Starlight (CVnU)

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Real Name: Akira Hoshi

Name Meaning: Bright Star

Current Aliases: Starlight, Ms. Light, Ms. Sunlight, Sunshine, Light Show, Black Light, Sparkles, Star Lady, Lady Star, the Master of Light.

Class: Hero

Identity: Public

Alignment: Good

Occupation: Former Astronaut & Air Force Pilot turned Hero for Hire.

Base Of Operations: Mobile

Affiliation: Heroes for Hire Inc.

Citizenship: Japan & The United States

Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan

Education: College Degree

Marital Status: Single

Relatives: Bruce Hoshi (Father, deceased), Kimiyo Hoshi (Mother, deceased), Ryu Lee (Former fiancee). No known siblings.

Gender: Female

Orientation: Heterosexual

Age: Technically, Akira is over 70 years old due to being born in 1945. However, due to her trip in space and the time dilation she experienced, Akira is physically in her late 20's.

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 125 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Physical Form: Akira is a beautiful woman with an athletic & curvy body with a light complexion.

Race: Meta-Human (Japanese).

Universe: CVnU

Created By: ParagonxXx


Exposure to energy from the star Vega granted Starlight the following powers and abilities.

Photokinesis: With this power, Starlight can see, control, manipulate and use light according to her desire. This gives her the following capabilities:

  • Electromagnetic Spectrum Vision: - Starlight is able to perceive the entire electromagnetic spectrum of energy. This gives her the ability to see gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared, terahertz waves, microwaves and radio waves. Heat radiating off of objects can clearly be seen even minutes or sometimes hours after the source of the heat is gone thanks to her Thermal Vision. And when Starlight focuses on the ultraviolet frequency of light, this can cause many substances to glow, or fluoresce, from the chemical reactions when she looks directly at them. Finally, so long as there is some light in the area then Akira can see perfectly at night in different shades of green.
  • Energy Projection: - Akira can shoot photon beams of light from her hands, eyes or mouth at her opponent. She can also focus the intensity of such beams to do a varying degree of damage as well as the area effected.
  • Flight: - By far Starlight’s favorite power, she achieves flight by manipulating the light waves around her and then ‘riding them’. A beam made of light typically trails off after her when she does this. The speed of light is the fastest she is able to achieve or anywhere in between.
  • Force Field: - Akira is able to create force fields of varying size either around herself or around others. This power requires focus and concentration so it cannot be done automatically. These force fields can take shots from most bludgeoning damage, blows from super strength, bladed weaponry, bullets, falls from great heights, temperature extremes, high G-forces and some forms of energy. The more focus Starlight has, the stronger her force field.
  • Generate Light: - Starlight is able to cause any part of her body to glow or all at once if she so chooses. This is useful to dispel shadows and provide light for others to see by. She can also make the light so bright it causes temporary blindness in her opponents. If another hero happens to be a solar battery then Starlight is able to recharge them by using this ability on them or killing vulnerable Vampires.
  • Invisibility & Intangibility: - By bending the light waves around her, Akia can turn completely invisible to the naked eye and certain electronic devices & cameras. Enhanced Senses, Thermal Vision, Infrared Imaging and other methods of detection will still be able to see her, however. She is also able to transform into a being of pure light, becoming transparent and allowing her to pass through walls.
  • Light Constructs: - Akira can create any construct she can imagine but she is limited by her knowledge, skill and imagination. These constructs are made of what she calls hard light energy since she is able to interact with her environment with her powers and even fight super-villains by creating a boxing glove and hitting them with it. So long as she has a basic understanding of how an object works, she can create and use it. A lack of understanding means she cannot create it. The more focus Starlight has, the stronger her construct. Akira's constructs are made of light so she cannot create food or anything that she can consume for sustenance. She also cannot create life and any construct of a person or an animal is strictly controlled by her mind. Each construct is also limited to any single color inside the spectrum, but she usually settles for white or yellow. If she wishes to create objects in the full range of colors, then all she has to do is refract the light waves around her to create realistic holographic images. Unfortunately, these so called holograms are not solid and cannot be used to inflict harm.
  • Light Dispersion: - Starlight's powers come with the benefit of being able to disperse any, and all, sources of light, holographic illusions and radiation with a casual wave of her hand.
  • Self-Healing: - Since this power is not automatic, Akira must concentrate on herself in order to allow the light within her body to heal her of almost any injury that is inflicted upon her. Drugs, Toxins and diseases can also be purged in this way. She is also able to heal others as well. Unknown to her, Akira ages much more slowly than a normal human and it is unknown how long she will live.
  • Sense Light: - Starlight is able to sense all of the light particles that exist around her and is able to know when a person or object interacts with them. This almost acts as a sort of 'sixth sense' because she does not need to be looking at someone to know they might be holding a gun or enter the same room she is occupying. The light particles interacting with the gun or person will tell her all she needs to know even if her back is turned.

Self-Sustenance: Whenever Starlight flies or turns intangible, she turns into pure light. While in this state, Akira has no need to eat, breathe or sleep.


