Novelly Graphic (It's Back!)

Hey Comic Vine folks (those of you who are still around and will actually look at this post)!

Here’s a friendly notification that I’m revitalizing my comic blog. You can follow for new posts (and occasional comic-related comments/reblogs) over on tumblr, but I would really appreciate if you followed me over on Wordpress and commented (especially if you’re reading the same things as I am!).

I just posted a three-part prelude series of essays to bridge the gap between my older NG writing and my newer stuff. They are as follows:

Part One: Parasocial. This post discusses a bit of what I’ve learned about why we grow so attached to fictional characters, and why I intend to keep doing so.

Part Two: Humanity. This post recognizes that a major component of my earlier writing was ranting, especially about Avengers Arena, and especially about Dennis Hopeless, and why I don’t intend to be much like that going forward.

Part Three: Taste. This post explains my general vision for Novelly Graphic, especially the absence of scored reviews and my hope for a commenting community and perhaps even guest writers.

If you have a Tumblr or Wordpress, I'd really appreciate it if you give NG a shot, and if you spread the word a bit as well (or reblogged a review or two down the line if you find that you are enjoying what I’m doing). Obviously right now there is no other new content (just the old stuff, which is wildly different), so unless the preludes seem share-worthy there’s not much to see.

Thanks, folks ^_^

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