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  • An explanation of why I love Laura so much is long overdue. But it's now officially on my to-do list. Promise. Meanwhile, go read Innocence Lost -- it'll save me time :)

  • In light of recent events, I plan to take some time to try to articulate why Nico is so fantastic. It is not just hard to imagine Runaways without her; it's impossible.

  • I don't think any single comic character has made me smile as much as Princess Powerful. She has no filter, but in the best and most innocent of ways. She is a massive powerhouse who, adorably, falls asleep immediately after showing her true strength. And she has put up with so much and taken it so well, making her one of the most resilient heroes in all of Marvel.

  • Consider Tandy near the top of my "must elaborate" list with Tyrone. Partly because of their aesthetics, partly because of their latent tragedy, and fully because of how they play off one another's divergent personalities, Cloak & Dagger deserve to be known by more people.

  • Consider Tyrone near the top of my "must elaborate" list with Tandy. Partly because of their aesthetics, partly because of their latent tragedy, and fully because of how they play off one another's divergent personalities, Cloak & Dagger deserve to be known by more people.

  • She's not just a pretty face. Not even close. Beneath the somewhat grim appearance and, well, the fact that she's *death* incarnate, "DiDi" is one of the brightest and most empathetic characters ever created. Her own stories are brilliant, and the idea that she might greet dead heroes on the other side of their struggles makes every painful death a little less painful.

  • You either love him or you don't. I love him. Molly Hayes makes me smile the most, but Wade's the one to make me laugh.

  • Roy is the guy who probably should've drowned in a bottle but somehow didn't, and now does his best to make light of even the darkest situations. He's a genuinely nice, genuinely screwed-up guy, and the best friend anyone in DC could hope to have.

  • Kori never ceases to impress. Her compassion and strength in the spite of an abysmally dark past are inspiring, and though she does her best to hide it she values few things as much as her friends. I truly pity anyone whose snap judgment of her appearance keeps them from giving her a chance, because she's something special. And her cartoon Teen Titans version? Heart melter for sure.

  • If I were a villain, I'd probably aspire to be Riddler: obsessed with the so-called World's Greatest Detective, consumed by my own arrogance and intellect, more interested in the mystery and being right than anything else. Basically, he is what I would be if I let my ego take over. And, you know, were sinister.

  • She is the incorrigible beacon of hope and happiness in the Marvel universe. Self-admittedly out of place in a grim and unforgiving world, Squirrel Girl always sees the best in people, and refuses to put up with jerks. And that all would have been enough, but on top of it she owns every big bad in the 616.

  • Nico & Molly got top spots on this list but it's as a family that they and the rest of the gang shine. In all honesty if you have not read this series, you've done yourself a disservice. BKV created an insanely good cast for this bright corner of the Marvel universe. Do yourself a favor and meet them ASAP.

  • Harley is brilliant and offbeat. When written properly she brings a smile to the grimmest of scenes. Seeing her battle her demons and try to be a good person despite the chaos in her heart is one of the best things in comics.

  • I owe her a sound backstory reading at some point. One might argue I don't know her well enough to put her on this list. But the truth is, I have never not enjoyed her in a book. Her compassion, her personality, her leadership... she strikes me as the kind of person who would take a bullet for her students without questioning it (and yeah, I know what I just said).

  • His are the immortal words which open the perennial classic which gave him life, their harshness outweighed only by their frankness. That is what Rorschach is: harsh and frank, uncompromising to the end. Misanthropic to a fault, but not necessarily his own; a character trait with which I uncomfortably relate.

  • Perhaps someday I will pick a favorite. For now, suffice to say that all of these kids have their perks and pitfalls, but the book would be the worse without any of them. Even the ones it's currently without, in my opinion ^_^

  • A sweet, innocent girl who discovers that she's also a hot, skilled assassin. And that she's not a human at all. I worried that her story would be cheesecake but I actually really have come to like her. Looking forward to her new self-titled.

  • He's basically a more realistic version of what Batman does...the Robin who understands that sometimes you need to shoot someone in the face. Goodness knows he has put up with terrible things in his life...well, lives. His continued fight is nothing if not impressive.

  • Sometimes all it takes is one good story to make you love a character. Elegy did that.