My Fowl-Weather Friend

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Let me share my story.

In 2004, my wife was diagnosed with cancer. She was diagnosed on a Wednesday, and her surgery was a couple days later, on Friday. I never realized until then just how close I came to losing her. She's my Iris, my Sue. We'd been married for 14 years. My wife wanted to have kids since the second after I proposed. I said "I do", she said, "Let's get crackin' mister!" When she came out of surgery, she told me she wanted to adopt. We held hands tight. I said, "Yes, ma'am."

By October 2010, we were no closer to being a blended family than we were in August of 2004, after her surgery.

Hopeless, we were about to give up. We decided not to update with the agency we were working with. After Christmas that year, I posted a status on Facebook.

"I want to be a Dad in 2011."

Remember, we were not with any adoption agency at the time.

A friend saw my post.

"There's this boy..." A family was set to adopt our son. One of their natural children had just been diagnosed. The diagnosis set them on a very expensive path. They couldn't adopt our son.

January 3rd, 2011, I met my son for the first time. I was introduced to him as "Papa Dave". He was here from Kiev, Ukraine on a hosting program. We spent the final week of his three week visit together. After that week, my wife and I knew he was our son.

We left for Kiev to bring our on home September 11, 2011. He came home for good October 23rd, 2011.

Mission accomplished!

I took a number of comforts for the trip. I took my Bible. I took Alex Ross' Justice. I took my buddy Bill Halliar's Evilman. I took Wes Molebash's You'll Have That. I took Teen Titans: Year One. I took The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold #1 - Bottle of The Planets.

I picked up a copy of Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl.

I devoured that book on the trip. I was lucky to find an English book store in the subway mall under Independence Square in Kiev. I bought and devoured the second and third book in the series. I read the comic book adaptation of the first novel. It's okay. Disney just released the trailer for the film adaptation due next August 9th. It looks pretty good from the preview. Dame Judi Densch does the voiceover on the trailer. Kenneth Branagh is directing. He directed Thor.

As you can imagine, I hope it's a spectacular adaptation.

I consider Artemis a good friend. I hope Disney and Kenneth Branagh do Artemis right.

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