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Anything Once

"I'll try anything once. Twice if I like it. Three times to make sure." ~ Mae West

Books I've given a shot (or, if more than one shot, I'll note that) specifically to determine whether I'd like to try the run. The top of the list will consist of ones I liked enough that I will revisit them when time and money make it possible (so consider that the tentative pull list expansion). Beyond that, expect no rhyme or reason. (Creating this list because I just got ~200 free Marvel #1s and need somewhere to keep track of it without doubling my bought and read list)

List items

  • I'm a huge fan of Yost, and Issue 1 did nothing to change that. One of few books I can guarantee I will eventually be buying.

  • Marvel FIRST acquisition. Really enjoyed it. I could see myself following this series, for sure.

  • After reading Elegy, I have reason to believe this book will be on my eventual permanent pull list.

  • This was pretty darn original and left me REALLY wondering what follows. Another book likely to be officially yay or nayed via trade acquisition.

  • I'm a pretty big fan of Noir, and I've liked all of the Brubaker stuff I've yet read. Plan to buy at least the first trade to really decide how I feel on this one.

  • Marvel FIRST acquisition. I really liked this. In fact, the only real reason I'm not immediately going to run to pick more up (aside from not having the money to do so) is that I've heard some of these mutants have already been killed. And I don't think I can handle that.

  • Marvel FIRST acquisition. Maybe it's Remender, or the fact that this was mostly mutants rather than the typical Avengers crowd, but I found this vastly more interesting than Avengers #1. Though...I hate seeing characters impaled in the first issue. I'm assuming that wasn't a death though. Consider this book on my radar.

  • Marvel FIRST acquisition. Enjoyed the first issue (except I loathe the whole creeping on MJ thing). Maybe sometime in the future I'll catch myself up. Quite depends on a whole lot of factors, not least of which being Peter's return.

  • Liked. It's short. Will get at some point.

  • Wouldn't be the worst idea to read more of this, as I know very little of any of the major DC players besides Batman.

  • Read the first few issues back when New 52 began; maybe someday I'll read more? But probably not. Snyder's Batman's sufficient.

  • Between noir and Rocafort, I kind of want to go back and get more than just the one issue. Someday, perhaps.

  • Read one issue. Might go back and check this run if I hear bad things about the New 52 run.

  • Marvel FIRST acquisition. This book is one of the ones that is consistently highly praised. I'll admit I didn't really care much about Thor as a character or as a world premise (though I'm fond of Loki), but the first issue was well executed and quite a bit of fun. I will probably try at least one more issue at some point.

  • I liked the first issue. But when I see a coffin on the cover of Issue 5 and a solicit describing the shocking death in Issue 4, this book immediately leaves my pull list and goes on probation. I wanted to read this to learn to love these characters; if you're going to kill one off three issues later, I'm not playing that game.

  • Read the first arc after the character minis. Have since been told the series really goes downhill -- and then just sort of ends; so...au revoir.

  • Got the first issue on sale. Not particularly interested in buying others. *shrug*

  • Honestly? First issue didn't hook me at all. I've heard others speak so well of it, so maybe I'll get another one to try it out? But really wasn't sold.

  • A little too "mature" for my tastes.

  • Bought a few issues back when New 52 began; subsequently forgot about them. None of the crossover Catwoman stuff has convinced me I should regret that.