My name is Alex West, and Once again, I am the Fastest Man Alive

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Alexander West Character Bio

Live In The Fast Lane
Live In The Fast Lane

Name: Alexander "Alex" West

Codename: Velocity

Alias(es) Alex West, Red Head, Speed Freak, The Fastest Man Alive, The Scarlet Speedster, The Living Tachyon, Hermes, Kid Flash, Flash Lightning, Savit'r, Godspeed

Species: Human

Sub-species: Speed Conduit

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Nationality: American

Orientation: Heterosexual


Age: 17 years old

Eye Color: Emerald

Hair Color: Fiery Orange (Ginger)

Height: 5'10

Weight: 167 llbs.


Birthplace: Key City

Residence: The West Residence Key City

City of Operations: Key City

Base of Operations: The West Residence

Relatives: Relatives: Wally Walker (Father) Alena Walker (Mother) Jairus West (Brother) Irene West (Sister) Matthew Walker (Uncle) Lucy Walker (Aunt) Jairus Walker II (Future son)


Alignment: Lawful Good

Identity: Secret

Occupation(s): High School Student, Part time Super Hero

Marital Status: Single

Relationship(s): None

Status: Alive; Active

At first glance Alex is cool, timid and curious, he's incredibly innocent and mildly shy, suffering from slight social anxiety. He doesn't like being put on the spot in pressuring situations, he gets embarrassed quite easily and in most cases doesn't go out of his way to get into confrontations. Though when he's suited up he gets more confident. But once you get to know him and he opens up Alex begans displaying a different side, to his friends he's humorous and talkative. Alex has an affinity for music and can play the Piano, guitar and can sing quite well. Though he hasn't shared this talent with anyone.

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Alex's history is a complicated one, he's been hero, villain, assassin, savior and ultimately erased.

But this is how his story originally began.

In the time 2067 Wallace Walker had a son,When Alexander's father first sensed the Speed Force in his son in Alexanders body he was not at all surprised, he had a feeling that his son would become a speedster. But he was surprised to see how potent it resonated in his body how deeply it was connected to his core his soul Because his son was special, he mainlined the Speed Force. When Alex was about 5 years old Wallace knew it was his time to begin, not as a costumed hero...But as his trainee. First it began with knowledge, Wallace didn't want to be training an immature child so he and his son began working on building knowledge. After that it was reflexes, honing his natural human responses would be essential for moving at superspeeds.

Then it was time for the speed itself Alex's powers were stunted and Wallace didn't know the cause of why. When Alex was 7 his father had a battle with the Time Master and his mother, brother and sister got caught in the crossfire and ultimately died at the hands of the villain and left Wallace broken and unable to heal for some unnatural reason, some believed it was a mental block he had put on himself. It broke something in Alex but it allowed something to come into its place...Power. Alex understood what his father had been teaching him and now he was unafraid. But during Wallaces time of recovery Alex was taken prisoner and was sold into slavery

After a few months a contact assassin was hired to take out the slave traders. And somehow he knew this child was special, so they sent him to the League Of Darkness. The League was an immensely large group of assassins run by one man...Raysh Al Shaytan. They made him into one of them. But it wasn't for him. So after several years, he left. After several months of living by himself A;ex was found and raised by Thomas Richards, the Outlaw himself. Though he loved his time with Thomas, death separated them, this was the final straw for Alex, and he found himself speeding through time where he landed in 2019, after spending several months here and meeting the woman who would soon be his girlfriend Alex saved his family and reversed the timeline where he went back too and stayed for over a year.

When he turned 18 Alex has returned to 2019 where he's found several things different. And after learning that his father Wally was leaving for the future to start a life Alex finally grew up and took his place as the Fastest Man Alive. Absorbing the residual energy of his father Alex grew in speed, no on par but Lucy Walker, the creator of the Speed Force they became the two fastest beings in existence.