Bending Light & Reflective Surfaces: Akira has had trouble in the past when devices or super beings showed the capability of bending the light projected from her powers. Reflective surfaces have also been used to defend against her. It takes a considerable amount of power and energy for Starlight to overcome these obstacles as she has managed to on occasion, but sometimes she fails.

Concentration: Starlight's powers require focus & concentration. Anything that can disrupt her concentration, such as alcohol, will render her incapable of using her powers. This also depends on the level of such disruption. A little will only effect her mildly while a lot will render her pretty much powerless. Once the source of the disruption is removed, however, Akira will regain her powers.

Magic: Akira is just as vulnerable to magic as a regular human is.

Psionic Powers: Akira is vulnerable to the psychic powers of the mind, such as Telepathy or mind control. Her powers rely on concentration and these powers can either disrupt that or inflict harm upon her. Other psionic powers, such as Telekinesis, are less effective against Starlight since those do not effect the mind.

Solar Battery: Starlight is a living solar battery and she collects sunlight to use as fuel for her powers. Whenever she uses one of her abilities, she uses up a little of her energy reserves. If she completely drains herself of all her energy then she must recharge before using her powers again. During daylight hours, this usually isn’t a problem since she is constantly being recharged and ready for action. However, during night time hours Akira must be careful. Although the moon does reflect the light of the sun, it’s usually not enough to recharge her should she use too much energy & it’s only during a full moon (or close to it) that she gains anything at all. Even then the process of recharging is much slower then it is during the day.

Akira’s energy reserves is usually good to last her for a full 24 hours straight if she isn’t actively using her powers and when deprived of sunlight. However, the more she uses her abilities then the more she loses the light that is packed into her cells. It usually works like a gas tank. If Starlight does small things, such as light a candle, then she uses up only a small amount of energy. But if she creates a construct as big as a skyscraper then that will use a lot of energy. During the night, energy conservation is a must and she usually has enough to last her the entire night. But if she isn’t careful then she will run out of energy and if this happens then she loses her powers until she can recharge.

Starlight recharges very quickly during the day, depending on how much energy she expended during the night. If she’s on empty, then she’ll need 24 minutes to fully recharge herself while in direct sunlight (1 minute is equal to a charge of 1 hour). Only the light of the sun can recharge Akira as any other light source will not work.

X-Ray Vision: Starlight cannot see through lead.


Expert Pilot: Akira is able to pilot jets, airplanes, helicopters and space shuttles.

Experienced Fighter: While Akira is not a master of any one style, she does know how to throw a punch and a kick. Plus, she knows how to use her powers effectively in combat, making her a force to be reckoned with.

Gardner & Natural Medicine: Akira is an expert at gardening. She can recognize just about any kind of plant and know if it has health benefits, if it's poisonous or if it's good for food. Akira is capable of using plants to heal and relieve others of pain and injuries by creating natural remedies.

Indomitable Willpower: Akira has shown a remarkable willpower that has allowed her to resist many forms of mind control, illusion and torture.

Linguistic: Akira is fluent in Japanese, Chinese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean and English.

Mechanic: Akira is a gifted mechanic, capable of repairing any kind of space shuttle, airplane, jet or helicopter. She can even perform repairs on cars, motorcycles and other similar vehicles.

Photographic/Eidetic Memory: Akira rarely, if ever, forgets anything. She can remember almost any moment of her life or information she has come across. Events, peoples and places are also not a problem.


Ear Piece Communicator: As Starlight, Akira uses an ear piece communicator with her work partner, Felicity Sullivan. The tiny communicator's range has been amplified to allow it to reach Starlight anywhere in the world.

Body Suit: Akira's body suit she wears as Starlight is capable of scanning, measuring and informing Akira of any fluctuations in her health, power level and the need to recharge should it be necessary. The headband Starlight wears is capable of, with a press of a button, covering Akira's eyes in order to give her a Heads Up Display on her suit's readouts and scan objects and/or people with Augmented Reality in order to glean information she normally wouldn't be able to detect with her powers. The Body Suit also has a built-in heart defibrillator in case Akira's heart stops and she needs resuscitation.

The left forearm of the Body Suit, with hidden haptic controls, is capable of displaying a holographic flat-screen projection of people who wish to communicate with Starlight while she is out on the field, much like modern cell phones being able to display a live feed of someone they talk to. This holographic projection is also capable of wireless internet access. The body suit has cutting edge firewalls, anti-malware, anti-spyware, and anti-virus protection of the highest grade with updates downloaded multiple times per day.

This body suit was invented and created by Felicity Sullivan.


Akira Hoshi
Akira Hoshi

Akira Hoshi had dreams of being an Astronaut ever since she was a little girl. She had many other dream jobs throughout the years but she always came back to the desire of one day becoming an Astronaut. When Akira finally became old enough, she moved to the United States and became a citizen before entering the Air Force where she became a pilot and then later she joined the NASA space program.

Akira worked hard in NASA, but she finally achieved her dream and became an Astronaut. Since she wanted to fly the space shuttle, she worked on being a pilot and achieved that with a lot of hard work and training.

During her time at NASA, Akira met and fell in love with Ryu Lee who would later ask her to marry him. She said yes and the two planned to get married after Akira's next mission so she could take some time off for a nice honeymoon.

