My name is Alex West, and Once again, I am the Fastest Man Alive

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The Final Race: Part 1 of 2

"Live life at your own speed. Take pride when you cross the finish line."

Key City Nebraska, 11:36 P.M

It was cold, and dark, a maelstrom of thoughts none good, and all of them harsh in origin, their tone accusing, their words brutal and unrelenting never giving a moment's rest or reprieve. The Crisis was over and the heroes had won, but to Alex, it wasn't a victory and all he could think about was the lives lost. He sank into a depression deeper than any mood he had ever been in before.

His heart ached.

There was no way to make it stop.

Then the knocking came and Alex while laying on his bed staring at his ceiling stood up, his bare feet landing silently on the wooden flooring of his room. Walking to his door he would pull it open to see his friend Lilly standing outside his doorway draped in white with a smile as if unaware of how late it was, her smile quickly dropped once she got a clear look at the speedster's face.

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"My God, what is wrong with you? You look like your cat just died." A subtle silence accompanied the two before Alex swiftly shut the door in her face and walked back inside, this time to the kitchen. He grabbed a gallon of milk from his refrigerator and sat down pouring himself a cup as the sound of a door opening was heard outside the entrance to his house. Glancing from his glass his eyes settled on Lilly as she took the seat across from him and bore deep into his emerald gaze. He looks at her but the fire he once held had been dowsed with ice water, making the green in his iris paler. Lilly had never seen him like this, never. She was not used to it and it unnerved her deeply. "Alex." She commanded. He moves his eyes slowly, like they're heavy, an effort to move. Lilly wanted to crack a joke to lighten the tension but she knew he wouldn't laugh. "What's wrong?" The words were simple, but saying them were not. She was scared, he was scaring her.


"Nothing." He said. I want to die. He thought. He had held the lives of so many people on his shoulders and so many of them he had let down, the world was saved sure, and for that Alex was grateful beyond belief. But what about his soul? The memories of the sins his fragmented selves had done, the was so much. He possessed adult memories in his child's brain. This was the breaking point, and the dam had split open. How many people had he hurt from simply existing? How many lives had he taken in and out of his uniform? The thought made him want to throw up, he stared around as if he was in a pit. His surroundings were exactly the same, but they gave him no emotion. How could that be? He needed emotion to feel alive, to feel love.

But he didn't feel it anymore.

Missed calls from Linda he hadn't answered dating back from the Crisis itself, Linda. The woman he loved above all others and he had hurt her too, the one he vowed to keep safe. "I feel horrible." He said aloud. Lilly's eyes narrowing in concern.

"Why?..." She said slowly, her body rose out of her chair as she began to look around Alex's kitchen and dining room "Are you on some new meds or something Alex? You're acting really strange and I don't like it." These feelings were new to Alex, yet a lot of feelings were new to him, over the past year he had to figure out that the entire life that he had known was a lie and that he was a temporal replacement of a version of himself so far gone existence couldn't even allow him to remain any longer. He had learned to put those memories behind him because they weren't particularly his, he hadn't committed those atrocities, no one had died under his watch because he was too good to fail. Until he wasn't...and people died because of it. Then there was no difference in those memories, no median to divide them in his thoughts, they were just there. And now rests a silence to his soul; He is the fall leaves under frost. He shivers at the chill in his own blood, coldness bringing the synapses of his brain to a standstill as if they were shot from a cold gun. At first, part of it was a pain, yet one he could endure, one he could sleep through night after night in hopes that he could do better the next day. But Key City was in ruins, most of it his fault, he had to carry dead bodies and clear them out of the streets he was supposed to have evacuated.

"Hello?" Lilly said, trying to grab Alex's attention and his head turned to her once again a small smile appearing on his face. "I'm fine Lilly, I just have something I've got to do. You can stay if you want, I won't be gone long."

With that, he would turn and walk into his room proceeding to put on his shoes and jacket before appearing next to his front door. "I'll be back soon." The lie was vague and thinly concealed as Alex was a terrible liar, but Lilly didn't think anything of it just happy that he wasn't acting all depressed anymore.

"Well alright then, you should invite Linda over and we can all watch a movie or something."

He'd nod as he twisted the knob and opened the door, "I think she'd like that. I'll go ask her." The click of the door closing emphasized his departure and to Lilly's surprise, he was gone and out of her view by the time she looked out of the window.

Outside of Lindas' house

The Speedster skid to a halt outside his girlfriend's house and he simply stood on her doorstep as he tried to come up with some reason to knock, some explanation for what he was going to do next, he had decided and he was going to execute. He had caused to much pain -to her especially- her life forever changed because of his actions, her mother suffering from his lack of action and his changes to time. His hand kept raising to knock but everytime fell to his side unable to follow through.

Linda I'm sorry, My time with you has been the best and there's no one I could ever see myself with. How I feel about you transcends time, space and even the Speed Force itself.

His hand raised once more, his speech planned out but he once again halted.

Then he was gone.

There was no explanation good enough to explain what he was going to do, better to just not say goodbye.

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Velocity ran as fast as he could, the Speed Force bending to his will as he siphoned as much as he could to get to his destination, the white electricity the world had learned to define as hope streamed behind the Fastest Man Alive as he pushed forward as hard as he could, each push of his legs brought him closer to lightspeed, closer to the Speed Force. He ran like lightning through the sky as his surroundings began to shift and his body began to heat up telling him to keep going. He had messed with time before but the Time Stream approved of this destination, this change for the better.

A chance to put things the way they were supposed to be.

He ran not through the past, but to the future. His own origin story.

2074 Key City Outskirts

Sliding to a stop behind a tree Alex took a moment to gather his bearings, the powerful memories of this place clashing in his mind as he thought back. The sky was black and stormy and the pulsing electricity of Alex's father lit the vast area around them his house standing dauntingly behind them, he saw the fight in a way he never had before. Flash Lightning vs the Time Master; the two had clashed blows with the ferocity of balistic shells faster then most eyes could see. His emerald eyes shifting directions he latched onto three child forms recognizing all of them instantly.

It's almost time, he thought. This was where it all started, where his life fell apart and began to crumble. The Temporal energy circling them was almost tasteable and for a moment Alex felt a sense of unease, a tinge of hesitation.

It's time.

Alex's younger self leaped to the defense of his father who was now at the mercy of one of his greatest foes and his ultimate downfall; but before he could get too far a strong hand gripped the childs shoulder and steadied him halting his movement. Velocity stood next to him protectivly his cowl pulled up and his face blurred as Alex vibrated his body to obscure his identity from himself.

"Go back to your brother and sister Alex."

"I'll handle things from here."

Champions of The Dark Multiverse: Atlas Télos

Luke Jackson: Designated Atlas
Luke Jackson: Designated Atlas

The Commander and leader of the forces behind the attack this dark reflection of the Sol'arian superhero Prime is perhaps the biggest threat to the CVnU heroes. Formerly powered by the energy of stars most notably his Universes' Yellow Sun of the Sol System. During the collapse of his universe due to the harsh reality of the Dark Multiverse Luke attempted to absorb the energy of his dying Multiverse in a last-ditch effort to save his reality despite the rest of the heroes of his world telling him not to do it. After defeating them he acted on his plan but due to the faulty control over his new abilities and an over absorption of Dark Energy Luke sped up his universe's decay and destroyed it on accident killing all those he loved. Refusing to die despite his universe already being erased Luke punched his way out of nonexistence and emerged more powerful than before, after being located by and being promised a chance to use the Multiverse as his new home Luke decided to lead the forces of the Dark in the takeover of the Multiverse enraged at the fact that his universe had to be sacrificed in the dark for this Multiverse to thrive in the light. Luke plans to use one of these universes as a basis to rebuild his own reality.


