• Date joined:2015-09-23
  • Alignment:Evil
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"Honor is the mask of monsters"

Real Name: Ali Sani Bashir

Alias: ,Warden of the False Bay, Bashir Bishop, Vibranium Maharajah

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 191 lbs

Age: 31

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Luminescent Gold

Species: Homo-Sapiens, Superior-Sapiens, Peak Human

Birthplace: Rooi-Els Western Cape, South Africa

Language: Xhosa

Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Widowed

Family: Ruba Bashir (grandfather-deceased),Bundi Bashir (father-deceased), Essya Bashir (mother-presumed-deceased), Nia Bahati'Bashir (wife-deceased), Musa Bashir (Son)

Occupation: Lord Commander of the Black Sun Guard,Ambassador, Diplomat, Royal Delegate, Politician (Parliament of South Africa)

Affiliation: The Kwazulu,TheDarkfells, Nikademus, The Montessi DaBrickashaw,The Strix (1,2,3,4),

Black V - Precious Metal of the False Bay

Black Vibranium

Black Vibranium; or as its more commonly referred to in the False Bay, Ebony V, is just one of the known variations of the nigh indestructible metal found in various locations throughout the World. However, permutations beneath the Kwazulu Alcazar have produced a strain of the valuable mineral unlike anywhere else on Earth. The Hibernating Metal has the power to greatly amplify the mystical spirituality stored in the land itself. Acting as an organic conduit which taps into the flow of supernatural energy. Allowing it to trap and absorb not only kinetic energy, but magical energy as well.

Esoteric Amalgamation of Technology

The execution of Ali's rare blend of technological esoteric enlightenment, centers around an unorthodox and almost paradoxical philosophy. Using the False Bay's secret technology, biopharmacudical nanites injected into Ali's blood allow his hands to be used as quasi-sentient magical instruments. A surgical tier of achieved sorcery that had long evaded the displaced Warden of the False Bay. However, during his prolonged incarceration beneath the supernatural installation, the Brick, the Vibranium Maharajah secretly studied volumes upon volumes of resource materials. Building a serviceable scientific understanding as the foundation of his technological know how. The refinement of Ali's proficiency over the sacred arts is but a secondary corner stone of his weaponized megatronics.

Panther Habit surrendered to son, Musa Bashir