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There are a few thing missing I'm afraid. Thor is "not captured" by Surtur. He dreamt Surtur was the one responsible for Ragnarok and lets himself get captured so he can come close to him and stop/kill him to try and prevent Ragnarok (as for Surtur not being giant, just watch the movie and you will see). And he and Hela do not "go trough the ground together". Surtur makes a big chunk of rocks and buldings fall on Hela, maybe Killing her. With her out of the way, he procedes to destroying Asgard as it had been foretold.

As for the fight between Thor and Hulk it is true that Thor loses but there is a little thing missing on your description... Thor IS winning after he learns how to use he's powers and Hulk is almost about to lose when Grandmaster intervenes. So, yes, Grandmaster did so because he saw Hulk was going to get beaten and koed. About Hulk and Surtur... I don't understand Thor's worries. I mean clearly the Hulk standed no chance against Surtur. When he jumps at him Surtur just throws him away like a bug and procedes to destroying Asgard. He doesn't even care for Hulk or the others being there. There's one thing Surtur also said to Thor before they sart fighting at the beginning of the movie of the movie. Like Hela, being close or in Asgard, his powers reach their maximum, with Surtur showing that while in Asgard he's more powerfull than even Odin (something to do with Surtur being some kind of Asgardian as well).

I liked the movie but there was still something missing for it to be great.

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@lvenger: Spoilers warning:

What does Marvel have to do more to prove Thor was really going to win? Hulk proved to be stronger than Thor but Thor proved to be more powerful (as it should be). Hulk was about to lose the match before the grandmaster interfered.

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All those appearences that you refered to, Galactus was never in his full power. In each one of those moments he was trying to feed because hunger was consuming him. I mean, Galactus has defeted celestials before (Odin needed the Destructor's armor and the essence of all male Asgardians put into it - except for Thor - and use the Odinsword to do so) and even elder gods. Some of these elder gods have proved to be more powerfull than certain cosmic entities. He has also defeated abstracts. (and only once or twice did we found Galactus in his full power in comics. In those he was immensily powerfull). And all cosmic entities besides Eternity and the Living Tribunal actually fear him. There are a few comics stating that. So if he is NOT THAT POWERFULL what do they fear then? That's waht makes me believe Galactus is very powerfull and one of the most powerfull cosmic entities of the MCU. But unfortunately real feats do not account that. He is always in danger, always subject to some power that is a threat to the multiverse or some other nonsense. I've been reading comics for thirty years now and to tell you the truth I don't know what to think of Galactus nowadays.

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@guled120: Actually, Galactus was created by the Eternity (or some entity similar to it) of the previous Universe. The only thing that Phoenix did was to put him in a cosmic egg like you mentioned to protect him before he was redy to awaken. The comic I read (can´t remember when but it was a long time ago), Galan and a few others decided to fly (with a ship) to the place where the Universe was being "sucked". There they found a strange entity that said to be the embodiment of everything that existed in that universe (the previous one before 616) and that it was destroying it. All the others that went with Galan perished . Galan only survived because that entity protected him. Then he granted all the power he absorved (an entire Universe) to Galan and used his ship to shape the armour Galactus now uses and to contain that same power.

Go here It explains it a lot better than I can. Haven't practiced english in a long time and I'm finding it hard to clarify these things as I would like.

About TOAA Celestial, I have to admit you might be rigth. Galactus has been nerfed and suffered a great decrease in his powers along the years to the point of becoming the punching bag of any celestial threat..

Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet defeated all the cosmic entities that faced him (including Master Order and Lord Chaos, Galactus, Mistress Love and Sire Hate, Mistress Death, the Stranger, some Celestials, the Titan Kronos and Eternity himself). In the end he took the place of Eternity leaving his his body without protection. And then Nebula just grabbed the gauntlet from Thanos body and stole it's power returning Thanos to his normal self. You can find all this all over the internet. Just look for Infinity Gauntlet. So, I don't know why Marvel ranked Thanos as such.

