My name is Alex West, and Once again, I am the Fastest Man Alive

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"Hi, my name is..."

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"There is a danger coming, a danger unlike anything we've ever seen."

Alex wrote slowly in his notebook rocking slowly back in forth in his chair to the music in his AirPods as his pen moved smoothly across the page; the crisp autumn air scattering red, orange, and yellow leaves in various different shades. All of them floating gracefully on the soft breeze almost as if a friendly hand was gently lowering them to the ground. Whispers between these leaves filled the air, whispers and mutters. The air was cool and crisp, clean, and clear but Alex's thoughts were dark and cold.

The recent events regarding Key City had lowered the speedsters' morale more than he would like to admit. His failure was a spit in his face and his depression a testament to his failure. His talk with Caitlin Rider had helped him considerably and due to her he now knew what he needed to do. Alex in all of his glory and all of his power was not a god, he was not all-powerful nor all-knowing and while his abilities may show no limits he as a human was full of them. Alex was a child in an adult world, forced to make adult decisions every day he put on his cowl and moved out the door, and unlike before Alex was taught a lesson in his hubris, he was reminded that he was a child; despite his power, he was powerless.

He was human despite how inhuman he may seem.

Due to Caitlin he knew that he would need to confront every aspect of himself, every inch of his soul to figure out what he would do next, he had made so many -so many- mistakes. He had tripped and fallen more times than he could count and each time he had learned something new. His failure in Key City had been his biggest learning lesson, his most important teaching moment.

But it wasn't just his failure.

It was his success too.

Every rescue he committed, ever life he saved raised him onto a pedestal higher than the last, he was the Fastest Man Alive, a title that made him more than a man, Venilia would tell him that the power went to his head, "Speed Jesus" she would call him and she wouldn't be wrong; even in his new state in his second chance, the power still went to his head, just in a less destructive way. Juno would probably call him an asshole, refusing to acknowledge his existence because he was too much of a headache for her.

It was his fault they saw him that way, it was his fault that he raised himself so high and let himself stay there, but he could change it all. He couldn't stay the symbol of perfection that others saw him as, he can't be everywhere, can't do everything. People would bleed under his watch and sometimes people would die in his hands.

The Crisis was at hand, and he knew that everything was at stake, existence itself was on the line, to rally the people and make them understand he would have to appeal to them as something other than just Velocity, they had to understand him.

So as he finished writing in his notebook he would lay the speech that he had prepared down having now memorized the whole thing in an instant. The speedster would rise from his chair and walk over to the door reveling in the cool breeze one more time before he walked inside.

Outside the book lay its pages fluttering back and forth slightly paper rippling in a crisp sound Alex's slightly damp ink slipping down the sides and drying as soon as it began running. A particularly strong gust of wind would blow the book back to its original page, Alex's neat handwriting emboldened with the first sentence reading:

"Hi, My name is Alexander West, but you know me as Velocity."