But alas sometimes things change, and as it turns out Alex messed up badly. His changes to the timeline and many other timelines resulted in the timestream and the Speed Force tag-teaming and wiping Alex out of existence. But. They saw the good in Alex, and so they put him back. But this time they erased his memory, filling in the gaps with a fake life.

In addition they completely stripped Alex of his powers leaving him a normal human.

Now in the time 2020, Alex has no recollection of his previous life, believeing he was born on July 7th 2003 instead of July 7th 2067.


Then the Speed Force changed it's mind a third time, after learning that a crisis would soon be coming to this world and the Multiverse itself they chose Alex's time displaced son Jai to help save them all, but they needed Alex back. And so on October 29th 2019 Alex West was chosen by the Speed Force, and a fateful bolt of lightning struck him once again giving him super speed. But Alex's amnesia remained, and though he had power he had not much of it. The Speed Force believed that a taste in humility would help steer Alex on the correct path. So it refused to give Alex back his full powerset, instead leaving him only capable of running barely faster then the speed of sound.

Alex's fated bolt of lightning drew attention and in the span of a few hours Thomas Richards stood on the doorstep of Alex's home. Saying less then nothing, he told Alex about his time as the Outlaw, entrusting his secret to Alex, and weirdly it felt right to the young speedster. Thomas told him about the Maxine Institute and enrolled him. He gave him a card and told him to call if he needed anything.

After searching out and finding out a person he once knew Juno Fei Alex bought and modified his uniform, this was also the first time he had met someone from his previous life. And after the confronation with Juno Alex began experiencing frequent and painful headaches, which in were reality temporal backlash, and the memories of his previous life trying to come back to him.

After sneaking out of the school after facing his first supervillain Alex learned of the Speed Force and on his way back inside he found himself face to face with none other then himself. Somehow the original version of Alex managed to claw it's way out and to Alex. He then explained to Alex what the situation was, and how he was erased out of the Timeline, he didn't tell Alex about their memories though, wanting Alex to figure out and remember for himself.

After their talk and telling Alexander that his memories would return in due timethe Original Alex erased himself leaving Alex really confused and now the only Alex West in this timeline.

After recollecting his memories, and regaining his previous abilities, Alex has now once again reclaimed his title as the Fastest Man Alive.

Super Speed
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Alex Walker is as of now the most powerful of the speedsters. Alex's speed comes from a combination of muscular speed, a sped up nervous system with faster nerve conduction velocity and high energy resources that are empowered by the Speed Force. The young man discharges a trail of white lightning behind him when he runs. Though sometimes when he begins cutting loose, his trail is embued with a stary texture. The Mitochondria in Alex's body are in a super sped up condition allowing his body to function and draw energy at super speed. On his base level of speed Alex is able to cover about 7,000 miles in about 6.25 seconds, but when he's really cutting loose Alex is able to exceed lightspeed with little difficulty and run faster than lightspeed with no real limit to how fast he's able to go. He's able to enter and exit the Speed Force at will, without having to have a "Lightning Rod" to ground him due to a side affect of Alex's temporal displacement, something that left the Speedster "Unmoored" Along with this Alex's incredible speed also allows him to generate superhuman force that simulates the effect of superhuman strength. His virtually unrivaled connection to the Speed Force makes Alex the fastest being alive besides his Aunt Lucy.

Additional Power and Abilities

-The Speed Force creates excess energy that builds up and needs to be released. Alex, along with all speedsters connected, acts as a release valve for the Speed Force. When Alex uses his powers, he taps into that built up energy and expends it. Being a Speed Force Conduit radically accelerates all aspects of Alex's being, and due to mainlining the Speed Force, and his new return back to power, Alex is much more powerful than he was before.

