James Gun Hired By Warner Bros./DC After Being Fired By Disney

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(Apologies if someone already posted about this.)

Indiewire.com is just one website reporting that James Gunn has been hired by Warner Bros. to write - and possibly direct! - Suicide Squad 2. There's word that the film will be a reboot of Suicide Squad. ScreenRant.com's Stephen M. Colbert shares a reason why DC might be okay with Gunn following his firing by Disney over old, offensive tweets that Gunn was sorry for and apologized for. Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy cast stood by him, fans signed petitions and encouraged Disney to reverse its decision. Disney opted not to. Now the Distinguished Competition has scored a major coup.

There's even word around the interwebs that Dave Bautista is eager to follow Gunn. There's even an image of the character Bautista could play in the new Suicide Squad film.

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(Am I the only one that remembers the character development that James Robinson did with this character in Starman?)

This could very well be just what the Doctor Fate ordered for the DC Cinematic Universe.

I remember a few years ago, a top-notch director (Bryan Singer) moved on from a Marvel franchise (The X-Men) at 20th Century Fox to reboot a prominent DC Character (Superman). He got Richard Donner's blessing and the film, Superman Returns, was supposed to be a sequel to Superman II. It was supposed to have bypassed both Superman III and IV which were somewhat lackluster. Not an easy task since Christopher Reeve - and Richard Donner - is a hard act to follow. Although it may seem dated now, Reeve's Superman was very much like what Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman was. Hope. Optimism. Wonder. Joy. Fun. Those five words aren't used much to describe DC films. Usually, Mature; or, Grown-Up are words that are used.

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Maybe you're like me. What I'd like to see Gunn bring to DC is that sense of Wonder. Joy. Hope. Optimism. I want DC super-hero films to be Fun. Wonder Woman was a fun film. I don't want my DC Comics characters to be dark, brooding and angst-filled. I don't want them to be mature or grown up. I want to feel like a little kid watching cartoons with a big bowl of cereal in my lap.

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That's a tall order and maybe too much pressure to put on Gunn's or anyone man's shoulders. Donner did it in '78 with Superman. Patty Jenkins did it in 2017 with Wonder Woman, and will attempt it again with the upcoming sequel.

Maybe James Gunn can lead DC out of it's - navel.

I've got my fingers crossed.