Energy Absorption: Possessing the ability to gain power from the energy of existence itself Luke's absorption is powered to the highest degree allowing him to grasp power from mystical, physical, and conceptual energy giving him not only higher reserves of power but also making sure that no matter where he was he would always have a steady stream of energy to draw off of. The downside of this is that despite giving him much greater power he burns through it at a proportionately faster rate meaning if he somehow ever got cut off these said energy forces his power would decrease drastically. This is easier said than done however due to him possessing an armor that stores and constantly feeds him energy, meaning that while wearing this armor he is constantly receiving an influx of power keeping him in peak condition.

Heat Vision: With the enhancement of his brain's capabilities Luke can control the enormous stores of energy in his body and telekinetically control that energy and direct it the way he wants to. He's able to localize the "beams" of energy and manipulate them in many ways. The beams vary in precision and strength but can reach objects over a hundred feet away and, conversely, feature surgical accuracy - down to microscopic levels. Depending on the situation and intensity of the emission, Lukes's heat vision can be invisible to the naked eye - allowing the hero to use the power, albeit sparingly, even when disguised. His beams can hit above 10,000 degrees.

Enhances Senses: Atlas possesses an ultra-powered string of hyper senses such as hearing, sight and smell. Luke has full sight over the entirety of the Electromagnetic spectrum allowing him to peer through the veil of the Electromagnetic, X-Ray, Infrared and Microscopic spectrums, able to see things down to the atomic level. His hearing is also beyond the relative knowings of physics and he can hear for unknown distances and can even hear in the vacuum of space.

Flight: Able to consciously use his bioelectric aura to manipulate surrounding gravitational forces – tactile telekinesis in practice Luke is able to unleash said energy onto the surrounding area and objects. As a result, his flight is an example of a complex gravitational field manipulation that allows Luke to outright defy gravity, hover above the ground, and even lift heavy objects into the sky – all thanks to repurposing the energy he contains within himself. Luke has been clocked in at moving at Mach 100 which is the fastest that Luke lets himself move under the Earth's atmosphere. He can, however, break light speed in the vacuum of outer space.

Invulnerability: Lukes "bio-electric aura" is a contributor to the warrior's invulnerability – as the bio-electric aura also surrounds objects and organisms in Luke''s immediate vicinity, making it possible for Luke to protect a regular human, for example, from a deadly explosion without having to cover every square inch of their body. The strength and range of Atlas's invulnerability vary but, at its peak was able to survive the destruction of his entire universe. The harsh environment on Lukes's planet caused his species to evolve under extremely harsh conditions, in comparison to Earth, affording the extra-terrestrial race with an extremely dense molecular structure - including near-unbreakable cellular bonds. For that reason, Luke is invulnerable to injury on Earth - be it piercing, puncture, impact, and incineration. His bio-electric aura also protects him from reality altering events placed on his person, though he is still affected by his surroundings being manipulated. Absorbing energy is necessary for Luke to maintain this invulnerability - as metabolized energy fuels and strengthens those near-unbreakable cellular bonds. If Atlas depletes his energy stores, he becomes increasingly vulnerable to attack and injury as well.

Enhanced Stamina: Luke has the ability to maintain continuous strenuous physical action for an undefined period of time, as long as his stores of energy are kept Atlas can function at max physical capacity for a seemingly unlimited amount of time. He still eats food and drinks water but that's more psychological than physiological and he can go without both

Strength: Atlas' raw strength is nothing short of a pure chaotic monstrosity, fully powered Luke is able to move, push, destroy and throw entire planets out of his way, collapse stars, and punch holes through reality itself altering events and timelines with pure strength alone. Lukes raw power is incalculable - because his strength and speed are not a uniform benchmark and can be diminished or amplified by other conditions and external factors -especially the amount of energy he has stored-

SuperSpeed: Luke's stored energy also affords the warrior enhanced reflexes and relative perception of time - making him a dangerous hand-to-hand combatant. This means that Luke can quickly react to the actions of others as well as assess his environment much quicker than humans. This isn't to say that Luke necessarily slows time or perceives normal time differently than humans by default but, at the very least, he is capable of heightened in-the-moment focus, allowing him to rapidly process and react to external stimuli. Luke has been able to move over light speed and has broken the time barrier.

Tactile Telekinesis: Possessing incredible telekinetic abilities such as tactile Telekinesis, Luke's body is completely surrounded by an invisible field of telekinetic energy, protecting him from harm and enhancing his physical abilities. This can also be used to manipulate objects that are on the same surface as the user. Luke can also use his telekinesis to simulate superhuman strength to lift heavy objects. Adding his simulated strength to his already massive physical abilities, Luke's physical strength becomes virtually limitless. Luke also possesses Telekinetic Blasts and he is able to project bursts of raw energy bolts of concussive force. He mostly projected the energy from his hands, but his TK field permeated from his entire body.

Telekinesis: As akin to most Sol'arian beings Luke possesses strong telekinetic abilities able to move, manipulate objects with nothing more than pure conscious effort. He can throw buildings and other large structures with ease.

Telepathic Abilities: Much like his Telekinetic abilities Luke's telepathic power is brought upon by his Sol'arian DNA enabling him to sense, broadcast, detect and even maniulate the thought patterns of sentient beings. He also has very potent telepathic resistance, that enables him to defend against psychic manipulators.

Energy Manipulation: Luke can create, shape and manipulate energy; the capacity to cause change: one of the most basic quantitative properties of a system, such as an object or a field of energy. Energy can be converted among a number of forms that may each manifest and be measurable in differing ways. He also shares the ability to manipulate energy for many uses such as limited reality warping. Luke can absorb various forms of energy, while removing it from the source, into his body and use it in various ways, gaining some form of advantage. Either by enhancing himself, gaining the drained power, using it as power source etc. either temporarily or permanently. Due to this, he cannot have the energy within his body manipulated or stollen. Luke has been seen absorbing solar, stellar, mystical and cosmic energy.

I will be dropping more brief character explanations after I showcase them in the RP


Blood Red Skies

Key City, Outside the Police Precinct, November 26, 2020

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"Thank you all for coming and happy Thanksgiving. I wanted to wait as long as I could to tell you all this because I wasn't sure how and for that I am truly sorry, after the attack at the Mutant Clinic I wasn't sure what to do, I failed to take action and as the defender of this city that's on my shoulers.."

His words boomed over the crowd, a strident timbre of the voice and at first, there was silence, a subtle shock between the audience as the words of the 17-year-old hero sank in. Minds were racing and hearts began picking up their beat as they sprinted to figure out what Alex was talking about. Alex stood tall as he continued his posture rigid and strong like a statue, his voice bold and soft at the same time, fluid like water yet rigid the same way as lightning.

