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Condition Cryptical #1: An Appreciation for Amazing 1

This is the first issue of Condition Cryptical, a brand new title from a brand new publisher: DeadZone Comics. The cover has the look and feel of an old haunted tales-type comic, and with a title like “Dead Reckoning”, it also has a supernatural-eerie association to it. The premise of the story is pretty cool. Charles is searching for the remains of his grandfather’s missing squadron. His grandfather was a military flight instructor in 1945 that led training missions off the gulf of Florida. The...

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Dead America #1 Review 0

Where most zombie offerings focus on an ensemble of characters, Dead America is based on a single character, Dameon Spikes. Spikes is an operative of a governmental agency, who were anonymously tipped off that the country was about to be bombed with destructive bombs enhanced with an infectious, biochemical disease. Demands are never made to be met from the threat (save for the motive being to reset the population of the planet itself), and the unknown source of the threat is never discovered. T...

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The Best 2012 Twist to Date is Dark...DARK WORLD 0

Story: An ESOU field investigator, Agent Devin Altworth, is investigating miles of newly created passages that are underneath a string of inactive volcanoes in Peru. It appears that a giant, mythological puma is digging underground paths to network all of these volcanoes together. The ESOU follow-up investigations discover these events are related to an ancient prophecy, marking the return of the Mayan God of Hell to power in the year 2012. And by activating all of the volcanoes with lava from t...

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Step Into the Zone... 0

Story:After witnessing some deliveries of chemicals being used for processing illicit drugs, a motorcycle riding militant vigilante, DeadZone, follows the delivery truck back to their home base of operations and then slams into action. It fast becomes a battle of one man versus a warehouse full of thugs, and DeadZone is soon outnumbered by his opposition, trapped in the building that he initially stormed into.Art:Fans of action-packed books will love this comic. Practically every page features a...

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Devin the Devil 0

Story:Devin is a detective in Newport City, with a recently deceased wife. Before she died, Devin’s wife was gardening special flowers. Now, there’s a killing spree happening in Newport City where the murderer is killing perpetrators of other crimes. And, the murderer is also intentionally leaving behind evidence; flowers stolen from Devin’s own apartment that his wife engineered. Still frustrated with his wife’s death and his own inability to clean up the streets of Newport City, Devin doesn’t ...

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