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Under Consideration

Trades or series which I have heard about, read a little about, and think I might enjoy. These don't really fit under wishlist or inevitable, and cat-killers is more about characters and teams, so voila, new list.

If you see a series on here which you think should be higher or lower on the list (because these are in order I'm likely to check them out), let me know why ^_^

EDIT: June 23rd: This list is in sore need of updating. I've removed all the things from it which I've since actually tried out.

List items

  • I want to be reading Fables, but with so many issues to catch up on I get the impression that this might be a more accessible way of introducing me to the series.

  • I know basically nothing at all about any of these characters, and this seems like a great way to get to know them: a self-contained mini-series. Doesn't hurt that the book straight-up LOOKS awesome.

  • I don't know this character at all, but I get the sense that I should be reading her, and I may as well be reading the version of her that DC's sticking with (for better or worse).

  • Thumbing through (figuratively) the Aspen FCBD 2013 book, and this series caught my eye. Love the art, and the story sounds like it could be a fun diversion from my typical fare.