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The characters & teams that have me curious.

This includes characters I know about but haven't read much of, characters I've seen on other folks' lists that look interesting, or teams/collectives about which I know little to nothing but have to tag the team instead of an arc/run.

List items

  • Probably my favorite villain in comics, I guess just because I like puzzles. I'd like to know more about his origins and some of his more infamous appearances.

  • I saw the movie. Everyone and their mother has told me I need to read the book. Some people even recommend the shouldn't-exist-but-if-they-do-at-least-they're-good prequels. It'll happen. I just don't know when.

  • I'm not sure whether she's awesome or just super-overrated. I'm reserving judgment until I've actually read more things with her in them.

  • Is there a decent Starfire story? The whole alien unsure-how-to-fit-in thing makes her interesting to me, but I know little about her beyond the couple episodes of the Teen Titans cartoon I've seen (and I don't think that counts). I've heard pretty mixed reviews about her latest incarnation, too.

  • I'm coming at this backwards, having more or less met him as he died, but I'm quite intrigued by an openly devout character.

  • Seems this run was a bit polarizing. My only knowledge of it stems from what I read about Avengers Arena, but it sounds like the sort of thing I might like.

  • She has a bad rap, but then again so does X-23 (personality wise). Giving her a chance, but I don't know much of anything about her.

  • She co-starred in one of the funniest little Deadpool stories I've ever read, which may mean nothing, but it made her remember her.

  • She seems to be a lot more popular than I initially realized, and I know almost nothing whatsoever about her. Also, this is a cat-related list...

  • I always found the whole symbiote thing pretty interesting.

  • The first Batgirl I actually ever read anything about. I'm actually more interested in Spoiler, her knockoff Riddler father and all.

  • His segments in Arkham Aslyum were magnificent, and he wasn't a half bad villian in Batman Begins, either.

  • Always thought he looked awesome, but I honestly know almost nothing about him beyond his appearance and powers.

  • One of the coolest names ever, angel of death and all. His presence in...a video game...made me remember he exists, and I'm really interested to know what he's about, if anything.

  • I've been toying around with Zenescope stuff for quite a while. I tend to try to avoid overtly sexual stuff (though from an artwork standpoint, this stuff is incredible), but I'm thinking my overwhelming love for Lewis Carroll & fairy tales in general will inevitably lead to me reading the Wonderland books, for better or worse.

  • Saw her on someone's list. Idea sounds pretty cool.

  • My affinity for X-Force and Deadpool has shown me many glimpses of her, but aside from being lucky I don't know much about her.

  • Brief part of Second Coming. Some people seem to really like her.

  • Ran across her in X-Force, seeing her on some favorites lists. *Shrug*

  • Great name, ties to a few characters I've liked. Maybe someday I'll go back and read stuff she was in?

  • I found him pretty amusing in X-Force, and his outfit is awesome. Enough to get him on this list.

  • They were pretty heavily relied upon in the Second Coming end of X-Force, and I have no clue who they are.

  • Her page has "Deadpool" and "Gail Simone" on it. That's more than enough for her to make this list.

  • Awesome costume, interesting psychological profile. Also, nigh-empty wiki...perhaps I'll go for some points soon.

  • Seems quite a few folks think it went downhill from here, but I'm willing to give it a shot. At some point.

  • This book came up in a thread about a DC version of X-Force. The scans I saw of Nightwing talking with Superman sold me on at least trying to read it at some point.

  • Psychological thriller...generally high reviews. Granted, may be very outside my comfort zone, but I want to revisit this so I'm adding it to the list.

  • Aussi. Tats. Sweet name, sweet powers. Wonder if she'll make it to the "favorites" list, or fall off this one.

  • How was he not already on this list? I get the sense that he will be one of my favorite characters, if for no other reason than his mind.

  • RedQueen's enthusiasm has convinced me that I'm missing out if I don't know more about her. So...here she goes.

  • I was going to type something about how so many people loved to hate Emma. And when I came to the page, a quest marker popped up...called "haters gonna hate." So...sold.

  • Saw a fantastic cosplay of her, and then a few people told me stuff about her. She seems awesome. She also seems like prime Avengers Arena: Season Two material (grrrrrr)

  • Fine. Ah suppose ah can justify that, Lykopis.