"There's a Crisis on it's way, that's why the clinic fell. Beings from a place called the Dark Multiverse are coming to take away everything we know and love, I will do all that I can to stop that, and I know that the other heroes of the world have been alerted to this and they too will fight to do everything they can to protect this world."

Pausing a moment Alex would let his words sink in and his gaze would sweep across the crowd as they watched him in the cool November air, some were on their phones recording, while others were entranced by his words and the entire state of Nebraska was watching him. "People of Key City, I've been told I talk a lot. And that I'm not great at speeches." He would laugh slightly and the crowd would chuckle with him as the tension lowered slightly "But this might be my last chance to talk to you all before things get serious so I'm going to take it."

Rubbing his hands in the cold air he would smile "This town is the greatest thing in my life, the fact that I get to wake up and help all of you with whatever problems you may have has always brought me joy and comfort. I found love in these streets and family within all of you. On this day to be thankful, I am thankful for all of you who continue to believe in me even when I can't muster up the power to believe in myself. I run for all of you and I am grateful for every person who believes in justice and doing the right thing."

"Soon the entire world will be looking at us for what to do, it's up to us to show them what to do, we're not corrupted like Gothic, or divided like Bludstone and we will not fall like New York."

Hair blowing softly in the wind the the Fastest Man Alive would conclude his speech "Now what I want everyone to do is evacuate. Get everyone out of the city as fast as you can and get somewhere safe and do not return until this is over. Be calm and be safe, we will not fail you."

The crowds began to clap and disperse at Alex's call hurrying to get beyond the borders of the city as quickly and as safe as possible. Stepping down from the podium Alex would vanish in a blur of electricity as he rushed back to his home and sent an alert to every cape he knew, he made sure to send a message to his boss Samson Starr and the rest of his team at S'elebrity. He also sent one to Thomas Richards and the Outlaws, and the Justice League, while also making sure to text Linda to make sure she was safe. Even going as far as to text his old classmates at the Academy to give them a heads up on the news.

As he waited for responses he tapped his foot quickly against his wooden porch, his anxiety flaring as the clock ticked closer to the countdown. The sky had darkened noticeably but what was really shocking to Alex was it's darkening red tint that seemed to bleed through the sky like blood. Alex worried. Things he felt he should have done, coupled with his perceived failures dominated his mind. He thought about his actions and words, finding them inadequate. What if's plaguing his brain. Festering guilt rendered his mind ineffective.

"I don't know if I did enough." He said to no one but himself as he watched the clouds twist above and the birds crow as the skie's red color emboldened. "Doesn't matter now."

"The Crisis is here."


"Hi, my name is..."

No Caption Provided

"There is a danger coming, a danger unlike anything we've ever seen."

Alex wrote slowly in his notebook rocking slowly back in forth in his chair to the music in his AirPods as his pen moved smoothly across the page; the crisp autumn air scattering red, orange, and yellow leaves in various different shades. All of them floating gracefully on the soft breeze almost as if a friendly hand was gently lowering them to the ground. Whispers between these leaves filled the air, whispers and mutters. The air was cool and crisp, clean, and clear but Alex's thoughts were dark and cold.

The recent events regarding Key City had lowered the speedsters' morale more than he would like to admit. His failure was a spit in his face and his depression a testament to his failure. His talk with Caitlin Rider had helped him considerably and due to her he now knew what he needed to do. Alex in all of his glory and all of his power was not a god, he was not all-powerful nor all-knowing and while his abilities may show no limits he as a human was full of them. Alex was a child in an adult world, forced to make adult decisions every day he put on his cowl and moved out the door, and unlike before Alex was taught a lesson in his hubris, he was reminded that he was a child; despite his power, he was powerless.

He was human despite how inhuman he may seem.

Due to Caitlin he knew that he would need to confront every aspect of himself, every inch of his soul to figure out what he would do next, he had made so many -so many- mistakes. He had tripped and fallen more times than he could count and each time he had learned something new. His failure in Key City had been his biggest learning lesson, his most important teaching moment.

But it wasn't just his failure.

It was his success too.

Every rescue he committed, ever life he saved raised him onto a pedestal higher than the last, he was the Fastest Man Alive, a title that made him more than a man, Venilia would tell him that the power went to his head, "Speed Jesus" she would call him and she wouldn't be wrong; even in his new state in his second chance, the power still went to his head, just in a less destructive way. Juno would probably call him an asshole, refusing to acknowledge his existence because he was too much of a headache for her.

It was his fault they saw him that way, it was his fault that he raised himself so high and let himself stay there, but he could change it all. He couldn't stay the symbol of perfection that others saw him as, he can't be everywhere, can't do everything. People would bleed under his watch and sometimes people would die in his hands.

The Crisis was at hand, and he knew that everything was at stake, existence itself was on the line, to rally the people and make them understand he would have to appeal to them as something other than just Velocity, they had to understand him.

So as he finished writing in his notebook he would lay the speech that he had prepared down having now memorized the whole thing in an instant. The speedster would rise from his chair and walk over to the door reveling in the cool breeze one more time before he walked inside.

Outside the book lay its pages fluttering back and forth slightly paper rippling in a crisp sound Alex's slightly damp ink slipping down the sides and drying as soon as it began running. A particularly strong gust of wind would blow the book back to its original page, Alex's neat handwriting emboldened with the first sentence reading:

"Hi, My name is Alexander West, but you know me as Velocity."

Too Little To Late: The Crisis Prelude

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It was an autumn day. Far enough from summer to have lost the heat and not close enough to winter to have that bite of cold. The leaves had begun to fall and rain was in the forecast. The Platinum Railroad of Science bustled with activity as it did on any normal day, pedestrians walked the streets, the smooth hum of automobiles brushed through the streets, and then of course there was him.

The metahuman mockery of motion itself, Alex West, Velocity. Key City's resident superhero. The City of Silver Angels had experienced a drastic decrease in crime over the past several months due to Alex's return and lately whenever the white lightning of the Superhuman phenomena was seen it was usually to let the city know that he was still out there -watching over them-

There was nothing that Alex enjoyed more than protecting this city, he lived here, breathed it's air, he knew it's citizens in the costume and without it because it didn't matter if it was a cluster of bricks and metal. Alexander would give anything to protect his home, he would die for his people and bleed for them.

"So my friends told me that you wear red so that others can't see you bleed? But I told them that you were so fast that you never bled, nothing can catch up to you right?!" Asked Jonah, a young mutant Alex had been seeing lately to help with his powers, Jonah stayed in one of Key City's Mutant Clinics, places to help those with powers learn to control their special abilities. Jonah had a type of Combustion manipulation, a dangerous and powerful ability that Alex sought to help him control,

Alex leaned on the light fixture and shook his head with a smile as he replied back "I think your friend was thinking of someone else, but I'll always be there for you guys." Getting up off the light pole Alex would ruffle Jonah's hair and begin walking "Tell the others I'll be in to check on them tomorrow." Then in a flash of light, he was gone.

It was about 9:30 in when Alex decided to stop his patrol, things had been quiet leading up to that point and he had homework that he needed completed. Walking into his empty living room Alex would grab his backpack and neatly set it on the floor positioning it perfectly against his lamp dresser. Then grabbing his remote he would turn on his T.V before getting heavily absorbed in his Calculus homework.

