Heroes for Hire Inc. (CVnU)

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Felicity reads the description for Akira's new company once she sees Akira come into her office, "Heroes For Hire, Inc. is a small business licensed by Japan which offers a full line of professional investigation and protection services. Heroes For Hire is solely owned by Akira Hoshi. It has a single office in Tokyo, Japan and two paid employees, secretary Felicity Sullivan and lawyer/business representative, Marie Taylor. Heroes For Hire will not accept jobs involving extralegal activities."

Akira nods approvingly, sitting down across from Felicity, "I like it, it's perfect."

Felicity smiles at the praise, "Thanks! Kudos for convincing Marie to sign up as our lawyer. No one from Japan would take us on." She brings up her hands and does a motion with her index and middle fingers as she emphasizes a point, "It's too risky, they all claimed."

Akira shrugs it off, "Well, it is a new business and no hero has ever done this before. I can see why very few people would want to jump into the unknown, but I am also glad Ms. Taylor accepted the offer. That woman has an adventurous spirit."

Felicity opens a bottle of champagne and pours them both a glass as the two celebrate the blossoming growing of a beautiful company. They klink the glasses together and drink, having some girl talk.


The Heroes for Hire Inc. has recently hit hard times. Out of desperation, Akira decided to sell her business when an offer was made to save it on the condition she remains in a position of leadership. Felicity Sullivan, of course, remained on board as the team's tech support.

The Heroes for Hire Inc. remains a business of professional investigation and protection services, along with anything else that their clients need so long as it does not break the law. The team prides itself in working with law enforcement officials because heroes obey the law of the land and are not above it.

The team is made up of a small group of heroes with legally obtained licenses to do what they do best so long as they don't break the law. They frequently travel the entire United States in a mobile base so that they may not only help as many people as they can, but spread their name.

The current roster for the Heroes for Hire Inc. includes:


1. Destruction: Minor destruction of the Heroes for Hire mobile base is allowed but no more than that. Anything more requires my permission. The mobile base is a Diesel truck with a trailer, filled with computers, gadgets and everything the Heroes for Hire Inc. need when traveling on the road.

2. Heroes for Hire Business: Since I am not looking to start a team with this, consider this a business and NOT a team. If you wish to join, ask me and you can be a Hero for Hire as well. But be warned, I'm not going to be making any effort to give your character missions or tasks to complete. Well, unless you RP with me and then I'll be sure to keep your character busy (~_^). There will be NO team based PM and outside of RPing with me, your on your own when coming up with things for your character to do as a Hero for Hire.

3. Theft: Feel free to steal anything in the mobile base. Well, except Felicity's computers, laptop and wheelchair, she needs those and those are off limits. Everything else is free game. You can even steal Starlight's suit if you want, Felicity can always make Akira a new one. Unless, of course, Starlight is already wearing it; In which case, good luck with that.

4. Security & Defenses: I didn't mention it in the main part of my blog, but Felicity has installed a number of defenses and security in the mobile base. Bulletproof glass windows, a force field to surround the office to protect it from damage from at least a mid-tier meta-human and pacification technology in order to stun/knockout any would be intruders. It also has cutting edge alarm systems, motion detectors and cameras in every room. HOW Felicity managed all this, well...let's just say my character Keira Hawke owed Felicity a favor or two.

5. Base of Operations: Heroes for Hire used to be based in Tokyo, Japan. Now they are mobile and move all over the United States.

6. Please obey the normal forum rules as well as the CVnU rules.

7. OOC & IC: This is both an Out of Character Thread and an In Character thread. Feel free to post here, but please keep it drama free.