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My votes (just didn't vote on my figth with Enzeru)

Tier 1 - Wraith
Tier 2 - Snake Eyes
Tier 3 - Helix
Prepper is Helix
Tier 1 - Batman
Tier 2 - Nick Fury
Tier 3 - Hawkeye

Prepper is Batman   
Winner: Fury 714 

Tier 1 - X-23
Tier 2 - Jill Valentine
Tier 3 - Talia al Ghul
Prepper is Talia al Ghul

Tier 1 - Agent X
Tier 2 - Taskmaster
Tier 3 - Crossbones
Prepper is Agent X
Winner: Crackrjack82

Tier 1 -
Tier 2 - Miranda Lawson
Tier 3 - Tim Drake
Prepper is Tim Drake.

Tier 1 - Cassandra Cain
Tier 2 - Mr. Terrific
Tier 3 - Black Widow
Prepper is Mr. Terrific

Very hard to decide. I'll go with Doveland. 

Tier 1 -Sensei
Tier 2 - Ravager
Tier 3 - Bane (Without Venom)
Prepper is Bane
Tier 1 - Albert Wesker
Tier 2 - Azrael (Jean-Paul Valley)
Tier 3 - Mr. X

Prepper is Wesker

Winner: Progenitor 

Tier 1 -
Bronze Tiger
Tier 2 - Prince of Orphans
Tier 3 - Steel Serpent

Prepper is Steel Serpent
Tier 1 - Wolverine
Tier 2 - Daredevil
Tier 3 - The Joker
Prepper is Joker 
Winner: Clutch 

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Man I already had a my vote and was pretty sure about it (Impossible Man). And then these two come around and blow away all my "sureness". Great job both of you Enzeru and Owie. Now I won't be able to sleep for next couple of days just thinking about all this. 
Honestly guys, nice posts and execellent logic .
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What about the other characters? Anything worth noting? 
About the fact of spiderman being 7-8 times stronger than cap and a well placed punch tearing him apart. Truth is Cap. has already fougth and took punches from guys 10 times stronger than him and he didn't even bleed (i'm reminding of his figth agaisnt Walker who is at least 10 times stronger than him when he took roger's mantle as captain america and before that he took even more when Walker was the super-patriot). That's underestemating Rogers's stamina and endurance. About spiderman's speed. I don't actually see him as being a lot faster than Rogers. I'll admit he faster but 7-8 times I can't and don't believe so.There's nothing to prove that. Besides Captain America "sees faster" than regular humans. That and the fact that rogers is almost as agille as spiderman and only slighty slower is enough for him to dodge many of Siderman's attacks. They have fougth earlier before and although there never was a winner , Captain America always took the upperhand in those figths. They migth be all PIS but it became canon PIS. Besides with the prep time they have, Captain America would know about the "new" fighting style of spiderman and would know how to avoid it. Captain America also has a mind that allows him to process information much faster than humans, specially when it's about military stratigies and figthing styles (selective mind????). I remember once when he was going to face Batroc that Batroc had improved his figthing style and added many new moves to it. Captain America was able to process all his new moves and the way he fights and a way to counter them in a matter of minutes. When they fougth, Batroc was easily defeated and couldn't land one punch on cap (and cap didn't even used his shield neither to defend nor to attack). 
Again, I think spiderman is overestimated and captain america is underestimated. But that's my opinion. Let's say you add the Stark battle suit to spiderman (I would add someother things in Cap's arsenal wich are in character with him and that he used in comics)that would be a totally diferent story. I'll admit that under those circumstances, spiderman clearly has the advantage (the cloak device would clearly give him the victory - won't argue with that).
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O.k. I'm not going to explain everything in detail. I'd rather point out some details about my figth against Enzeru team.

First of all Hercules is not donning all his weapons. The OP didn't allow that wich I totally understand why. The only thing Herc. kept was his bows and arrows.

Second, about both preppers. I don't know why almost everyone thinks Black Panther is a better battle stategist than Captain America. Steve has been commading teams and planning strtegies since he's 19 years old. He's a master tactician on prep battles with far more years of experience than Black Panther and he has one advantage over him in this field. Captain America comes up with many diferent scenarios/statigies during the battle itself. That happened many times during his leadings on the Avengers. In a battle that seemed lost he would come up with a plan in an instant that would quickly turn the tide of the battle to their side. He can do that in this battle has well. I've only seen very few people doing that and Black Panther is not one of them. So, I can actually give the advantage to Black Panther in the beginning of the figth but eventually Captain America would come up with a plan that would overcome that. That's what he does better when leading a team.

As for the figth itself, it is hard to debate I do admit. Still, here goes. Spiderman's webbing is very talked about as if no one could actually evade it. Captain America has done that many times and so has Spider woman. I don't see why it is so obvious everybody would be captured like as soon as the figth starts I would see Captain America taking on spider man. Again I don't see why it is so hard to believe that Steve could indeed stalemate Spiderman and even defeating him. In the Civil War arc, spiderman WAS getting trashed by Captain America and only when Spiderman used his Stark Suit did he got to hit him. Captain knows every of spiderman's moves for a long time now.´

Spider woman has already fought and beat and also stlalemated spiderman. Her pheromones wouldn't work, i realize that because Balck Panther would find a way to get their team immune to its effects, but she's superhumanly strong (not as strong mor durable as spiderman but very close). Her fligth capabilitie would give her a huge advantage over any one of the oyjer team fighters and she can attack at distance and her blasts are powerful enough to put any street lever figther out with only one hit.

