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What if Marv Wolfman and George Perez couldn't create NEW Teen Titans?

The Nerdist has released what could be a line-up for TNT's Titans. The line-up starts with Dick Grayson as Robin; Barbara Gordon in an undefined role, but confined to a wheel-chair; Hank Hall and Dawn Granger as Hawk & Dove; Raven and Starfire. This is a very "bird"-centric line-up: Robin, Hawk, Dove, Raven, Batgirl. Even though it is heavy on female leads, it's still not a diverse line-up as X-Men and Titans fans could expect. There's no mention of Donna Troy, Garth, or Gar Logan. Roy Harper's Arsenal is licensed to Arrow. We may see a Speedy. Or an Arrowette. Wally may show up on The Flash. Titans may feature Jesse Quick.

What if Marv Wolfman and George Perez couldn't rename Beast Boy Changeling? What if they couldn't create Cyborg, Raven and Starfire? What if they had to use sidekicks and make The New Teen Titans work that way? The conceit is that that had already happened. Teen Titans was cancelled and then brought back. That second comeback saw Mal Duncan take on roles as The Guardian and The Herald. There was a Titans West. But that didn't work and the title was canceled. The New Teen Titans worked because of the technology and gadgetry of Victor Stone's Cyborg, the gothic mysticism of Raven, and the science fiction angle of Starfire. The core group: Dick, Donna, Wally, Gar - not to mention the classic Fab Five line-up - was straight up super-hero action. Written by dudes that were disconnected from the generation gap.

Still, what would a Teen Titans team look like if Marv and George had to use established sidekicks and not create NEW Teen Titans?

I definitely welcome suggestions: from the Golden, Silver and Bronze age. The characters must be established, not new creations. So, no Jaimie Reyes as Blue Beetle, unfortunately. Here are my choices, let me know what you think and what your choices might be.

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  • Dick Grayson's Robin would probably still be team leader. Wolfman and Perez's Titans could still be linked to the Bat-books.

  • Although the Robin-Jimmy Olsen World's Finest team may have been exhausted and old-guard; Jimmy would be perfect as the original H-E-R-O. Make the dial a futuristic communicator or "cell phone". The Titans would be linked to the Superman books and Legion of Super-Heroes.

  • One of the biggest blunders of the Silver and Bronze age was killing off the Kents - specifically Martha Kent, and shunting Kara off to an orphanage. As an adoptive dad, it's great focus on orphans and blended families; but still a mis-step for the Superman family. That being said, It would be great to see Dick, Jimmy and Kara as part of a Titans team. It would also be cool to have Martha Kent in a supporting role like Alfred Pennyworth as Dick Grayson's "assistant".

  • Okay, so this may start looking like a Geoff Johns or a Wil Pfeiffer Titans line-up. It would be cool to see Dick and Jimmy pine over Kara, while she pines over Freddie.

  • ...Until they discover that Freddie's CM3 has a "sister" Mary. She would be an alternate for her "brother"

  • With Jimmy Olsen as Elastic Lad, the next bearer of the H-Dial appears.

  • I would envision Sanderson Hawkins as an older Teen available to mentor Dick Grayson just as Alan Scott and Ted Grant mentored Bruce Wayne

  • Another homage to The Golden Age. I would use her in much the same way as Betty "Bette" Kane.

  • Looking for gizmos and gadgetry? Sylvester Pemberton and his manservant would be perfect. Plus there would be the connection between Pat Dugan and Alfred.

  • I could see Marv and George involving Wally West's Kid Flash- although Marv has said writing a speedster is difficult. Roy Harper's Speedy and Gar Logan's Beast Boy would be there, but more sparingly. I could see them still using Donna Troy.

  • Although she goes by Hawkfire now, I would see Betty "Bette" Kane as a part of the Titans.

  • Here's another tech-wizard. I would make Ted Kord a teenager, almost like Peter Parker, and put this Blue Beetle on the Titans.