-Alex's body generates large amounts of electrical energy that he draws from the Speed Force. This Speed Force lightning emanates off of him, especially when he moves at super-speed. When angered, Alex's body will supercharge with large amounts of electricity. He can also enhance his strikes with his lightning. The color of his lightning was originally yellow, although after he began growing in power, the color of his lightning turned white, due to his connection to the Speed Force growing stronger after being adrift within it for so long. But due to recent circumstances his lightning has changed to a more galaxy color. When generated at high volumes, Alex's Speed Force energy is powerful enough to even disrupt and destroy constructs of Sentinels such as Zach Rayner. Alex's lightning can heal the wounds of others through contact though the severity of the injury determines how fast and affective the healing is. Due to his electrical generation, Alex has some weak level of manipulation over magnetism.

-The quantum tunneling effect is a quantum phenomenon which occurs when particles move through a barrier that, should be impossible to move through. The barrier may be a physically impassable medium, such as an insulator or a vacuum, or a region of high potential energy. In classical mechanics, when a particle has insufficient energy, it would not be able to overcome a potential barrier. In the quantum world, however, particles can often behave like waves. On encountering a barrier, a quantum wave will not end abruptly; rather, its amplitude will decrease exponentially. This drop-in amplitude corresponds to a drop in the probability of finding a particle further into the barrier. If the barrier is thin enough, then the amplitude may be non-zero on the other side. This would imply that there is a finite probability that some of the particles will tunnel through the barrier. By vibrating his molecules at a high enough frequency Alex can pass through material objects. But he rarely does this due to the fact that more often then not he causes molecular destabilization, causing the object he passes or vibrates through to explode or disintegrate, he will sometimes weaponize this, but not usually.

-Alexander can also enhance and speed up his thought process so his mind and thoughts are a blur to any outside elements. He is impervious to telepathic abilities because the velocity of his thoughts are incomprehensible to anyone without the ability to move at speeds enough to read his mind- which is a very small list.

-Alex possesses the ability to encircle an opponent at high speeds and create a swirling vortex. This is a non-violent use of Alex's powers which allows him to disarm and incapacitate an opponent without resorting to a high-speed flurry of punches. He can also cause vortexes with his arms by swirling them at superspeeds in clockwise or counter-clockwise directions. By imparting his Speed and momentum into objects, Alex can move objects at super speed. This can be used as a very impressive and affective weapon. Alex is also able to steal the momentum and speed from objects around him, like bullets and other objects. Stealing speed from living beings incredibly difficult and Alex is unable to do it unless he makes physical contact and focuses all his attention to stealing their speed. But adding momentum to living beings is much easier

Alex's most powerful form of attack is something his family dubs the "Infinite Mass Punch" by running and accelerating to incredible levels (No where near lightspeed) Alex is able to strike his foes with so much power that the launch out of orbit. Relativistic effects take over as his body nears light-speed. Visual input will begin to blueshift and his body's mass will edge closer towards infinity. Alex chooses to not use this ability as often as he can because of its incredible danger. Though he could utilize this to a more powerful effect if he just went faster.

Fighting Style

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Alex has no taught fighting style. But he has three things going for him. He's smart, he's fast, and he's agile. Alex has good knowledge on the human anatomy which helps him when he's taking down an enemy, his speed makes him dangerous seeing as how he's able to react to stimuli so quickly, and react just as quickly, adding this to the fact that he possesses inhuman agility and reflexes closes the gap that Alex's lack in speed. Alex's agility allows his body to contort and perform feats of acrobatics that no human could ever perform.

With his recent power upgrade Alex is able to use his abilities in combat, able to punch someone a hundred thousand times in mere moments while also holding a conversation with them at the same time.

Physical Attributes

Superhuman Stamina- Alexander possesses incredible endurance that is nearly inexhaustible. He was able to run non-stop for a million miles without stopping while him and Kid Superion were testing out the Savitr armor in the BFT located at the Academy, he eventually was caused to halt due to his heart condition though. This disability has left allowing Alex full range of his endurance back.