An Hour of Homework Later

Alex sighed and shut his calculus book as he sat back in his chair and stared at his T.V. as the news began playing, the emergency broadcast began blaring through Alex's speakers as he leaned forward his eyes growing wide.

Explosion at Mutant Clinic!

No Caption Provided

The report hadn't even fully played across the screen before Alex was out of the door, the sound barrier shattering as he entered the city limits. His chest heaved with exertion, his blood pumped like engine fuel as motion curved around the Fastest Man Alive pushing him forward and through the city.

Come on Alex MOVE!

His mind raced as he tried his best to move as fast as possible but still be safe, Speed Force aura or not moving too quickly in a confined city would do more damage than good. Time was slow but not slow enough, he drew nearer, close enough for the smoke to almost choke him, and force him down but he still flew forward as his aura lit a way through the smog covering his face. He could see two figures outside the now smoking clinic, one a small child about the age of 13 squirming in the grip of another man his eyes glowing red, his small hands pulsating energy.

The kid's gaze locked onto Alex's enclosing form and he began to scream louder, the air growing hotter around him.

Alex pushed a little closer, the heat burning him through his uniform, his hair began to smoke and appear as if it were actually on fire. A few feet closer and he could make out Jonah's face tear-streaked and filled with unbridled horror, weirdly Alex couldn't make out the other man's face but he felt Dark Energy radiating from his body clashing against Alex's Speed Force energy.

The man leaned in close as Alex finally got within striking distance and with speed that should have been impossible and gripped his arm, clenching with a grip that caused the Speedster to scream in pain.

His hot breath pushed cruelly across Alex's cheek as he spoke, his chilling laughter drew Alex to attempt to squirm out of his grip to no avail, he was scared to use his powers with Jonah near especially with the child looking as if he was about to detonate at that very moment.

"The "Crisis" is here Alex West. The Dark Multiverse has collided with your reality and soon your lives will be ours. But for now take this as a parting gift."

He squeezed the boys arm and threw Alex to the ground laughing as he did it, the Speedster rose to scramble at Jonah but stopped seeing the dark energy that began flowing from the mystery man's arm into Jonah's body almost as if he was feeding the child kerosene.

"VELOCITY HELP ME!" He screamed -begged- desperately at Alex, fresh tears were running down his face, Velocity stared at him, for the first time in his career he truly didn't know what to do. Alex was scared. He knew what was going to happen, Jonah was about to explode and from the looks of it the blast would not be pretty; Alex had to choose between one life or the life of everyone who could be affected by this; there was no way to stop it anymore, it was either Jonah or the city...

Alex turned.

And he ran away.

His friends scream broke his heart as Alex shot forward racing towards the nearby buildings and pulling the people out as fast as he could, he would always see the final look Jonah had given him, panic, fear, betrayal, all etched in Alex's brain for eternity.

He went through evacuating everyone within a 12-block radius, running as hard as he could to get everyone to safety though the sound of Jonah's screams still terrorized him. Alex's head bled red, his face burned like someone had taken an iron to the side of his cheek, his legs were aching but still running and his right arm was fractured in at least two placed.

But he did it.

He got everyone out safely.

Back at the Clinic:

No Caption Provided

Out on the rolling skyline, a lancelike ray of blue-white light shot up into the gathering dusk--a clump of five rays, really all generated by the now burning Jonah, the light blended into one in the distance. An instant later, there was a blinding flash, like sheet-lightning, and a huge ball of varicolored fire belched upward, leaving a series of smoke-rings to float more slowly after it. That fireball flattened, then spread to form the mushroom-head of a column of incandescent gas that mounted to overtake it, engorging the smoke-rings as it rose, twisting, writhing, changing shape, turning to dark smoke in one moment and belching flame and crackling with lightning the next.

Alex stared at the explosion in horror as it enveloped several city blocks reducing them to nothing but ash and husks of buildings, he shot forward aiming to dash through the explosion praying that his aura would protect him but the instant he closed the gap between the explosion he was thrown back like a dodgeball with his aura being the only thing that kept him alive. He rolled hard smashing through of the several decayed buildings until he halted, barely conscious, clinging to life.

The U.S watched in shock as a portion of Key city burned with unbridled rage, the smoke-filled air turns the moon into a dark orb.

Alex stood up and ran back to the origin of the explosion, Jonah was gone and so was the man who made him blow. Looking around he could see the blood that stained the grown congealed and brown. The air was pungent with the odor of the recently deceased with those who had been caught in the Clinic left with no way out. They were dead, men and women, children younger than Jonah all caught in something that had nothing to do with them, all victims of the upcoming crisis. Despite the grim outlook Alex still searched the rubble for survivors, he found some, but few.

Each corpse buried it's way in his mind refusing to let go, pushing into his memory bank and engraving itself there.

Alex had failed.

And the entire city had seen it.

Alex sat in his room with nothing illuminating his sight except a small candle that filled his room with the amazing scent of lavender. The suit that usually vanished into nothing hung on his door right in front of his face, the suit of course didn't have a mark on it, the rips and tears were easily repaired with Speed Force energy, but Alex on the other hand was torn up, cuts and bruises lined his whole body, his fractured arm clung painfully to his chest.

He stared at his uniform in the barely lit darkness, the poetic meaning taunting him. He saw the public view of him within its perfect fabric, not a crease or a wrinkle. They saw him as a god, a deity among men as they watched him run around at the speed of light with a grin saving people doing things that no being should be able to do.

No one saw the 17-year-old underneath the cowl, the burden he held was now deeper than ever, no other day had hurt worse than this.

I'll always be there for you guys.

His vision began to blur and the candles flickering flame became an indescribable mess of light.

I'll always be there for you guys.

He could still smell their burning flesh and he shook his head trying to drown out the faces. Blood dripped from the face of the man who never bled and stained his blanket.

Soon streaming tears cleansed his red cheeks. Few droplets remained, forgetting their way as the path was swept from beneath them, consequently blurring Alex's vision even more with waves of sadness, the salty release calmly flowed into his mouth so that he could taste his own sorrow.

Bitter. Unforgiving. Pain.

He would never forgive himself for what happened that day, but even as he sat there reveling in his sorrow he was thinking.

The Crisis is here.

I'm not ready.

But Alex was a member of S'elbrity now, and he didn't have to face this threat alone, he had already worked with Samson and he knew...he knew that the Superman of Superheroes wouldn't leave him hanging.

So Alex let the grief take him, the emptiness in his heart, the numbness pounding his brain, the salty droplets that flowed unchecked from his eyes, he let it take him away so that he would learn tomorrow to never let something like this happen again.

Tomorrow he would rebuild.

So let the tears flow tonight.

-The End


288 Hours...

288 Hours.

It's been Two Hundred and Eighty-Eight Hours.

Two Hundred and Eighty-Eight long hours...

Since Alex West stopped moving.

The Guardian of Key City
The Guardian of Key City

Key City had turned from a city riddled with crime to one where injustice is afraid to open its doors, and there was a large reason why.

A guardian Angel of pure momentous power who struck down the evil and put away the crooked, no crime too small and no criminal to unimportant for his gaze, the ones who prey on the weak and the small, the ones who steal, or kill always catch his eye. A storm of power of unceasing incalculable, unparalleled speed. No one's eyes laid upon the hero of gale-force wind, he asked nothing in return, no recompense or compensation, just an escape from the harsh reality.

