For who?

That would depend on the hero.  Every hero has a bunch of signature villains that are mainly associated with him/her but only one is that heroes ultimate archenemy.  Examples:  Captain America -  Red Skull, Superman - Lex Luthor, Batman - Joker, X-men - Magneto, Fantastic Four -Dr. Doom.  Most of the time they make the archenemy and the hero have things in common but the villain doesn't error on the side of good like the hero.

So, I don't think you can have any Ultimate villain until you know who the Hero is.   I think a better question would be who would be an Ultimate villain for (fill in the blank) and why.  Just to ask who is the Ultimate Villain, are we talking costume, number people killed, enemies, powers and etc.  It is to vague of a question and like I said above certain villians are hero specific villians.

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