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These days Hulk is clearly written has being stronger than Thor. On the other hand, Thor has shown to be more powerfull than Hulk. And I think everyone should be ok with that. After all if you take Hulk's strength thing away, what's left of him?????

Truth is in optimal conditions, with no PIS, CIS or cheapshots (and even with those) each character has only 1 victory over the other where they were both actually koed..

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WBH didn't destroy the dark dimension. He destroyed a planet and he didn't do it alone. It was a dual feat along with RSH. And both were being powered up by the energies of the dark dimension. The Hulks can absorb not only Gama radiation but can also absorb dark energie or something like that for some reason. And Hulk didn't destroy the planet with one punch. When WBH and RSH colided their energies where released resulting in an explosion wich destroyed the planet. And everybody on the planet died (including both of them) only to be regenarated by the power of the wishing well and Hulk's wish. I'm pretty sure Sentry could survive the explosion of a planet.

Sentry would win here in an awsome battle. People have to admit that Sentry vs WWH was nothing special. The only thing the figth did was to destroy a couple of blocks in a city. Before the WWH series Sentry had already shown much more power than the one he did fighting the Hulk.

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Why do people try to explain certain things in comics through logic? Comic books are not meant to be logical. Do you really think writers think about all the scientific results and how powerfull a character must be to surpass those same results. I mean, in this case, Hulk moving at ligth speed???? And hulk doesn't grow in mass???? Man, Hulk as WBH was one of the bigger Hulks I've ever seen (apart from the Ang-Lee movie Hulk). So he does grow in mass the stronger he gets... And why go through calculations to explain that a caharacter can do this or that? Writers do NOT think that way... They just think "hey... I'll make this one character punch through reality..." and he does so. The writer doesn't go like... "to punch through reality my character as to have 3000000*(193659.23/0.23696598+9365989)*3.396598/% of strength..." nor they go all logical like if Hulk does not grow in mass proportional to his growth in strength, that means that his muscles must have some constitution that enables Hulk to move at ligth speed and that's why he's so strong. And about WBH and RSH destroying a planet by punching each other... Do we even know the size of the planet we're talking about???? I'll admit it's still an incredible feat but there are certain aspects that were left untold wich I think would be vital to know how powerfull those shockwaves were... like size of the planet, constitution of it's core, it's density.... But a writer isn't thinking about this either. He just goes " and the shockwaves created by their clash destroy an entire planet... period". And all this gets me thinking... in weaker incarnations (regular hulk, savage hulk and even Joe Fixit), the hulk as created shockwaves by punching the ground and other opponents... but on the other hand i've seen incarnations no much weaker tha WBH (WWH) punching things with all his strength and not creating any shockwave. Explanation???? The writer simply didn't wanted to or didn't remember. There is no ABC logic nor scientific explanations. Just one other thing... WWH did NOT defeat the avengers. Peple go like... Oooohhh Hulk is so strong because he defeated the X-men, the Fantastic Four and the Avengers all by himself. I think those people should read the WWH series again. It was the Hulk AND his Warbound the managed to defeat the avengers... not him alone.

And about the topic and the true reason i'm here (it's just certain posts I see here really get into me) it's because I do believe Ultron could defeat the Hulk, Why? Encephalo-ray - Ultron migth just be able to control the Hulk with this and keeping him that way until he finds a way to kill him. And now some people will say that the strongest telepaths in the world cannot control the Hulk so why would Ultron do it? He is not a telepath... and he's not human. It's a robot. The Encephalo-ray does not work like telepathy and WBH migth be affected by it.

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I'll go for Hercules in this one. I mean, sure he seems slow and a simple jobber in the series, but there is one thing that keeps happening in the series that always grants him the victory. He easilly adapts to every situation. In the first series he goes around smacking simple people, but has the series evolved he goes on to figth gods and Titans and always comes out victorious.

I mean he shows less skill in every department (apart form strength) than the other two candidates but so did he at the begginnig of the series. He goes from being simple strong jobber to an expert archer and swordsman. He is even good with the spear, the dagger, mace and shield. I also remember in the series that he is able to catch several arrows after being shot at him and even stops/grabs swords by the blade, wielded at him, with his bare hands. And those stupid moves he uses to dodge attacks... Will they work in this figth???? If so, Hercules wins.

About Achilles and Perseus, I think Perseus would win. Achilles is skilled, yes but that's all he has. If he was invulnerable like in the myths (actually his invulnerability from the myths was only mentioned in the 1th century AD while he "lived" even before the 7th century BC and Homer's Iliad actually mentions Achilles being hurt in an elbow when a spear hit him and ancient jar paintings show him dying with an arrow (or arrows) to the chest, not his heel.) he would be unbeatable, sure and even so the sword used by Perseus migth just be able to surpass that, since is a weapon made by the gods to figth otherl gods.

