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Denouement 0

EDIT: In case you're wondering, this is another book where DC arbitrarily slapped "Requiem" on the front; don't expect any fallout from Batman Inc. here.---Whatever opinions you hold about Scott Lobdell, his personality, or how he writes other books, one thing is pretty clear: he has made the story of Jason, Kori, and Roy a fun and memorable one. After juggling several crossover issues, Lobdell had two books left to grapple with the fallout of Snyder's opus while trying to close the chapter on t...

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Over the River and Through the Woods 4

This month's follow-up conclusion to Paul Jenkins & Humberto Ramos' two-part Fairy Quest: Outlaws does precisely what I'd hoped it wouldn't: rubs its greatness in your face and makes the prospect of not seeing Red and Woof's tale continue all the more unhappy. The "to be continued" at the end teases a follow-up volume in Fairy Quest: Travelers, which I'll be sure to look into sooner rather than later.The dominating feeling of FQ is fun. Despite the very sinister pursuing force of Mister Grim...

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A Case for Deviation 0

If you're like me, you may have heard of this charming Paul Jenkins & Humberto Ramos Kickstarter project a little too late to pitch in. Happily, at long last the fruits of that labor are made available to non-backers in this short, issue-driven run, and as one who spent months wishing he could get his hands on the book I'm happy to say it was well worth pining for.Fairy Quest is a look behind the page at the fairy tale world, wherein the stories we've come to love star characters forced to a...

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Thanks for the Memories 0

Nightwing #16 - Death of the Family Tie-InReleased: Wednesday, January 23rdWritten by: Kyle HigginsArt by: Eddy BarrowsCover by: Eddy BarrowsIn the interest of full disclosure, I am not a regular Nightwing reader and picked this up merely because of its role in Death of the Family. There were a few references that were thus not entirely clear to me (doubly so, as I'm new to DC in general), but overall I found this to be one of the stronger DotF tie-ins and a rather fun, if nasty, little trip.Bar...

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Family Matters. This Issue...Not So Much. 0

Red Hood and the Outlaws #16 - (Death of the Family Tie-In)Released: Wednesday, January 23rdWritten by: Scott LobdellArt by: Timothy Green IICover by: Tyler KirkhamThe previous issue of RHatO proved that tying into Scott Snyder's massive Death of the Family story was possible without losing the integrity of the book. Focusing primarily on Jason and his confrontation with the psycho who killed him, the book featured a bit of comic relief with Roy and Kori and set up a potentially good follow-up. ...

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