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I challenge thee! Sky dwellers (OOC open event/empire claim)

Winged heralds appeared all over the globe and on the news bearing a messege.

"Dwellers of the sky! And anyone who partakes in the air of the flighted birds! I bear a messege to thee! I, Eurus, have come to claim what is rightfully mine! The skies! I am the descendent of Jupiter, the true god of the skies! Know this, to you mortals and their immortal guardians, the ground may belong to thee. But the skies, they belong to us! Those who oppose us shall perish! But those who join us shall find both friendship and power. I do not want to kill, I do not need to kill, unless you oppose me. So join me! And you forever be an friend of me and mine own friends."


In the IC I will explain more

Normal RP rules apply.

Most of these heralds, ad the soon to be shown warriors, are extremely fast and well trained. Most of their wings are in fact natural. They also tend to have impresive Aerokineses, enough that a quick blast could send 12 ton vehicles in the opposite direction as they're driving.

Many of them are somewhat enhanced but not a lot, mainly in speed and senses. They are generally agile and fast enough to dodge attacks.

Eurus has a closer set of warriors and they will all be revealed when the others are taken care of, which shouldn't take too long depending on my opponents.