Persues his also skilled (maybe not has much as Achilles), but in addition wields much better equipement, able to shatter man made equipment. So, would Achilles shield be enough to parry Perseus attacks?

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With all that's been said and shown I think Ult. Captain America wins this in both the alternatives. I believe Cap is superior to Bane in everything, execpt maybe for strength. I know Ult. Cap. is on par with spiderman in strength but those strength features from Ult. spiderman just seemed a little too much and I actually don't see Ult. Cap doing the same. As for skill, Bane was really good before New 52 (figth with Azazel) but still I think Cap is superior. As for durability, that's where Cap has the greater advantage I guess (besides healing factor and shield). Being able to whitstand blows form 100+ is not PIS since it was shown almost on a regular basis (Hulk, Abomination, Juggernaut, Warmachine, Ironman suits and the list goes on).

1 - Cap wins 8/10

2 - Cap wins 10/10

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@blacharrt: How can you say that Hulk was not ko'ed by Zeus's first strike. The Hulk actually collapsed. He woke up later. He did not get up in that instance... Read the comic correctly and see. The "second" strike didn't even touched the Hulk so why do you say that Hulk was struck twice by Zeus's lighting. Hulk sucker punched Zeus and that angered Zeus that summoned a lighting but when he threw it he missed on purpose hiting only the floor... not the Hulk. So if Hulk was one shooted by a Zeus's lighting it's only natural he can be harmed by Thor in the same fashion. Those are not natural lighting's, but magical in nature and much more powerfull (Zeus's lighting is even more powerfull than Thor's).

And these were not the only times Hulk was defeated by ligthing. Black Bolt once defeated Hulk in the same way. With regular normal lightings. Search for figths of Hulk vs Balck Bolt here on the Vine or goole it and you'll find those scans.

By the way, I do think people are underestimanting both Namor and Thing. I don't think thay are non factors, Together they can prove to be a match for Thor and include the Hulk in and they can actualy defeat Thor. Thor can win this only if he is allowed to BFR them or if he keeps is distance (flying) and use his powers to strike from affar. So this could go two ways. If Thor goes only for physical contact he will lose (he alredy lost to the Hulk alone figthing like this... add Namor and Thing and he is beat). But if he uses his powers and his versatility he can, should and would win against all three.

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Well i guess by this time everybody knows that he did not lift Mjolnir.

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Hulk could never break Thor's hammer... ever. I don't know where pepole get that idea from. And someone actually mencioned he did it once? Not in the 616 Universe he didn't. I've been reading the Hulk for the last 28 years and even made a background research about it. Not one evidence he ever broke Thor's hammer in the 616 Universe.

Thor's hammer has been broken several times yes, but never by sheer strength alone... only against powers (not strength) that were superior to that of Thor himself and others superior to that of Odin.

As for The Hulk himself I think many stated that Hulk has infinite strength (unfortunately infinite is word used in comics which only means "someone with a finite but unknown level of strength/power"). Hulk does have the capacity for infinite strength but he would only achieve it IF he could get infinte rage... which he can't. At this point the maximun he reached was worldbreaker Hulk. He was so strongl that he was releasing tremendous amounts of gamma radiation and he couldn't control it (as seen at the end of World War Hulk). He would reach a point where he would have no more radiation to release and would turn to Bruce Banner. So, I would say Worldbreaker Hulk is actually the limit Hulk can reach.

Of course I do believe writers will change that somehow specially when the new Hulk movie comes out in 2014 (or is it 2015?).

And finally, could Hulk kill Thor? Yes I do think he could. But I do remember once Hulk was able to catch Thor with a sucker attack (Hulk and Thor had been fighting on another planet/dimension and Thor defeated the Hulk but when Thor was taking the Hulk back to Earth he woke up and attacked Thor who wasn't expecting that) and pummeled him to the ground and kept hiting him until he actually got tired and left. Hulk had only taken a few stepts when Thor got up know really enraged and almost completely healed and was about to unleash all his power on the Hulk... of course, has with all stories that dind't happen because Thor had to go and save some humans and the Hulk just left. I think this story told me and many people a great deal about both characaters. Hulk tried to kill Thor but got tired of punching him and stopped and left not knowing if Thor was alive or dead and dind't care (narrator's words) . But he didn't manage to kill him and Thor actually got up a few seconds later ready to figth again.

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EMH was one the best series ever. Don't know why it got canceled. The new Avengers Assemble series is not that bad but EMH was much better. I have the series DVD's and don't get tired of watching them with my 4 years old son. TMNT is not bad as well and my kid loves it. YJ was good as well, much better than the new Batman at least.

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I agree with the 27% that say it's still too early still I hope they'll at least mention Pym and credit him for having an important role in the construction of Ultron. Like developing the Ultron A.I.