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Alexandria is the great granddaughter of Agatha Harkness, a very powerful witch. Alexandria's magic is the strongest of her whole heritage, and she frequently studies under her great grandmother.

Alex spends most of her day studying ancient magic, and learning new spells and various types of witchcraft.

Though endowed with amazing magic powers, Alex studies various types of martial arts.

Alexandria often fights mystical creatures like zombies, vampires, warlocks, demons, mummies, and other witches.

Alex has learned to use charms, and enchantments to increase the strength of her powers. As a young girl Alex spent her summers with her great grandmother and learned of the great powers she was born with, and also the burden of being so powerful.

The Harkness legacy lives throughout Salem's history. Being tagged as a Harkness, is a mark for death. Throughout history the Harkness family has been known as a family of evil destroyers, and the strongest witches in the world. A number of with-hunters have made it their solemn duty to kill every member of the Harkness line, causing Alex to always be on the run. Although her magic is great, even the slightest use of it can trigger a sense in the witch-hunters causing them to be pulled toward her.

Great Grandmother

Agatha is an old, powerful witch. It has been revealed that Agatha was apart of the original Salem Witch Trials, which makes her an old, yet wise and powerful witch.

Alexandria idolizes her great grandmother, as she is the only one who could help her control her tremendous powers. Alex has devoted her loyalty to her great grandmother, and promises to continue her legacy.