"Don't be afraid. My name is Aleron, you can trust me."

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CVbU Aleron (incomplete)

New suit looks: 1 2

Alerons abilities have deeply increased over the years, and he seems to have minimally aged as well.

He began to distance himself from people, becoming more and more a part of Aleron and no longer Ekrin Bender.

New abilities:

His bio-steel became so enhanced it was able to not only change shape but create and transfer energy of various kinds. His vision and senses increased dramatically and he obtained technology allowing him special readings and information on his screen. In fact, it is so enhanced he can obtain and sustain flight without any wings at all. In replacement for their usefullness he often uses sonic canons, lasers, or blades on his arms.

The material itself has also advanced becoming much like some combination of Nth metal and Vibranium with the added bonus of being non metal and self healing. It possesses most aspects of each simoultaniously, except in certain places or circumstances.

Now however he can generate transparent material not unlike his former biosteel in terms of durability.

Extreme healing: His healing has gone a good deal beyond what it once was, while the actual speed hasn't changed much. He can now heal from far more deadly things.

Untouchable: Now a master of telepethy via touching the head, if someone tries to enter his mind he can fight back...very hard.

Speed increased: Now can reach mach 50 at full flight.

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