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@comicchaos: this thread is more tahn 3 years old. I remember at the time the ring being described as the most powerfull weapon created in the DC Universe since the only limitations to it's powers were the user's imagination. Kyle's ring no longer had the weakness to the colour yellow and I think it didn't need to be charged every 24 hours since he last recharged it at the Noa's battery (can't remember this correctly).

In the current DC Universe, I do agree with you. The ring is far from being the most powerfull weapon in it.

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I agree with you that Marvel messed up with the Chinese phanteon, but they did not mess with the part of Gaea being mother to Thor. In the real norse myths, Gaea is the real mother of Thor (only she goes by another name - Jord), both names meaning "Earth embodiment" or "Mother Earth". That's why Thor was the most venerated god among most of the norse clans and was named protector of the Earth (in both myths ans the Marvel Universe). Actually Gaea does exist in almost all of the most known phanteons of the real myths, she only goes by diferent names, but all of them mean something like "Mother Earth". The Greeks were not the first ones. They only stole this idea from other (and more ancient) myths from other cultures.

And I also disagree with the order in wich you put the phanteons. At least if we only account for the 616 Marvel Universe, the Egyptians gods should be more powerful. Attum-Ra is the sky-father of that phanteon and he alone defeated the Elder gods (the ones in Earth) all by himself. Only Set and Chthon survived because they fled to diferent dimensions, but were trapped and sealed nonetheless. And apart from the the norse gods, all the other gods will be killed by Attum-Ra (in his Demogorge form) before the end of times. As for the myths, in my opinion the Greeks have proved to be the most powerfull gods of all phanteons, on pair with the Egyptian ones.

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No. Hulk does not have that kind of power. He never destroyed the dark dimension nor any dimension. In the dark dimension, when he clashed with RdSH the energy of both scatered about and destroyed the planet they were in... killing everyone on that planet in the process including them both (hulk and red she hulk). Only because of the wish Hulk/Banner... wished for, did everyone came back to life.

And Hulk did not destroy Night Crawler's dimension/cosmos. Hulk's thunderclap only defelcted night crawler's sonic waves and it was those who destroyed that dimension... not the hulk but night crawler's own power.

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Acording to the "Hercules adventures books - The Incredible Herc", Mikaboshi was the darkness that existed before the multiverse was created. And one of the first beings to "sprout out" from that Darkness was Gaea. Only eons later did she found Earth (still in formation or already formed but lifeless) and decided to tend to it. Other elder gods found about it and decided to go to Earth as well (basically because Earth was one planet that showed "much promise" about a certain race that would become the greatest in the Universe - some elder gods wanted to rule that future race while others wanted to help that same race). That's why I say the elder gods were born before the Celestials. And I said that I think the elder gods should be more powerful than the celestials. I did not say that they actually are more powerful.

But this is just one of the things Marvel should explain better. I mean I've been reading comics since the 80's (yes I'm that old) and I've seen so many diferent explanations to the creaiton of the Universe and even the Multiverse. I mean, Odin was once said to have created the Universe (not Multiverse). Years later Bor (father to Odin) was the one to do it, with Odin only having created the Earth. Then come the Celestials and they they are the ones responsible for all creation. And then comes along Galactus and Eternity - before the Multiverse was created there existed only one Universe. When that Universe was about to end the Eternity of that Universe, along with the Phoenix Force gave origin to the Big Bang, creating not one but an infinity of Universes (multiverse) giving "birth" to the cosmic characters we now know in the actual Marvel Multiverse. And several Galactusses became the firsts beings in their respective Universes. And there are more thoeries involving other phanteons that now exist in the Marvel Multiverse. So wich of of these are true?

And I actually changed my mind. Since there are only two elder gods the other phanteons would probably win. I thought they were figthing all the elder gods... my bad.

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Not really. Thor as already been able to break cap's shield with his hammer on more than one ocasion in the 616 Universe.

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So true. It's made of a vibrnium and a stange iron alloy invented by Howard Stark or something. But this strange iron alloy was made by accident and no one could recreate it again.

At least this was the first statement in Marvel.. I really don't know how it works now.