My name is Alex West, and Once again, I am the Fastest Man Alive

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Blood Red Skies

Key City, Outside the Police Precinct, November 26, 2020

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"Thank you all for coming and happy Thanksgiving. I wanted to wait as long as I could to tell you all this because I wasn't sure how and for that I am truly sorry, after the attack at the Mutant Clinic I wasn't sure what to do, I failed to take action and as the defender of this city that's on my shoulers.."

His words boomed over the crowd, a strident timbre of the voice and at first, there was silence, a subtle shock between the audience as the words of the 17-year-old hero sank in. Minds were racing and hearts began picking up their beat as they sprinted to figure out what Alex was talking about. Alex stood tall as he continued his posture rigid and strong like a statue, his voice bold and soft at the same time, fluid like water yet rigid the same way as lightning.

"There's a Crisis on it's way, that's why the clinic fell. Beings from a place called the Dark Multiverse are coming to take away everything we know and love, I will do all that I can to stop that, and I know that the other heroes of the world have been alerted to this and they too will fight to do everything they can to protect this world."

Pausing a moment Alex would let his words sink in and his gaze would sweep across the crowd as they watched him in the cool November air, some were on their phones recording, while others were entranced by his words and the entire state of Nebraska was watching him. "People of Key City, I've been told I talk a lot. And that I'm not great at speeches." He would laugh slightly and the crowd would chuckle with him as the tension lowered slightly "But this might be my last chance to talk to you all before things get serious so I'm going to take it."

Rubbing his hands in the cold air he would smile "This town is the greatest thing in my life, the fact that I get to wake up and help all of you with whatever problems you may have has always brought me joy and comfort. I found love in these streets and family within all of you. On this day to be thankful, I am thankful for all of you who continue to believe in me even when I can't muster up the power to believe in myself. I run for all of you and I am grateful for every person who believes in justice and doing the right thing."

"Soon the entire world will be looking at us for what to do, it's up to us to show them what to do, we're not corrupted like Gothic, or divided like Bludstone and we will not fall like New York."

Hair blowing softly in the wind the the Fastest Man Alive would conclude his speech "Now what I want everyone to do is evacuate. Get everyone out of the city as fast as you can and get somewhere safe and do not return until this is over. Be calm and be safe, we will not fail you."

The crowds began to clap and disperse at Alex's call hurrying to get beyond the borders of the city as quickly and as safe as possible. Stepping down from the podium Alex would vanish in a blur of electricity as he rushed back to his home and sent an alert to every cape he knew, he made sure to send a message to his boss Samson Starr and the rest of his team at S'elebrity. He also sent one to Thomas Richards and the Outlaws, and the Justice League, while also making sure to text Linda to make sure she was safe. Even going as far as to text his old classmates at the Academy to give them a heads up on the news.

As he waited for responses he tapped his foot quickly against his wooden porch, his anxiety flaring as the clock ticked closer to the countdown. The sky had darkened noticeably but what was really shocking to Alex was it's darkening red tint that seemed to bleed through the sky like blood. Alex worried. Things he felt he should have done, coupled with his perceived failures dominated his mind. He thought about his actions and words, finding them inadequate. What if's plaguing his brain. Festering guilt rendered his mind ineffective.

"I don't know if I did enough." He said to no one but himself as he watched the clouds twist above and the birds crow as the skie's red color emboldened. "Doesn't matter now."

"The Crisis is here."