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Shockingly, Offensively Bad 2

Jeph Loeb is done.  The man who was once comics royalty, who penned some of the greatest Batman stories ever written and created the cerebral and elegant "colors" series to showcase some of Marvel's great characters, perished along with his son.  What remains is nothing short of horrifying.  The Loeb of today is a destructive, tone-deaf, creatively barren ignoramus who isn't qualified to write a Marvel coloring book, much less determine the future of Marvel's entire Ultimate line.  Gone are the ...

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Exceeded All Expectations 1

Considering how unhappy I've been with the Ultimatum event, and the direction that the Ultimate Universe in general has taken in the last year, I didn't expect much out of this issue.  Silly me.  Instead of the same heavy-handed mutilation of established characters that I've come to expect from the imbeciles managing Ultimatum, I got a lighthearted and funny bit of fluff that reminded me why I like comics so much.  Zarda, who I was initially very suspicious of, is easily one of the most interest...

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Retcon this trash at the first opportunity 3

The time has come to assess the damage that Aron Coleite has done in just four issues of Ultimate X-Men.  He has transformed a series that was designed to be a refreshing break from the continuity-laden drama and plot-of-the-week pulpiness of the mainstream Marvel Universe into just another cheap, spastically plotted X-book.  Colossus and Northstar, who began his run as a strong and assertive gay couple with a bright future ahead of them, have been reduced to a pair of degenerate cripples.  The ...

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A disappointment of epic proportions 1

I came into this issue completely psyched.  After the crazy, out of control action that has dominated Ultimate X-Men for the last 15 issues or so, I fully expected the team to sit back, regroup and settle in to the new paradigm.  A few issues of character-centered stories with a few minor villains, maybe some more development of the Hellfire Club subplot that's been lurking in the background for a while...I was ready for anything, just as long as it wasn't another huge frantic mega-event right o...

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