So, uh... Thanks.

I just wanted to say, after almost five months of ranting about Avengers Arena: Thank You.

While there have been plenty of people who have expressed an appreciation for the book and its quality, and some people who have just told me to shut up or stop making a big deal about it, there has been precious little sadism from my fellow Viners, and that stands out as exceptional.

As many of you know, my ethical problems with the book have kept me from actually buying it (and my ethical problems with piracy have kept me from reading it directly at all). Which means all of my knowledge has come from other avenues: previews, reviews, tweets, tumblogs, blogs, and message boards all over the Internet. Suffice to say I've seen a variety of communities grapple with this book, I've seen a lot of opinions expressed and a lot of words spilled over this title.

And you are, really, the nicest of the bunch. There are some trolls, for sure (heck, I run the risk of enticing them just by posting this), but by and large no one has truly been cruel here, and I just wanted to say I appreciate that. Because when I read people gleefully praising Hopeless for "finally offing so-and-so" and sharpening their proverbial knives and drooling at the prospect of which other kids I and so many others deeply care about will meet a horrific end, it saddens and sickens me. When I hear people not just say "that was impressive" or "that was well written" but "whenever I'm upset, I just remember that ____ got his neck snapped, and I get happy again," it infuriates me beyond a point I ever really have seen myself go.

I get that elsewhere. I haven't gotten it here. And I'm sure if I had gotten it here, there would have been people who joined me in telling those people to go screw themselves. That kind of solidarity is neat, and it's something I never expected to find when I joined CV back in January.

So, yeah… I know we don't all see eye-to-eye on this series, and some of you do enjoy the book more than I'll ever understand, but thanks for being civil about it. It's pretty awesome.