But in the mind of this being of motion, he was stuck in his own thoughts, trapped in isolation as the world was frozen around him. Depression is the unseen, unheard, silent killer. It's the pain that's too much to cope with, too hard to deal with and so misunderstood. There's no escape no matter how hard one tries because it follows like a black shadow that's on the inside, eating you from the inside, swallowing you until you're nothing like who you were before.

For the first time in his life, Alex found himself alone. A being of unlimited power, he ran alone and utterly terrified in the darkness of uncertainty. The darkness consumed his frail mind. Linda was gone, his father, mother, his friends all gone, and all he could do is run.

Past lightspeed.


Save them.


Don't think just run.




289 Hours and Counting.


The Fastest Man Alive

The Fastest Man Alive.

His past self had been right, the headaches would going away, and his memories started to return, some of them good. Most of them bad. He began to remember his dad...his mom. The emotional pain seeps out into his head and it hurts to hear them, hurts to see them, to live them. Again.

He remembered his siblings.

He remembered what he had become, the things he had done, his past flashed through his mind, taking him through lanes of himself that he never would have thought about. Those painful memories are books with chapters, deep and horrible; and so as he goes through them he leaves them on the shelf to gather dust. Alex realized he could pick them up if he needs to learn something, to gain a perspective that helps me to create his own new story. He could use them to re-see situations through the lens of their needs and traumas rather than his own. Alex wants today, tomorrow and every tomorrow after to be wonderful; He wants to choose what to write on those blank pages. But What Alex also saw was that despite the horrible things he had done there was so much goodness there too, bravery, tenacity. He watched himself hold on like a fighter, every morning rising at the ringing of "the bell."

And when he was finally called in for the end of his race he didn't fight back, he saw it was over and he gave in, maybe it wasn't the best thing to do. Time changed again, life shifted, people lived, people died. A new Alex was brought to this time, one who was void of the emotional setbacks of his previous self, a boy filled with good and love, and hope. This new boy learned without any powers, loved without them and now he has to get them back.

And so now time goes on, the battle draws closer, the line draws nearer and the finish line edges forward.

Time had begun to dissolve into itself, as shapeless as the rain.

After his memories began returning Alex transitioned into learning how to use his powers, his speed began growing exponentially, and the powers that he discovered were amazing, but he forced himself to go slow. A day at a time. He now knew that one tentacle of power is the insulation from risk, one becomes unaccustomed to safety and comfort, they begin to rely too much on who they've become, the power that they've ingested.

But Alex refused to let the power corrupt him as it had before, he refused to be that, and so he didn't. The days went by, and he ran on. His feet began to soar past the speed of sound until it was nothing more than a simple whisper, his arms began to pump closer and closer towards the Speed Of Light, and eventually, he broke it.

And he once again entered the Speed Force.

Outside The West Household, Wednesday, February 26th at 8:48 P.M (1st Person POV)

Today I learned the truth. And the truth can be a strange notion, for it always relies on perspective. I mean look at me, I got struck by lightning and got superpowers, there are SO many things that can go with that, but whatI learned was that the two can never be separated. And so on Wednesday, February 26th at 8:48 P.M I stood on the grounds outside my childhood home and I smiled.

I could see the crackle of lightning that began to envelope my form, a bead of sweat appeared in my brow as I drew my focus in. I had to get this right, I had to do this for everyone. But especially for myself, I have to prove to others that I can have the power and keep the love, that I'm not corruptible, that I'm not HIM. I'm me.

I'm Alex.

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The lightning began to intensify and I fall to my knees and scream out in pain, the electricity surges through my form and I feel pain like I've never felt anything before, it's like a slashing in my body, worse than when I got struck the first time, as if the Speed Force knows what I'm doing, like it's challenging me, telling me to go full out or just tap, but even then my smile grew bigger as I realized that it was working, he remembered his costumes before and he grinned as he realized the one he wanted.

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My body began singing as the flow of electricity arced out of every crevice of who I was. This electrical energy becomes so much, and the whole city seemed to notice it, lights began to flicker and the sky itself seemed to turn from night to day, the yellow on my costume seemed to just peel off and shine as pure golden waves of light. My smile begins to falter and I start to lose my grip on why I was doing this in the first place, it hurt so bad. I wanted to cry, to rip my face apart, to die.

I forced myself to think about everything that grounded me. Forced myself to focus on the ones who made me Me.

Burgundy and Silver. Like Irene and Jai loved.

Will and Connor, I failed him as a friend, I would change that, I'd fix it.

Uncle Matthew, I didn't give a good first impression. As a hero or a nephew, I'll show him that I'm good at being both because family is everything.

To Juno, I was a d*ck, I'll show to her that I'm not.

To Venilia, I was a hypocrite. But I mean...No-No, I was a hypocrite, but not anymore.

To my Mother, I failed you as a son and as a man, but today I start again.

To my Father, I'm not Flash Lightning, and I don't think I ever could be, your legacy is not for me. I'm something different than you, your ring deserves someone better to hold it to standard I never could

And to me. I will NEVER...EVER dye my hair blonde again...EVER!

I fight on for me.

And for them.

And slowly the pain starts to subside and fabric began to slither from my feet up my thighs, armor shaped in bolts of lightning began to engrave themselves into my hips and waist, it climbs up my torso, bathing me in color, Burgundy and silver. And finally, I could feel it reach my chest. When I looked down I could see it right there in the center of my body.

My Emblem.

I was back.

But I was unmoored.

And so as the sky shook with thunder and split from lightning I looked up, and I could feel the Speed Force in a way I never have before. I'm not Tachyon, or Hermes or Flash Lightning.

I'm Velocity. The Fastest Man Alive.
I'm Velocity. The Fastest Man Alive.


Alexander West Character Bio

Live In The Fast Lane
Live In The Fast Lane

Name: Alexander "Alex" West

Codename: Velocity

Alias(es) Alex West, Red Head, Speed Freak, The Fastest Man Alive, The Scarlet Speedster, The Living Tachyon, Hermes, Kid Flash, Flash Lightning, Savit'r, Godspeed

Species: Human

Sub-species: Speed Conduit

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Nationality: American

Orientation: Heterosexual


Age: 17 years old

Eye Color: Emerald

Hair Color: Fiery Orange (Ginger)

Height: 5'10

Weight: 167 llbs.


Birthplace: Key City

Residence: The West Residence Key City

City of Operations: Key City

Base of Operations: The West Residence

Relatives: Relatives: Wally Walker (Father) Alena Walker (Mother) Jairus West (Brother) Irene West (Sister) Matthew Walker (Uncle) Lucy Walker (Aunt) Jairus Walker II (Future son)


Alignment: Lawful Good

Identity: Secret

Occupation(s): High School Student, Part time Super Hero

Marital Status: Single

Relationship(s): None

Status: Alive; Active

At first glance Alex is cool, timid and curious, he's incredibly innocent and mildly shy, suffering from slight social anxiety. He doesn't like being put on the spot in pressuring situations, he gets embarrassed quite easily and in most cases doesn't go out of his way to get into confrontations. Though when he's suited up he gets more confident. But once you get to know him and he opens up Alex begans displaying a different side, to his friends he's humorous and talkative. Alex has an affinity for music and can play the Piano, guitar and can sing quite well. Though he hasn't shared this talent with anyone.

