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"Some great deeds are even worshiped"

The Priestess of Power
The Priestess of Power

Real Name: Alexa Isabella Pettis

Aliases: New Goddess, Red Queen, Priestess of Power, nGoddess of the Anomaly

Height: 6'0" (Variable)

Weight: 196 lbs (Variable)

Age: 25 (Ageless)

Hair Color: Raven (Variable)

Eye Color: Violet (Variable)

Species: New Goddess

Alignment: Antihero

Gender: Female

Orientation: Bisexual

Birthplace: Antarctica

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Scientist, Superhero

Family: Alexa Pettis (Paternal Grandmother), Alexis Pettis/Thee Champion (Adoptive Father), Ziccarra Liafador (Stepmother - Technically), Maya Liafador (Stepsister), Catalina Liafador (Stepsister), Selene Liafador (Stepsister), Leonel Pettis/Thee Omega (Stepbrother), Tassiana Pettis (Stepsister)

The New Goddess - Powers & Abilities

-nGoddess of the Anomaly (Power of the Fifth Force)-

The Fifth Force
The Fifth Force

Manifested in a research facility in Antarctica that saw the first successful instance of detection and subsequent experimentation on an unknown fifth fundamental force of the universe, Alexa is the nGoddess of the Anomaly. The nGoddess whose dominion is the fifth force responsible for many anomalous observations that scientists have concluded to not match existing theories. This mysterious fifth force at the Red Queen's command is vast and powerful. It is the source of Alexa's physical attributes, her telekinetic powers, and energy projection. Because this unknown fifth force is a source (in that it causes) telekinesis, it transmits an extraordinary deal of energy, enough so that this energy can overcome the electromagnetic forces binding the atoms together because atoms respond more strongly to Alexa's fifth force than they do to electric forces.

Alexa's skill and command with the fifth force is to such an extent that she has telekinetically rearranged her body's molecular, atomic etc. structures into ones capable of replicating the hyper-herculean physical feats that her father, Thee Champion can accomplish, granting her strength, speed, durability etc. comparable to his own. This appears to be a telekinetically-spawned form of matter manipulation, one she can use to alter the molecular and atomic makeup of objects, elements etc. However, she does not possess the discipline or expertise to manipulate the matter comprising complex intelligent lifeforms e.g. humans etc. understanding only her own molecular, atomic and subatomic structure and those of simpler lifeforms. Though the potential of her matter manipulating powers is vast, the Red Queen's focus rests almost solely on her telekinesis and vast energy projection abilities. With her telekinesis, she can achieve flight, the augmentation of her physical attributes, the movement of large objects, the erection of telekinetic barriers, the creation of telekinetic constructs etc.

The limits of her telekinetic powers are poorly understood. While she is not skilled enough with them to directly manipulate the matter comprising complex and intelligent lifeforms, she can accomplish other feats e.g. manipulating some of the elements on the periodic table by using her telekinesis to alter sub-molecular bonds. With this power she often deconstructs the sub-molecular structure her opponents' power armors and weapons, reducing them to nothing. Unfortunately, Alexa's control over the fifth force is not yet vast. As a result, she must often temporarily relinquish her ability to telekinetically alter the molecular, sub-molecular, atomic etc. intricacies of matter if she has a desire to use said telekinesis to move objects or structures of extreme mass. For surgical precision, she must sacrifice brute force. And for brute force, she must sacrifice surgical precision. Perhaps her simplest ability is to harness and project the energy transmitted by this fifth force as destructive beams, blasts etc. of unreal power.

Returning to her self-manipulating powers, Alexa often uses her telekinetically-spawned matter manipulation and understanding of the structure and intricacies of the matter comprising her to change her appearance. She may alter her build, height, hair color etc. Unlike her father, Alexa needs breathable air but can hold her breath for an extended period of time. Like him however, she does not need food or water. Perhaps Alexa's most unique use of her power is physically moving herself as a point across space-time geometry, mimicking what appears to be instant teleportation as she can seemingly appear at any location regardless of distance. It is an ability that is not yet understand.

-Fighting System: In-Fighting & Pressure-

Aggression & Pressure
Aggression & Pressure

A vicious power puncher blessed with an explosiveness rare even among metahumans, Alexa is a born pressure fighter with seismic power in her strikes and a highly aggressive grappling game. She tends to fight more as a classical boxer-puncher, but one adapted to using a high-pressure grappling game to create openings for her strikes. And it is this fearsome combination of wrestling and boxing in the clinch that makes the Priestess of Power an unstoppable in-fighter. Her tenacity is further enhanced by her powerful Amazonian frame, one that sees her become a destructive force in the clinch.

