The Immortal Night

These Immortal creatures of the Night have been at war with each other for centuries.

List items

  • The Hybrid between the blood lines

  • Blade is a half blood, a Dhampir, half man half vampire all their strengths and none of their weaknesses he has dedicated his entire life to mastery over the thirst that plagues all vampires. And is the executioner of all vampires who cannot maintain the same control including Dracula himself

  • William Corvinus is the maternal twin brother to Marcus Corvinus the two sons of the first immortal Alexander Corvinus. When William was young he was bitten by a wolf as result his strain of Corvinus gene altered him physically, forever transforming him into the first werewolf.

  • Ryan is anything but ordinary as the child of the first Immortal vampire Viktor Ryan has gone through the centuries slaying the rest of her kind vampires. Often times portraying herself as a man to better grasp the situation at hand, she commands the respect of her few allies and even her many enemies.

  • As the most principled of the three vampire elders Viktor had his own daughter burnt at the stake when he found out about her werewolf lover Lucian igniting the war between the species

  • Lucian is the first of his kind Lycans not true Lycanthropes that can never shift back human but rather a more controlled species Viktor planned to harness as a weapon to protect the vampires while they slept. This all changed when he fell in love with Viktor's daughter Sonya unknowingly igniting the flames of an ageless war between vampires and Lycans

  • Akasha mother of all who are damned, queen of the vampires, during her rule in ancient Egypt her blood lust was only matched by her mate Ankil. They nearly drank the earth dry until Ankil lost his will to drink, without her mate by her side she ceased as well they became living statues until the sound of a young french vampire Lestat awoke her to the new millennium

  • Jacob Black is a descendent of the tribe's chief his great grand father, as such he inherited the werewolf gene to turn at will or when under the influence of aggression.

  • Edward Cullen is far from a traditional vampire neither crosses nor holy water not even a stake through the heart can kill (not that any stake exist strong enough to penetrate his rock hard skin) His skin is so hard in fact that in reflects sunlight much like a diamond in the sun.

  • Unlike most vampires found in the MARVEL universe Hannibal King chooses to deny his vampiric nature, and an ally to Blade. He is also the enemy of Deacon Frost the vampire who turned him in the first place.

  • Night Walker, beyond human, a monster whose powers radiate with a darkness that cast a shadow or darkness these are but a few of tittles given to Alucard he is believed to be the first of his kind Nosferatu