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Alex's history is a complicated one, he's been hero, villain, assassin, savior and ultimately erased.

But this is how his story originally began.

In the time 2067 Wallace Walker had a son,When Alexander's father first sensed the Speed Force in his son in Alexanders body he was not at all surprised, he had a feeling that his son would become a speedster. But he was surprised to see how potent it resonated in his body how deeply it was connected to his core his soul Because his son was special, he mainlined the Speed Force. When Alex was about 5 years old Wallace knew it was his time to begin, not as a costumed hero...But as his trainee. First it began with knowledge, Wallace didn't want to be training an immature child so he and his son began working on building knowledge. After that it was reflexes, honing his natural human responses would be essential for moving at superspeeds.

Then it was time for the speed itself Alex's powers were stunted and Wallace didn't know the cause of why. When Alex was 7 his father had a battle with the Time Master and his mother, brother and sister got caught in the crossfire and ultimately died at the hands of the villain and left Wallace broken and unable to heal for some unnatural reason, some believed it was a mental block he had put on himself. It broke something in Alex but it allowed something to come into its place...Power. Alex understood what his father had been teaching him and now he was unafraid. But during Wallaces time of recovery Alex was taken prisoner and was sold into slavery

After a few months a contact assassin was hired to take out the slave traders. And somehow he knew this child was special, so they sent him to the League Of Darkness. The League was an immensely large group of assassins run by one man...Raysh Al Shaytan. They made him into one of them. But it wasn't for him. So after several years, he left. After several months of living by himself A;ex was found and raised by Thomas Richards, the Outlaw himself. Though he loved his time with Thomas, death separated them, this was the final straw for Alex, and he found himself speeding through time where he landed in 2019, after spending several months here and meeting the woman who would soon be his girlfriend Alex saved his family and reversed the timeline where he went back too and stayed for over a year.

When he turned 18 Alex has returned to 2019 where he's found several things different. And after learning that his father Wally was leaving for the future to start a life Alex finally grew up and took his place as the Fastest Man Alive. Absorbing the residual energy of his father Alex grew in speed, no on par but Lucy Walker, the creator of the Speed Force they became the two fastest beings in existence.

But alas sometimes things change, and as it turns out Alex messed up badly. His changes to the timeline and many other timelines resulted in the timestream and the Speed Force tag-teaming and wiping Alex out of existence. But. They saw the good in Alex, and so they put him back. But this time they erased his memory, filling in the gaps with a fake life.

In addition they completely stripped Alex of his powers leaving him a normal human.

Now in the time 2020, Alex has no recollection of his previous life, believeing he was born on July 7th 2003 instead of July 7th 2067.


Then the Speed Force changed it's mind a third time, after learning that a crisis would soon be coming to this world and the Multiverse itself they chose Alex's time displaced son Jai to help save them all, but they needed Alex back. And so on October 29th 2019 Alex West was chosen by the Speed Force, and a fateful bolt of lightning struck him once again giving him super speed. But Alex's amnesia remained, and though he had power he had not much of it. The Speed Force believed that a taste in humility would help steer Alex on the correct path. So it refused to give Alex back his full powerset, instead leaving him only capable of running barely faster then the speed of sound.

Alex's fated bolt of lightning drew attention and in the span of a few hours Thomas Richards stood on the doorstep of Alex's home. Saying less then nothing, he told Alex about his time as the Outlaw, entrusting his secret to Alex, and weirdly it felt right to the young speedster. Thomas told him about the Maxine Institute and enrolled him. He gave him a card and told him to call if he needed anything.

After searching out and finding out a person he once knew Juno Fei Alex bought and modified his uniform, this was also the first time he had met someone from his previous life. And after the confronation with Juno Alex began experiencing frequent and painful headaches, which in were reality temporal backlash, and the memories of his previous life trying to come back to him.

After sneaking out of the school after facing his first supervillain Alex learned of the Speed Force and on his way back inside he found himself face to face with none other then himself. Somehow the original version of Alex managed to claw it's way out and to Alex. He then explained to Alex what the situation was, and how he was erased out of the Timeline, he didn't tell Alex about their memories though, wanting Alex to figure out and remember for himself.

After their talk and telling Alexander that his memories would return in due timethe Original Alex erased himself leaving Alex really confused and now the only Alex West in this timeline.

After recollecting his memories, and regaining his previous abilities, Alex has now once again reclaimed his title as the Fastest Man Alive.

Super Speed
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Alex Walker is as of now the most powerful of the speedsters. Alex's speed comes from a combination of muscular speed, a sped up nervous system with faster nerve conduction velocity and high energy resources that are empowered by the Speed Force. The young man discharges a trail of white lightning behind him when he runs. Though sometimes when he begins cutting loose, his trail is embued with a stary texture. The Mitochondria in Alex's body are in a super sped up condition allowing his body to function and draw energy at super speed. On his base level of speed Alex is able to cover about 7,000 miles in about 6.25 seconds, but when he's really cutting loose Alex is able to exceed lightspeed with little difficulty and run faster than lightspeed with no real limit to how fast he's able to go. He's able to enter and exit the Speed Force at will, without having to have a "Lightning Rod" to ground him due to a side affect of Alex's temporal displacement, something that left the Speedster "Unmoored" Along with this Alex's incredible speed also allows him to generate superhuman force that simulates the effect of superhuman strength. His virtually unrivaled connection to the Speed Force makes Alex the fastest being alive besides his Aunt Lucy.

Additional Power and Abilities

-The Speed Force creates excess energy that builds up and needs to be released. Alex, along with all speedsters connected, acts as a release valve for the Speed Force. When Alex uses his powers, he taps into that built up energy and expends it. Being a Speed Force Conduit radically accelerates all aspects of Alex's being, and due to mainlining the Speed Force, and his new return back to power, Alex is much more powerful than he was before.

-Alex's body generates large amounts of electrical energy that he draws from the Speed Force. This Speed Force lightning emanates off of him, especially when he moves at super-speed. When angered, Alex's body will supercharge with large amounts of electricity. He can also enhance his strikes with his lightning. The color of his lightning was originally yellow, although after he began growing in power, the color of his lightning turned white, due to his connection to the Speed Force growing stronger after being adrift within it for so long. But due to recent circumstances his lightning has changed to a more galaxy color. When generated at high volumes, Alex's Speed Force energy is powerful enough to even disrupt and destroy constructs of Sentinels such as Zach Rayner. Alex's lightning can heal the wounds of others through contact though the severity of the injury determines how fast and affective the healing is. Due to his electrical generation, Alex has some weak level of manipulation over magnetism.

-The quantum tunneling effect is a quantum phenomenon which occurs when particles move through a barrier that, should be impossible to move through. The barrier may be a physically impassable medium, such as an insulator or a vacuum, or a region of high potential energy. In classical mechanics, when a particle has insufficient energy, it would not be able to overcome a potential barrier. In the quantum world, however, particles can often behave like waves. On encountering a barrier, a quantum wave will not end abruptly; rather, its amplitude will decrease exponentially. This drop-in amplitude corresponds to a drop in the probability of finding a particle further into the barrier. If the barrier is thin enough, then the amplitude may be non-zero on the other side. This would imply that there is a finite probability that some of the particles will tunnel through the barrier. By vibrating his molecules at a high enough frequency Alex can pass through material objects. But he rarely does this due to the fact that more often then not he causes molecular destabilization, causing the object he passes or vibrates through to explode or disintegrate, he will sometimes weaponize this, but not usually.

