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No Cliffhangers here! 0

Well, what we thought was going to happened they all turned out to be skulls!  I know some of us privately or openly wished/dreamed but we knew the trueth as soon as they landed!  If Bendis really had talent and skill, so of them would have been real!  That would really screw everyone mind up and keep them guessing wouldn't!  Or why wouldn't they have picked those heroes up and switch them and think of the problems they could have caused.  They definitely will swear through torture that they are...

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Good but not great! 0

A couple of problems to start off with: The cover is totally wrong for the issue and has nothing to do with it except the last two pages of the book (this is a .75 star deduction for me).Next, a major storyline wraps up and your star artist isn't doing the issue, although goldman did a satisfactionary job but he is no Benes (.5 star deduction)The major battle between Amazo and JLA, alot of the panels just had one JLAer in them and not enough combination fight scenes.  I think back to the great A...

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An improvement over Issue 1 1

The artwork has improved (the frames are cleaner) but there is no consistency when drawing characters. It basically comes down to either you like Yu artwork or you don't, I don't! For example, Hawkeye kisses a female character in this comic, Yu makes him look like a totally different person in next few frames in the face by giving him a square jaw. I don't understand how you can draw a character different one frame from the next and YU does this!The issue deals with the battle between the 70'...

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Bendis could be sued by NBC 2

As I read this issue I had to keep checking to make sure I wasn't reading Season 3 of NBC's Heroes because that is exactly how this comic reads excepts they are being banded together to fight Skulls but it still means saving the world! The artwork is sad considering all the really great artist out there and this being your #1 story line for the year! It is pretty bad with all the heroes in MU, only a bunch of unknown, inexperienced and underaged nobodies are going to be able to stop the Skulls. ...

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