First and foremost, Alexa understands that unarmed combat is a game of distance, and that the closer two fighters get, the more crucial each inch becomes. In fact, it is the Red Queen's opinion that even a single inch can be the difference between a glancing blow and a killing strike. As a result, Alexa's in-fighting is adapted to her constantly battling for her preferred distance. And what Alexa uses are grips to better manipulate the gap between herself and her opponents. A master of range, the Red Queen watches her opponents closely, sliding her legs out the way of any incoming leg kicks. She moves seamlessly, closing off and creating distance as needed. When marching aggressively toward her foes, she usually creates distance, first with her feet and then with her upper-body, to avoid being struck. But she immediately follows an opponent's strikes back in, slipping into the clinch to avoid yet another strike. And as if to confuse her foes, Alexa follows the hard work done to get inside (into clinch range) by throwing her foes right back out of the clinch, all done in an effort to find the proper range for a punch. And unlike most fighters that view fighting in terms of 'phases' such as long range/outside, mid-range/punching range, and clinch range/chest to chest, Alexa operates in a free-flowing continuum of distance and direction.

Not only is she an excellent clinch fighter, but she is an excellent transition fighter. And even during clinch fighting, the Red Queen understands that there are still transitions and subtle changes of position and range. For example, in the clinch Alexa often uses wrist grips, and primarily she uses the thumbs-down wrist grips. Why? Because an opponent attempting to break free of a wrist-grip must yank their arms in the direction Alexa's thumbs are pointing (because the thumb is the anchoring point of a grip). With the thumbs-down grips, she forces her foes to yank their arms downwards and away from their upper-body, exposing their head to elbow-strikes over the top. Even then, Alexa uses her elbow-strikes to set-up uppercuts and knees. Once her foe is made to realize that her wrist-grips are there only to set-up her elbow-strikes, they begin to duck under her elbows... and into the path of a life-ending uppercut or knee coming from the bottom. She uses these same in-fighting tactics in tandem with her natural speed and flight.

Equipment & Weaponry

-Armored Battlesuit-

The Battlesuit
The Battlesuit

Alexa is almost always seen wearing a dark steel grey battlesuit forged from a highly durable and regenerative nano-material that repairs itself from damage and micro-cracks. The armored battlesuit acts as a medium for strange quantum-mechanical technologies. The nano-material absorbs and stores energy in a personal quantum dimensional state as a means of augmenting her already extraordinary durability. Alexa's armor does so by absorbing the kinetic energy, heat energy etc. from any harmful forces, allowing her to withstand phenomena that even her durability cannot. Furthermore, her battlesuit's quantum-mechanical technology works in tandem with nanotechnology to augment Alexa's physical strength by enhancing her energy resources. Because the combined technologies of her battlesuit direct these higher energies down to the important and subtlest processes of her musculoskeletal system and nervous system, Alexa's great strength is greatly augmented.

These technologies enhance her physical strength and durability beyond the capabilities of even her father. Additionally, her gauntlets and boots feature technologies of their own. The first being control of the flux of inter-atomic attraction/electrostatic force between molecular boundary layers, allowing her to form temporary bonds her body and another as she manipulates the inter-atomic binding forces of matter. This allows her to cling to solids with enormous force, which she uses as the means to form unbreakable grips and submission maneuvers e.g. a rear naked choke whereby her hands are locked at the atomic level. Alexa's battlesuit also features plates of titanium and ceramic composite armor, a feature shared by her helmet. While her helmet, capable of assembling and disassembling itself at the atomic level due to the wonders of quantum-mechanical and nano-based technology, features a gas filter for it to act as a gas mask that prevents toxins from entering her respiratory system, it also provides Alexa with a near-endless supply of breathable oxygen by recycling her exhaled carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen. And when underwater, her supply of oxygen remains as her helmet uses hydrolysis to break apart water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen.

Furthermore, Alexa's helmet bolsters her eyesight, allowing her to see the bio-electric fields produced by the muscle fibers of living organisms, as well as act as an ultraviolet camera that uses a light source beyond the frequency of light radiation, meaning that she can see even in the absence of light radiation. Perhaps her helmet's greatest feature however, is a microcircuit, a superconductor powered by scalar energies. The microcircuit emits unique resonant energy frequencies to synchronize and promote a healthy bio-electric field. It filters radiation and non-EM energies (magical energies, psychic energies etc.) flowing into Alexa's body, granting her an increased resistance to radiation and offering her a surprising resistance to magical spells and psychic attacks by emitting neutralizing and balancing frequencies.

-Swords & Lances-


The Priestess of Power is in possession of swords and lances made from dark stream of exotic matter. They do not generate heat, radiation, electrical or magnetic fields. Nor are they part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The blades of the swords and lances are dark streams of exotic particles of only one 'color' of gluon which makes possible the strange and extraordinary properties of her exotic weapons. The hilt of her sword for example, appears to act as a receiving and transmitting device as it seems to be uniquely sensitive to the peculiar properties of these exotic particles. Among the properties of these particles is that they're extremely dense while their edges are ridiculously volatile, meaning that her swords and lances are virtually unbreakable yet retain the ability to cut/overcome virtually anything.

Though her swords and lances make up her usual array of weaponry, Alexa does possess smaller bladed weapons of identical structure, such as daggers.