My name is Alex West, and Once again, I am the Fastest Man Alive

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Some Wounds Don't Heal And Memories Don't Fade

Maxine Institute Rooftop- 4 Hours after The mysterious confrontation

Alex stood atop the broad and spacious roof of his new home and education center breathing in the crisp clean January air. His cuts from his battle with the mystery man had long since healed; but the marks on his throat, and the bruises around his body were still fading, leaving Alex with long purple and black marks around his body. Sneaking out of school was not hard at all. From what Alex had seen there wasn't much security other then the typical mutant security that occupied and guarded the students and after studying their rotation shifts and memorizing the guards he proceeded to leave the school-not- because he wanted to be rebellious but because of those damn headaches that he kept getting at random points of time. But Alex was beginning to think that they weren't random. Lately flashes of objects and words he's never heard, phrases he's never thought of. Names of people he's never met or read of kept sneaking in his mind, followed by extreme headaches and states of nausea which literally drove the young speedster to his knees.

This drove him to sneak out of the school. Again, wasn't hard. Pretty easy actually, the average human eye can't see objects moving past about 550 MPH and Alex guestimated that the guards would have a limit a bit above that. But he still stuck to stealth avoiding to be seen all-together.

And it worked!

Then he got beat up!

Then he had to sneak back in the school. Harder than he thought!

Now he rested atop the roof of the school, his backpack next to him and his suit tucked underneath his clothing. His glove, boots, mask and goggles had been neatly placed in his pack where it rested a few feet from the newbie. His thoughts raced through his mind like a tornado, refusing to cease movement, screaming at him. The mans words smacked him in the face.

"You're not ready for the Crisis ahead of you boy. I suggest you start preparing, the one before you was a great warrior, and the Speed Force did the Multiverse an injustice by giving it you. Your potential is immense. But only if you remember....Remember boy."

The Crisis. The Speed Force.

Alex knew the Speed Force was where Speed Force conduits drew their power from, but the way the mystery man spoke about it, he personified an energy gave Alex chills that he couldn't push away. Who was the one before him. Not knowing that it was literally him. It gave him a headache. A skull-crushing headache that refused to go away.

No. Not again. Not again.

Voices began filling his head, only one of them familiar

"What the hell, Alex!? You could have just caught the thing, that guy actually looks like he's hurt! Go take him to the infirmary at least, asshole!"

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Juno Fei, the voice was unmistakable. Though he didn't know the context of the conversation, he could tell she was pissed. But again. He had no idea why. Who did Alex hurt? Where was the infirmary? What was he supposed to catch? But um most obvious question was Where and when had this happened Alex had met her one time.

More verses scream into his brain like someone shooting a gun directly in your ear, it drowned out all Alex's surroundings. The Speedster would shake his head back and forth violently. He would pound it down again and again, but his racing thoughts would not dislodge themselves. He thinks they will drive him truly insane -if he wasn't already- Make him into a monster. But somehow through some deep force of power Alex manages to push them deep inside with a guttural growl of pain. Breathing heavily he barely notices the wreathe of crisp blue and white lightning that flickers off of his form that quickly subsides into the faintest flicker until it's no more then the quick shuffling of dust on the gravel rooftop.

But as he sucks in a lungful of air and rises to his feet Alex looks up and his blood doesn't run cold. It freezes over. Even with his superpowers Alex never noticed how time is so much like water; that it can pass slowly, a drop at a time, even freeze, than at this exact moment in time.

In front of him back turned to Alex stood a man about 6'0 with even from this angle Alex could see the unruly, fiery red hair that sat atop of his head. He was clothed in a marroon bodysuit that reeked of power even from where Alex stood. Silver wingtips stood at attention at the sides of his cowl and Alex hissed a bit as his breath was hitched in his throat.

That was when the figure turned.

Alex's skin turned pale.

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The figure in front of him kept turning, the lightning that had briefly shone around Alex flowed off this man in waves, igniting the very air around them.

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No. Way. Shot through Alex's mind like a bullet.

Aggression and readiness shot through the marroon cloaked man with speed even Alex himself couldn't fathom. The lightning sparked hotter crackling off the man like lightning to metal. The ginger's eyes narrowed as he took another step forward. Alex didn't bother running. He knew it would be pointless. From one glance he knew there was no where in the world he could run where this man couldn't find him.

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But then as the strangers eyes focused his emotions and facial features became shock-ridden.

The man looked almost exactly like Alexander, only older, more experienced and a lot more dangerous. Finally Alex got the courage to break his voice and ask.

"Who are you?"

And in a moment of bone shattering shock the red-headed man replied back in a voice exactly like Alex's. Only deeper and laced with pain, regret and hurt.

"I'm you."