-Alexander can also enhance and speed up his thought process so his mind and thoughts are a blur to any outside elements. He is impervious to telepathic abilities because the velocity of his thoughts are incomprehensible to anyone without the ability to move at speeds enough to read his mind- which is a very small list.

-Alex possesses the ability to encircle an opponent at high speeds and create a swirling vortex. This is a non-violent use of Alex's powers which allows him to disarm and incapacitate an opponent without resorting to a high-speed flurry of punches. He can also cause vortexes with his arms by swirling them at superspeeds in clockwise or counter-clockwise directions. By imparting his Speed and momentum into objects, Alex can move objects at super speed. This can be used as a very impressive and affective weapon. Alex is also able to steal the momentum and speed from objects around him, like bullets and other objects. Stealing speed from living beings incredibly difficult and Alex is unable to do it unless he makes physical contact and focuses all his attention to stealing their speed. But adding momentum to living beings is much easier

Alex's most powerful form of attack is something his family dubs the "Infinite Mass Punch" by running and accelerating to incredible levels (No where near lightspeed) Alex is able to strike his foes with so much power that the launch out of orbit. Relativistic effects take over as his body nears light-speed. Visual input will begin to blueshift and his body's mass will edge closer towards infinity. Alex chooses to not use this ability as often as he can because of its incredible danger. Though he could utilize this to a more powerful effect if he just went faster.

Fighting Style

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Alex has no taught fighting style. But he has three things going for him. He's smart, he's fast, and he's agile. Alex has good knowledge on the human anatomy which helps him when he's taking down an enemy, his speed makes him dangerous seeing as how he's able to react to stimuli so quickly, and react just as quickly, adding this to the fact that he possesses inhuman agility and reflexes closes the gap that Alex's lack in speed. Alex's agility allows his body to contort and perform feats of acrobatics that no human could ever perform.

With his recent power upgrade Alex is able to use his abilities in combat, able to punch someone a hundred thousand times in mere moments while also holding a conversation with them at the same time.

Physical Attributes

Superhuman Stamina- Alexander possesses incredible endurance that is nearly inexhaustible. He was able to run non-stop for a million miles without stopping while him and Kid Superion were testing out the Savitr armor in the BFT located at the Academy, he eventually was caused to halt due to his heart condition though. This disability has left allowing Alex full range of his endurance back.

Superhuman Agility- Alex's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are heightened to levels greater than any human being. He is able to easily get around on falling debris and objects while moving at super-speed without losing his balance or footing. This also allows him to easily make sharp turns and leap far distances while moving incredibly fast

Superhuman Reflexes- His reaction time is enhanced to levels far beyond any normal human being. He is able to easily perceive the movements of other speedsters, and react to danger and events. His reflexes are enhanced to the point where he can dodge bullets point-blank.

Superhuman Strength- The Speed Force enhances Alex's physical strength to levels superior to the average human being. He is strong enough to hoist 800lbs with no physical strain, even while he's running with it. He can also single-handedly reconstruct ruined buildings and move heavy beams and girders into place.

Enhanced Mind- Alex's mental abilities are also increased in speed, simple computations can be done at lightning speeds, and his ability to perform normal feats at increased speeds has allowed him to build hundreds of objects or search an entire area for something as small as a paper clip. Alex can also read at super-speed, but rarely takes advantage of this ability to learn at increased speeds. His mind is so fast that he's able to hold two seperate thoughts at one time, and though he's no super genius, he is pretty smart for a kid his age.

Enhanced Senses- Flashpoint possesses enhanced senses that allow him to perceive normally at super-speed, and the ability to alter his perceptions so that falling objects can appear to be standing still. His ability to alter his own perception of time is so great, that if he wishes, the tick between a second can pass for millions of years. He can even push this ability to the point, that to him, it is as if everything is standing still. It does not truly standstill, it is his own perception of time that seems to stand still, and his body automatically adjusts to his perception, hence, the slower he views the world, the faster his body moves through time/space to adjust to his perception.

Enhanced Durability- Alex is capable of resisting tremendous kinetic impact forces that could crush or kill a human, without suffering any serious external or internal injuries, making him much more durable than any human. Though a good amount of force will put him out of commision until he's able to recover.

Speed Force Aura- A speedsters body is surrounded by a "friction cushion", which provides protection from the negative aspects of their speed, including friction, airborne particulate matter, kinetic impacts, G-Force and other outside forces. It also allows speedsters like Alex to run at speeds faster than light without causing damage to the environment.

?: Alex's Gear

. . .

?Cowl:Constructed from a special fabric made from the Speed Force, Alex's cowl is Maroon in color, with spaces in the middle that surges with Speed Force electricity. The silver wingtips on his ear work as a communication system, and a buffer so that Alex can hear over the wind.


No Caption Provided

1. Flashpoint's Suit: Alex's suit is completely Maroon with red gloves and silver lightning shaped armor pieces placed on his wrists, his boots are the same way, with silver lightning plates covering his shin, ankle and thigh area, then going to a lightning-shaped waist piece that leads up to his torso lies his lightning emblem in the center of the chest, And to hide his identity, Alex wears a cowl that covers his his face, but it leaves his eyes, hair and, mouth exposed. There are also two Silver lightning pieces on the sides of the cowl that act as the com links and wind buffers. The Suit is made out of a reinforced carbon based Speed Force Alloy, making it resistant to grazing bullets, knives, abrasions, or scars. Along with the suit are several gaps in the area that usually glow with energy when Alex harnesses his powers, this is to help him expend more energy and allow his powers to flow better.

?2: Snack compartment: Pretty self explanatory, due to Alex needing to consume a lot of food because of his superspeed, he carries high calory, high protein bars in his gauntlets.


Absent-Minded- Alex is an extremely absentminded person, usually not being able to focus on one thing for more than a few moments. This makes him somewhat awkward in combat situations and makes him prone to mistakes and being tagged by others.

Extremely Cold Temperatures- Due to speed and cold being opposites, being exposed to extremely cold temperatures causes Alex extreme pain. He was once incapacitated by a cold gun that left insanely painful freezer burns on his sides and body.

Area Of Affect- If enemies have a means of altering how Alex percieves the battlefield around him, or overload his senses, Alex can be hurt or incapacitated


Why The Past Should Stay Buried

The Rooftop Of The Maxine Institute

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"T-There's no way you can be me. I'm me. There's no way." He took two more steps backward as the man stepped towards him, the twin redheads kept eye contact the entire time, Tachyon so amazed that this version of him even existed. Alex out of pure fear that this guy would kill him if he took his eyes off this guy for even a second.

Tachyon looked at Alex with wistful eyes and began speaking in such a fatherly way that it shattered Alex's fear, and he put his arms at his sides. "You look so innocent. You're living the life I never did."

"Ok. Talk. Cause this whole you being me thing is so crazy I don't know what to think." Sitting down on the ledge Alex would look at his crimson-clad doppelganger and gesture for him to speak.

