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"Honor is the mask of monsters"

Real Name: Ali Sani Bashir

Alias: ,Warden of the False Bay, Bashir Bishop, Vibranium Maharajah

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 191 lbs

Age: 31

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Luminescent Gold

Species: Homo-Sapiens, Superior-Sapiens, Peak Human

Birthplace: Rooi-Els Western Cape, South Africa

Language: Xhosa

Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Widowed

Family: Ruba Bashir (grandfather-deceased),Bundi Bashir (father-deceased), Essya Bashir (mother-presumed-deceased), Nia Bahati'Bashir (wife-deceased), Musa Bashir (Son)

Occupation: Lord Commander of the Black Sun Guard,Ambassador, Diplomat, Royal Delegate, Politician (Parliament of South Africa)

Affiliation: The Kwazulu,TheDarkfells, Nikademus, The Montessi DaBrickashaw,The Strix (1,2,3,4),

Black V - Precious Metal of the False Bay

Black Vibranium
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Black Vibranium; or as its more commonly referred to in the False Bay, Ebony V, is just one of the known variations of the nigh indestructible metal found in various locations throughout the World. However, permutations beneath the Kwazulu Alcazar have produced a strain of the valuable mineral unlike anywhere else on Earth. The Hibernating Metal has the power to greatly amplify the mystical spirituality stored in the land itself. Acting as an organic conduit which taps into the flow of supernatural energy. Allowing it to trap and absorb not only kinetic energy, but magical energy as well.

Thanks to the innovative mind of Ali Sani Bashir, not only can his Ebony V suits absorb impressive amounts of energy, but it can now release it back out into the world. State of the art technological integration permits the Vibranium Maharajah to recall the stored properties and channel them into his attacks/strikes.Not only is the Bashir Bishop capable of re-channeling the stored energy, he is now able to pull it directly from the Ebony V still resting in the sacred ground of the Bay. Adding to his already substantial power when at home. Metaphorically insinuating that Ali is one with the Bay, a connection shared by the False Bay Warden's of past.

Similar to common Vibranium, Black Vibranium is a metallic mineral whose key feature is it's ability to absorb energy as well as releasing said energy in a controlled manner. These properties are made possible by Black V's ability to store energy in it's bonds and release it as needed, rendering it an almost perfect material for a variety of different applications. A natural; and min-able resources, it is often used as a reusable and clean energy source, all but erasing the need for fuel as planes, trains and automobiles run almost exclusively on the near-perfect battery source. Its energy based technology allows it to sustain the small secretive nation with its own source of electricity.

As previously mentioned, the mechanism behind the metal's energy storing qualities is that it stores energy in it's bonds by 'damping' and 're-releasing.' It's energy absorbing properties are otherworldly. Black Vibranium primarily absorbs kinetic energy, and because of it's array of energy absorption mechanisms, the force of kinetic energy, the momentum is not an issue.Because of it's properties and qualities Black V has a variety of uses. For one it can be used for transportation where mankind is currently burdened by excessive weight. Because it is exceptionally strong and light, Black V results in greater fuel/energy efficiency and reduced wear-and-tear at no expense to the safety of the passengers. Additionally, it can be used in medical/prosthesis fields where people could be assisted by something that returns energy easily and is also incredibly lightweight


Divination (by plant) - herpetologist shamans of the Kawazulu used esoteric alchemy and Botanomancy to create the ritualistic means of augmenting the Bashir line's genetic supremacy. Because of the floral based fabrications of the 'Kwazulu Kush' plant, the Bashir's hereditary line are naturally gifted with a physical graduation of reactionary refinement-linked to a prehistoric cognizance of fight or flight . Organic development and sharpened senses acutely calibrated to a near precognitive level of early warning exposure, manifesting various degrees of incoming danger as to notify the sub-conscious of not only a potential threat, but also from which direction. Making him nearly impossible to tag for anyone operating below an established level of superhuman speed and preemptive reflexes.

Esoteric Amalgamation of Technology

The execution of Ali's rare blend of technological esoteric enlightenment, centers around an unorthodox and almost paradoxical philosophy. Using the False Bay's secret technology, biopharmacudical nanites injected into Ali's blood allow his hands to be used as quasi-sentient magical instruments. A surgical tier of achieved sorcery that had long evaded the displaced Warden of the False Bay. However, during his prolonged incarceration beneath the supernatural installation, the Brick, the Vibranium Maharajah secretly studied volumes upon volumes of resource materials. Building a serviceable scientific understanding as the foundation of his technological know how. The refinement of Ali's proficiency over the sacred arts is but a secondary corner stone of his weaponized megatronics.

