - The Source


Divination (by plant) - herpetologist shamans of the Kawazulu used esoteric alchemy and Botanomancy to create the ritualistic means of augmenting the Bashir line's genetic supremacy. Because of the floral based fabrications of the 'Kwazulu Kush' plant, the Bashir's hereditary line are naturally gifted with a physical graduation of reactionary refinement-linked to a prehistoric cognizance of fight or flight . Organic development and sharpened senses acutely calibrated to a near precognitive level of early warning exposure, manifesting various degrees of incoming danger as to notify the sub-conscious of not only a potential threat, but also from which direction. Making him nearly impossible to tag for anyone operating below an established level of superhuman speed and preemptive reflexes.

Black Vibranium

Black Vibranium; or as its more commonly referred to in the False Bay, Ebony V, is just one of the known variations of the nigh indestructible metal found in various locations throughout the World. However, permutations beneath the Kwazulu Alcazar have produced a strain of the valuable mineral unlike anywhere else on Earth. The Hibernating Metal has the power to greatly amplify the mystical spirituality stored in the land itself. Acting as an organic conduit which taps into the flow of supernatural energy. Allowing it to trap and absorb not only kinetic energy, but magical energy as well.

Thanks to the innovative mind of Ali Sani Bashir, not only can his Ebony V suits absorb impressive amounts of energy, but it can now release it back out into the world. State of the art technological integration permits the Vibranium Maharajah to recall the stored properties and channel them into his attacks/strikes.Not only is the Bashir Bishop capable of re-channeling the stored energy, he is now able to pull it directly from the Ebony V still resting in the sacred ground of the Bay. Adding to his already substantial power when at home. Metaphorically insinuating that Ali is one with the Bay, a connection shared by the False Bay Warden's of past.

Engineering/Metal Fabrication

Holding a Ph.D in Material Science affords the King of Oprhans the expert ability to advanced self-directed research. Often partnering theoretical knowledgealong with the technological requirements of Engineering Applications in order to qualify the design, synthesis, manufacturing and exploitation of traditional and/or new materials.

Such as but not limited to; polymers and composites; concretes and ceramics; metals; biomaterials and materials for biomedical applications; processing and characterization of advanced metallic alloys; corrosion and durability of materials; innovative materials for civil and industrial engineering; materials characterization (microscopies, scattering, spectroscopy); modelling and theoretical approaches to the study of materials structure and properties; micro- and nanostructured materials; functional materials for applications in photonic, electronic and sensors; surface engineering and advanced coatings; materials for industrial design; meta-materials; and transformation of materials.

The production of metals involves the processing of ores to extract the metal they contain, and the mixture of metals, sometimes with other elements, to produce alloys. Metallurgy is distinguished from the craft of metalworking, although metalworking relies on metallurgy, as medicine relies on medical science, for technical advancement. Metallurgy is subdivided into ferrous metallurgy (sometimes also known as black metallurgy) and non-ferrous metallurgy or colored metallurgy. Ferrous metallurgy involves processes and alloys based on iron while non-ferrous metallurgy involves processes and alloys based on other metals. The production of ferrous metals accounts for 95 percent of world metal production

Panther Habit

Unlike his predecessors, extensive engineering expertise has allowed the Warden of the False Bay to forge not one, but several, ceremonial Habit(s)/Black Vibranium Armour(s). Honeycombing layers integrated with in-plane covalent bonds, stacked and rebarred, add varied levels of durability depending on the tactical model of the suit. With the elusive vibranium mineral significantly woven into the very fibers of the uniform adding superior versatility and ultimate flexibility.

Additionally, innovative layers offer significant guard against radiation and static based dangers. A muscularly aligned matrix of crystallized iron enhanced by magnetic fields over a promethium sheath offers a secondary line of durability. Ali's digital dexterity is also present in the form of an self-contained-closed circuit algorithm, acting as an operating system that provides strategies, tactical background information on opponents, and on his surroundings. Tuning them into the Warden's informational super-lenses.

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