"Well technically I'm not you. YOU'RE me. Or a replacement of me, or...not a remnant exactly,but not the original, and not the prime. Not yet."

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Alex looked at him with disbelief, but he knew deep down that it was the truth. "Woah."

His older self kept speaking, and the young boy listened with intent "I guess I messed up bad, I did bad things to people, hurt them. And because of that one moment I'm talking to my parents and the next I'm hurtling through space and time until I'm in the Speed Force. and it's telling me my time is over."

"So, why are you here now?"

"That was on you, you don't have any of my memories do you?" His eyes would blaze brightly and it felt to Alex as if this stranger was prying through his mind. "Wow, you really don't. This...This could be good. Listend Alex. something's coming, something bad. The Multiverse is gonna need you on the front lines, with other hereos if it's going to survive. Work hard, train harder. But don't turn out like me. Become a hero, but be a better person."

Alexander would look at him, "I keep getting flashes of memories that don't belong to me. Headaches."

"The headaches will go away.And after I leave our memories will slowly come back to you, I think I know what you are. I can't tell you to much or else it will ruin the point And if I'm right..."A small smile would creep onto his face, but then it would quickly vanish. "Wait.How fast are you?"

In the presence of this practical god Alex's face heated up in embarrassment, he wasn't fast for a speedster, even in the presence of most speedsters. "Mach 2."

Tachyon's eyebrows would raise and he would hold his hand out for Alex to take. "I can give you my speed if you want it. You'll become the Fastest Man Alive. Like I was. It's written in your blood, laced in your destiny.It's yours to take."

Alex's mind would race, this man in front of him was him...but at the same time, he wasn't. His entire being was laced in pain and despair. And Rage. Pure rage. Even though he was inert and calm now, Alex could read it on his body language, this version of him was someone to be feared, because he was ruthless. Alexander West didn't want to become like that.

So as Tachyon's hand lay extended in front of him Alex looked at it wistfully.

"No. I'll make my own destiny thanks."

Lightning boomed in the sky as Tachyon grinned broadly. "I was right."

Looking closely at him Alexander could see the original version of himself beginning to fade away, his skin turning to pure energy as he began to vanish from existence forever.

But before he was fully gone he turned to Alex an expression of pure hope on his face. "You have toubles coming your way, Enemies will try and be your Flashpoint, your time of evil and stress. Be THEIR Flashpoint. Be their moment of danger and fear. Don't be afraid to run. But don't be afraid to live, or love."

And he was gone. Leaving Alex once again on the rooftop by himself.

"Be their Flashpoint."

The time for Alex West to hold the title of Velocity was over.

He was someone else.

And he would become something else.


Some Wounds Don't Heal And Memories Don't Fade

Maxine Institute Rooftop- 4 Hours after The mysterious confrontation

Alex stood atop the broad and spacious roof of his new home and education center breathing in the crisp clean January air. His cuts from his battle with the mystery man had long since healed; but the marks on his throat, and the bruises around his body were still fading, leaving Alex with long purple and black marks around his body. Sneaking out of school was not hard at all. From what Alex had seen there wasn't much security other then the typical mutant security that occupied and guarded the students and after studying their rotation shifts and memorizing the guards he proceeded to leave the school-not- because he wanted to be rebellious but because of those damn headaches that he kept getting at random points of time. But Alex was beginning to think that they weren't random. Lately flashes of objects and words he's never heard, phrases he's never thought of. Names of people he's never met or read of kept sneaking in his mind, followed by extreme headaches and states of nausea which literally drove the young speedster to his knees.

This drove him to sneak out of the school. Again, wasn't hard. Pretty easy actually, the average human eye can't see objects moving past about 550 MPH and Alex guestimated that the guards would have a limit a bit above that. But he still stuck to stealth avoiding to be seen all-together.

And it worked!

Then he got beat up!

Then he had to sneak back in the school. Harder than he thought!

Now he rested atop the roof of the school, his backpack next to him and his suit tucked underneath his clothing. His glove, boots, mask and goggles had been neatly placed in his pack where it rested a few feet from the newbie. His thoughts raced through his mind like a tornado, refusing to cease movement, screaming at him. The mans words smacked him in the face.

"You're not ready for the Crisis ahead of you boy. I suggest you start preparing, the one before you was a great warrior, and the Speed Force did the Multiverse an injustice by giving it you. Your potential is immense. But only if you remember....Remember boy."

The Crisis. The Speed Force.

Alex knew the Speed Force was where Speed Force conduits drew their power from, but the way the mystery man spoke about it, he personified an energy gave Alex chills that he couldn't push away. Who was the one before him. Not knowing that it was literally him. It gave him a headache. A skull-crushing headache that refused to go away.

No. Not again. Not again.

Voices began filling his head, only one of them familiar

"What the hell, Alex!? You could have just caught the thing, that guy actually looks like he's hurt! Go take him to the infirmary at least, asshole!"

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Juno Fei, the voice was unmistakable. Though he didn't know the context of the conversation, he could tell she was pissed. But again. He had no idea why. Who did Alex hurt? Where was the infirmary? What was he supposed to catch? But um most obvious question was Where and when had this happened Alex had met her one time.

More verses scream into his brain like someone shooting a gun directly in your ear, it drowned out all Alex's surroundings. The Speedster would shake his head back and forth violently. He would pound it down again and again, but his racing thoughts would not dislodge themselves. He thinks they will drive him truly insane -if he wasn't already- Make him into a monster. But somehow through some deep force of power Alex manages to push them deep inside with a guttural growl of pain. Breathing heavily he barely notices the wreathe of crisp blue and white lightning that flickers off of his form that quickly subsides into the faintest flicker until it's no more then the quick shuffling of dust on the gravel rooftop.

But as he sucks in a lungful of air and rises to his feet Alex looks up and his blood doesn't run cold. It freezes over. Even with his superpowers Alex never noticed how time is so much like water; that it can pass slowly, a drop at a time, even freeze, than at this exact moment in time.

In front of him back turned to Alex stood a man about 6'0 with even from this angle Alex could see the unruly, fiery red hair that sat atop of his head. He was clothed in a marroon bodysuit that reeked of power even from where Alex stood. Silver wingtips stood at attention at the sides of his cowl and Alex hissed a bit as his breath was hitched in his throat.

That was when the figure turned.

Alex's skin turned pale.

No Caption Provided

The figure in front of him kept turning, the lightning that had briefly shone around Alex flowed off this man in waves, igniting the very air around them.

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No. Way. Shot through Alex's mind like a bullet.

Aggression and readiness shot through the marroon cloaked man with speed even Alex himself couldn't fathom. The lightning sparked hotter crackling off the man like lightning to metal. The ginger's eyes narrowed as he took another step forward. Alex didn't bother running. He knew it would be pointless. From one glance he knew there was no where in the world he could run where this man couldn't find him.

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But then as the strangers eyes focused his emotions and facial features became shock-ridden.

The man looked almost exactly like Alexander, only older, more experienced and a lot more dangerous. Finally Alex got the courage to break his voice and ask.

"Who are you?"

And in a moment of bone shattering shock the red-headed man replied back in a voice exactly like Alex's. Only deeper and laced with pain, regret and hurt.

"I'm you."

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