Superhuman Agility- Alex's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are heightened to levels greater than any human being. He is able to easily get around on falling debris and objects while moving at super-speed without losing his balance or footing. This also allows him to easily make sharp turns and leap far distances while moving incredibly fast

Superhuman Reflexes- His reaction time is enhanced to levels far beyond any normal human being. He is able to easily perceive the movements of other speedsters, and react to danger and events. His reflexes are enhanced to the point where he can dodge bullets point-blank.

Superhuman Strength- The Speed Force enhances Alex's physical strength to levels superior to the average human being. He is strong enough to hoist 800lbs with no physical strain, even while he's running with it. He can also single-handedly reconstruct ruined buildings and move heavy beams and girders into place.

Enhanced Mind- Alex's mental abilities are also increased in speed, simple computations can be done at lightning speeds, and his ability to perform normal feats at increased speeds has allowed him to build hundreds of objects or search an entire area for something as small as a paper clip. Alex can also read at super-speed, but rarely takes advantage of this ability to learn at increased speeds. His mind is so fast that he's able to hold two seperate thoughts at one time, and though he's no super genius, he is pretty smart for a kid his age.

Enhanced Senses- Flashpoint possesses enhanced senses that allow him to perceive normally at super-speed, and the ability to alter his perceptions so that falling objects can appear to be standing still. His ability to alter his own perception of time is so great, that if he wishes, the tick between a second can pass for millions of years. He can even push this ability to the point, that to him, it is as if everything is standing still. It does not truly standstill, it is his own perception of time that seems to stand still, and his body automatically adjusts to his perception, hence, the slower he views the world, the faster his body moves through time/space to adjust to his perception.

Enhanced Durability- Alex is capable of resisting tremendous kinetic impact forces that could crush or kill a human, without suffering any serious external or internal injuries, making him much more durable than any human. Though a good amount of force will put him out of commision until he's able to recover.

Speed Force Aura- A speedsters body is surrounded by a "friction cushion", which provides protection from the negative aspects of their speed, including friction, airborne particulate matter, kinetic impacts, G-Force and other outside forces. It also allows speedsters like Alex to run at speeds faster than light without causing damage to the environment.

?: Alex's Gear

. . .

?Cowl:Constructed from a special fabric made from the Speed Force, Alex's cowl is Maroon in color, with spaces in the middle that surges with Speed Force electricity. The silver wingtips on his ear work as a communication system, and a buffer so that Alex can hear over the wind.


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1. Flashpoint's Suit: Alex's suit is completely Maroon with red gloves and silver lightning shaped armor pieces placed on his wrists, his boots are the same way, with silver lightning plates covering his shin, ankle and thigh area, then going to a lightning-shaped waist piece that leads up to his torso lies his lightning emblem in the center of the chest, And to hide his identity, Alex wears a cowl that covers his his face, but it leaves his eyes, hair and, mouth exposed. There are also two Silver lightning pieces on the sides of the cowl that act as the com links and wind buffers. The Suit is made out of a reinforced carbon based Speed Force Alloy, making it resistant to grazing bullets, knives, abrasions, or scars. Along with the suit are several gaps in the area that usually glow with energy when Alex harnesses his powers, this is to help him expend more energy and allow his powers to flow better.

?2: Snack compartment: Pretty self explanatory, due to Alex needing to consume a lot of food because of his superspeed, he carries high calory, high protein bars in his gauntlets.


Absent-Minded- Alex is an extremely absentminded person, usually not being able to focus on one thing for more than a few moments. This makes him somewhat awkward in combat situations and makes him prone to mistakes and being tagged by others.

Extremely Cold Temperatures- Due to speed and cold being opposites, being exposed to extremely cold temperatures causes Alex extreme pain. He was once incapacitated by a cold gun that left insanely painful freezer burns on his sides and body.

Area Of Affect- If enemies have a means of altering how Alex percieves the battlefield around him, or overload his senses, Alex can be hurt or incapacitated