Panther Habit

Unlike his predecessors, extensive engineering expertise has allowed the Warden of the False Bay to forge not one, but several, ceremonial Habit(s)/Black Vibranium Armour(s). Honeycombing layers integrated with in-plane covalent bonds, stacked and rebarred, add varied levels of durability depending on the tactical model of the suit. With the elusive vibranium mineral significantly woven into the very fibers of the uniform adding superior versatility and ultimate flexibility.

Additionally, innovative layers offer significant guard against radiation and static based dangers. A muscularly aligned matrix of crystallized iron enhanced by magnetic fields over a promethium sheath offers a secondary line of durability. Ali's digital dexterity is also present in the form of an self-contained-closed circuit algorithm, acting as an operating system that provides strategies, tactical background information on opponents, and on his surroundings. Tuning them into the Warden's informational super-lenses.

Ali's latest suit has been intravenously injected with state of the art bio-cosmetic integration which allow for a transmorative effect. Capable of perfect insulation and spontaneous deployment as well as liquid like fluidity through transformable states of bloodborne micro-nanites. Able to spread across all areas, or individual sections, of the False Bay Warden's physique with the surgical predictability of a cybernetic pathogen. Meticulously shedding standardized metal motions and maneuvers because of the Kwazulu Alcazar's secretive cutting edge robotic technologies and breakthroughs.

Infused with Black Vibranium, the Vibranium Maharajah's suit is, in essence, completely constructed out of programmable Vibranium matter. Aggressively capable of reconfiguring its molecules to assume any shape or color it is instructed to. The very properties which allow the Panther Habit to select its malleable alternate psychical shapes.

  • Deprecation Perception - Because of the Vibranium Maharaja's ingenuity, the extensive vanguard of visual versatility contained within the Bishop's armors is a paradigm of extrasensory proficiency. Which has engineered his ability to perceive stress points, fracture planes, and or weaknesses in objects or people. Which, by applying substantial force and pressure through strikes to the weak points or fractal faults, can down enemies far outside his class or break seemingly invincible objects.
  • Negative Lenses -All of the Bashri's Habits offer the benefits of specialized lenses.The hybrid feature enable theextrapolation of his retinal image size amplifying his sight. Honing his focus with sensationalized magnification and precise focus.
  • Nocturnal Vision - Extremely sensitive and innovative synthetic rod receptors have been manufactured maturated to grant a level of night time vision due to the neural mechanisms which mediate the extraction of spatial information gathered from the retinal image throughout the nocturnal luminance range. These mechanisms are only able to function due to the large sized retinal imaging permitting the nocturnal function in the vision of the Great Jaguar's Habits. Due to large posterior nodal distance; retinal image brightness is only maximized within a secondary neural function. These optical upgrades of nocturnal perception are far superior to that of most nocturnal creatures.
  • Positive Cornea - Impressively, despite the fact that the digital lenses are negative, the snaked eyed cornea's of the suit are positive. Forming a deviated outward convex responsible for the extreme exaggeration of his visions focusing precision which also allows for an unbelievably advanced resolution of sight in a narrow field of vision
  • Monocular Focusing - The engineered amalgamation of negative lenses and positive corneas endow the King of Orphan's field of vision with accurate focusing by corneal accommodation. Manipulating the corneal accommodation of depth perception is a genetic trait shared by only one other species on the planet to focus with monocular vision. As both eyes are primarily independent, the eye that first detects targets, danger, and or, opponents, will guide accommodation in the other eye. So advanced are the corneal accommodations, they can be coupled. Coupled vision meaning that both eyes independently can focus on the same object. When scanning the environment and in judging distance, vision and accommodation are uncoupled letting the eyes focus on different objects such as the environment and an opponent which grants unprecedented situational awareness far beyond the scope of any normal human being. Immediately before launching a strike the accommodation in both eyes can be coupled allowing them to focus independently on a specific area or uncoupled, allowing Ali to strike at an area while simultaneously aware of a de-evolving landscape, incoming attacks from varying other angles, or executing concurrently thrown strikes with ambidextrous authentication.
  • Vestibulo-ocular Reflex - Designed by Ali, Vestibulo-ocular Reflex (or VOR), is the primary resource for the stabilization of images on the retina during head movement. In order to accomplish this, the movement of the eyes is opposite the direction of the head and in doing so preserves the image in the in the center of the field of vision. An advanced semicircular canal which is primarily responsible for the reflexes attributed to the responses of acceleration, grant the Bashir Bishop the ability to move and react at near-superhuman speeds while maintaining near-peerless reactionary timing. Heightened neck muscles and a uniquely developed otolith organ mediate the acrobatic assassins magnificent displays of balance.