Top 5: Geoff Johns

Monday, January 25th is Geoff Johns' birthday.

Love him or hate him, he's been leaving a mark on the DC Universe and characters. Here are my Top 5 Geoff Johns success stories. Before detracting, share at least one positive before a negative.

These are all DC-centric. I haven't read much of his Titans or Avengers work.

Share your favorites in the comments.

List items

  • Since the animated series Super Friends, Aquaman has been a light-hearted joke of a hero. More attention was focused on his limitations and weaknesses rather than his strengths. Until Geoff Johns. Sure, Johns used the jokes in early issues of The New 52 re-launch. He also joined Seth Green in making Aquaman the butt of jokes in the Robot Chicken DC Special. He did focus more on Arthur Curry's strengths rather than limitations. Johns brought AC back from the abyss and made him a popular character. Aquaman is closing in on 50 issues with a third creative team.

  • Johns followed up The Flash: Rebirth by bringing Hal Jordan back from the dead just as he did Barry Allen. He didn't stop there. He fleshed out both the Green Lantern Corps and the Sinestro Corpsas well as the whole spectrum; creating Red, Orange, Blue, Indigo, White and Black Lanterns. Blackest Night may have been DC's answer to Marvel Zombies; the one book I picked up outside of the mini-series was Starman 81, featuring the return of David Knight as a Black Lantern Starman squaring off against The Shade. Hero and villain roles reversed.

  • I have to admit I'm more a fan of the re-incarnated Egyptian Pharaoh than I am the alien space cop. Katar Hol is too much Green Lantern. I prefer Carter Hall re-connecting with Shayera. So this was a mixed blessing. Hawkman is probably DC's most confusing character. probably because they keep trying to do what was done here. Melding Egyptian mythology with science-fiction. Hawkman is a male Wonder Woman; in other words, Hercules with wings. Or, if you want to go Superman/Batman, he's Captain (Shazam!) Marvel.

  • "No tights, no flights". That was the Smallville motto. At least for the first seven seasons. Tom Welling's Clark met AC and then Oliver Queen. Then, Geoff Johns introduced both the Legion of Super-Heroes and Justice Society. One of the Society members just happened to be...

  • Courtney Whitmore. A tribute to Johns' late sister, killed in the tragic TWA Flight 800 crash. Memorialized as Stars and STRIPE, heir to the Starman legacy and JSA member. I still like to re-read the Young Justice cross-over. Her series is on my bucket list to track down.