Hercules with his bow and arrows would also prove a match to any of them. His not an avarage human. By his feats we can see he is actually near peak human strong and can easily dodge bullets fired from several directions while shooting his arrows at the same time. And his acuracy wurh those is said to be better than Hawkeye's. He is also an excellent figther (in his human form i'll admit he would be no match for spiderman or black panther but i figure Captain america would realiz that and would find a way for hercules not to engage any of them - he's very good at that also. I nthe avengers he would always find a way pit his team accordingly), but I think he can be more than a match for Jason.

An I think that's it for now

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@Static Shock
"How the writer felt about a non-canon crossover is his problem. Fact is, Gladiator was still in character, and there was no PIS/CIS present in his fight with Hulk, other than the fact that a nuclear reactor with Gladiator's weakness was magically sitting there on the battlefield."
And you say there was no PIS involved in the figth? That's PIS to me... It reminds me of a figth Hulk had against Achilles of Phanteon. I mean the guy was invulnerable to everything. Almos nothing could hurt him besides magic and then the Hulk comes along, they figth and it happens to be that Achilles is vulnerable and weak against Gamma radiation. Why i think this is PIS again... because the Phanteon had dealt with Gama radiation before and Achilles did not get vulnerable nor weak. Plot device and PIS... yes indeed. What I mean is that Hulk is a walking plot and PIS device. When his strength is not enough there is always something else that enables the Hulk to take the upperhand in a figth...  
About the speedblitz again. I did not mentioned it because I don't think he can even do it (I've never seen him doing so). Waht I meant is only that the fligth capabilitiy gives him a great  advantage. He could and would get physical but he would soon realize Hulk was getting stronger. At that time he would rely most on his ranged attacks. I think people underestimate Major Force. He's not the dumb guy people portrait him. Reading most of his appearances in comics we can see a huge development of the character along the years and he has learned to use his powers in ways we've never seen until recently. He keeps coming up with new ways of using his powers. 
But our debate is becoming pointless. Both of us have shown why we think our chosen character should win. I find your arguments valid and i cannot make you change your mind has you won't change mine. But that's what debating is all about rigth? Hope to see you around some more. 
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@Static Shock:

So you clarified your opinion but you got it wrong on the way I thought and still think major force would defeat the Hulk. I never said anything about speedblitz. And that's almost all you talk about. I only said that Major Force had that advantage (fligth) which permits him to attack from affar and at a more or less safe distance. I never mentioned anything about speedblitz.

As for Gladiator, the writer of that story clearly said a few months later that that figth was clearly to take revenge on what happened to the Hulk in Marvel vs DC. I know Marvel vs DC was non-canon but the figth against Gladiator clearly had "Hulk vs Superman: the revenge" all over it. Unfortunately I can't back up my words at the moment so I think this won't be taken in consideration.

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Didn't notice about Black Panther. Not even the arrows? I mean, while Hawkeye can take an entire team with one arrow (explosive arrows are part of his standard equipment, Hercules with his bow and arrows can only take down one opponent at a time. Main advantage is that Heracles arrows wouldn't allow, lets say, Wolverine from healing or at least it would take a long time for him to do so (it is said that only fire can stop the effects of the poison - a character should set herself aflame to stop the poison). Imean, without said equipment current Hercules is just useless. If I can't go with at least the bow and arrows, then allow me to choose another tier 3 character as well.
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Exactly. That's I'm asking the OP waht equipment can I use. I think the arrows will be the only o.k equipment. I mean Hawkeye with his trick arrows can also take a character out easily. or maybe an entire team. Just use an explosive arrow or a electrical net arrow. This is the kind of equipment that must be controlled. 
And maybe the shield can be o.k. too. Even though it migth be harder than  that of cap it is only used for defence porpuses and of course it shouldn't have the stone turning power. 
As for picking any item... I don't know. we should ask the OP about it.
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I think it is but we should keep to a minimum and controlled standard equipment. Read my post (last one on page 7). I mean if our characters can't use equipment that would be unfair. Imagine Hawkeye without his arrows against Cyclps who can shoot from affar without any equipment. Or against Wolverine who has his "claws". Wich also means spiderman couldn't use his web. Punisher couldn't use any weapon and so on. There are some characters that will be at a real disadvantage even against others from the same Tier.
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What type of equipment will be permited? I mean, Hercules current standard equipment is:  

Sword of Peleus

- magic sword that can cut any Earth material.  

Shield of Perseus

- An unbreakable shield (probably even better than cap's shield) and due to having an image of medusa, can turn people to stone (in threads this is usually taken out). 

Heracles arrows

- Hercules is an archer/marksman even better than Hawkeye but those arrows instantly incapacitate any foe. Those arrows are diped in the Hydr's poisonous/acid like blood and atre dangerous even to gods (but since Hawkeye has hs trick arrows guess this doesn't much matter).  
Real issue is the sword.    
My Tier 1 character will be Black Panther  (T'challa) - but the previous one since current is depowered, if possible -  since Iron Fist won't be allowed. Now I have doubts about my preper but I think i'll keep cap.