It would be Akira's second mission into space that her life would change forever. She was testing a new type of space shuttle capable of faster than light travel when something went wrong and she ended up all the way to the Vega star system, which was 25 light years from Earth. Akira wondered how her new circumstances were possible since the shuttle was not designed to go out that far and she theorized she must have went through some kind of wormhole.

Akira's situation was dire. The shuttle's engines were barely responding to her commands and it had suffered heavy damage to multiple systems, including life support. She was too far out to send an SOS to NASA and time was running out. Fortunately, her ship's sensors detected a nearby planet that could support life. But first, she faced the problem of getting there on time. She had to perform some repairs on the engines before she had enough power to get herself to the planet. Unfortunately, Akira had to make a crash landing which only served to damage to ship even further.

Akira was alone on a strange planet with a wrecked shuttle she doubted she could repair and she was completely alone. She had to force herself not to have a panic attack. Instead, she focused on one job at a time instead of all at once. Since Akira had landed on a planet with a breathable atmosphere, she focused on a more immediate concern. Water. She only had enough water to last a few days and only if she rationed her supply. The ship provided shelter, so she was good there and she had plenty of food rations to last a week or two if she rationed those as well.

As Akira slowly explored the new planet she crashed on, she managed to find a drinkable water supply. Now her next problem was food and she could not recognize any of the plant life on the new world and any fauna seemed to be non-existent. But as Akira faced one problem at a time, she was able to overcome them before tackling her next problem.

Akira lost track of time while on the new planet, but as she felt the Vega system's sunlight beat down on her, her body underwent some changes. Due to the planet's unique properties and the star in the Vega system, Akira's meta-human gene activated and she gained super-human powers over light. As this new development came into play, Akira explored her new powers and discovered she could do a great many things. She used her new powers to explore the new world she was on, but could not find any native alien species or a way off the planet.

One day of exploration turned into a nightmare. To her dread, Akira discovered something was alive on the planet she had crashed on. Some kind of alien being that had a frightening visage. It plagued Akira's nightmares and hunted her relentlessly. Even with her new powers, the monster proved too strong and powerful to be put down. So, Akira layed a trap for the monster and used her ship to blow the thing to kingdom come. At least, so she thought.

Akira knew using her ship erased all possibility of her ever being able to go home. But the thing was beyond repair anyway despite her efforts to try and repair it. Even worse, the monster had survived her attempt to kill it. While on the run from it, she stumbled upon an alien graveyard and realized to her shock and horror that this thing that was hunting her had wiped out all life on the planet and she had somehow awoken it. When Akira stumbled upon the grave, she had also stumbled upon some kind of ancient device that activated a star map. After studying the star map for a brief period of time, Akira was able to determine that a wormhole was indeed responsible for taking her into the Vega star system.

Akira fought off the alien monster one last time before she managed to make it into space, fighting down her fear of the dark. She flew as fast as she could for the wormhole and entered it. The wormhole deposited Akira reasonably close to Earth. Even then, it still took her two days just to reach Earth at the speed of light.

Upon Akira's return to Earth, she found that decades had passed and both her parents were dead. Her fiance had married another woman and had a family with her. NASA had given up on Akira and considered her MIA and possibly dead. Although she revealed herself to still be alive, which caused a media storm like no other, Akira found that NASA would not accept her back. She was also sworn to secrecy on what had happened to her.

Akira had a bittersweet reunion with her former fiance, Ryu, who had come to see her once he found out she was still alive. She was sad to see him so old and married to another woman with a family of his own. But Akira was not one to hold a grudge and was glad that Ryu was at least happy and had lived a good life. But Akira was still sad because she silently mourned for the life that might have been hers.

Akira's life was in shambles and her early retirement pension was barely enough money to live by. So, the young woman made herself a costume and adopted the name of Starlight. She started her own company called Heroes for Hire and she's been working as a hired hero ever since.

Shortly after starting the Heroes for Hire business, Akira met Felicity Sullivan, who would later become her tech guru, but also her secretary. Felicity would prove herself again and again as she helps, and communicates, with Akira while her friend risks her life out on the field as Starlight.

The Heroes of Tomorrow get payed to be heroes and to save lives, but Starlight will also perform heroic acts for free because she knows not everyone can afford to hire her. She also knows that not everyone is going to want to hire a hero. But somehow, the Heroes of Tomorrow make just enough money to get by and put food on the table. It remains to be seen if this business truly takes off and becomes successful.


  • Due to the nature of her powers, Akira can stare into the sun without it damaging her eyes. Because of this quark, she cannot be blinded by any light source no matter how bright.
  • While sunlight is packed into Akira's cells, her blood glows yellow if she bleeds. It appears like normal red blood if she is powerless, however.
  • Starlight is warm to the touch thanks to the sunlight within her body. This allows her to tolerate the cold more than anyone else and can tolerate even the cold vacuum of space as if it were nothing more than a little chilly.
  • Akira is completely immune to her own powers and cannot be harmed by them.
  • Starlight is completely immune to Vampirism because the solar energy packed in her cells will eliminate the disease.