My first blog

Ok, here we go, this is my first blog ever, but as it seems it is something i must do to complete a quest, and as i am a Geek and proud of it i guess i better do it and try to complete the quests.
So i tough about what to write, and well, it is after all a comic book site , so i better talk about some comics
Lets start with i have read Superhero comics for a long time and through the years i diversified, started with all the classics, and as i mentioned i am a geek so i have gone iinto lots of areas , like i hav eread Manga, watched anime, played dungeons and dragons, and read hundreds of novels like my favorites the dragonlance core books, and forgotten realms dark elf novels, also lots of movies, and as i said lots of comics like before it was mainly the classic heroes, but of course i enjoy a good slasher comic from time to time like Hack/slash, or a innocent Richie rich or casper  even some Archies mainly the Jughead stuff.
Lately i been needing some new reading material, and well, lets say i got some good suggestions, like Locke and key, and now just started the first number of the boys, but one of my favorites from all the stuff i read i gues sits Fables, i cant wait for the next issue, i have to say i do not look much into writers or artist, im more into this for the stories.
Anyway i guess this is enough for a first blog