Novelly Graphic, or why I've been quieter as of late.

Hey friends and random people who clicked this thread.

I'm attaching this blog to the forums, despite the fact that it's likely only interesting to people who have endeavored to follow me on CV, because, well, that's pretty much the only way to get anything seen anymore.

Ever since the redesign, the social aspects of Comic Vine have been irrevocably destroyed impeded and despite many folks' asking, it doesn't seem like bringing those beloved features back is anywhere near the top of the site managers' list of priorities. You can't see who's online. You don't see most activity. There's no list of recent blogs from your friends. User reviews are stupidly buried. Whenever I search for something or someone, the results I get are often months old despite having used verbatim search terms. All told, it's become quite difficult to keep tabs on people unless you go out of your way to individually stalk their profiles.

And that means that when I update my lists (which I do somewhat frequently) or post a new blog but don't attach it to forums or write a review of a back-issue, it's incredibly likely that no one at all will notice, even those weird folks who actually would have wanted to.

So I gave up on trying to use CV for that sort of thing, and created my own blog, for the purposes of reviews and random thoughts, and that's pretty much where I've been posting for the last few weeks. And it occurred to me, hey, I guess I'll post about it. Just in case someone cares. So here it is: Novelly Graphic. I don't have anything in the form of "regular features" aside from each week making a point of giving a general overview of all the new issues I've picked up. I also have a "currently reading" pull list which I will try to make sure matches the list on CV (but with far more detail on the site). Otherwise I have a stack of new trades and hundreds of older issues recently inherited from a friend so what does or does not show up on there is anyone's guess.

If I do end up getting the sense that there are a reasonable number of Viners checking my site out to warrant it, I may start doing something like Bat Watch or some of the other accounts that post their articles on CV in their own threads as well as on their site, but I don't anticipate it being worth the time? *shrug*

Anyway, that exists. Now you know. Carry on ^_^