It's Not Easy Bein' Green

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Bruce Lee was born on this date in 1940. He died at 33 in 1973. His "dash" was pretty exciting.

Maybe you've read of the legendary fight between Lee's Kato and Burt Ward's Robin, The Boy Wonder during the filming of the Batman '66/The Green Hornet guest appearance.

If you have not read Batman '66 Meets the Green Hornet by Ralph Garman, Kevin Smith, Ty Templeton and Alex Ross, you should, if only for nostalgia sake.

No disrespect to Seth Rogen, but I found his Britt Reid, The Green Hornet less than memorable. I understand what they were going for. I read or heard something that he was going for a whole Paris Hilton-thing. The Green Hornet film just seemed off.

I guess a lot of the old, classic shows I grew up with took themselves way too seriously. Starsky and Hutch, a show I enjoyed as a kid, was remade as a comedy. That seems to be the way to go with some remakes. I've read where The Six Million Dollar Man may get a remake with either Jim Carrey, Chris Rock or Mark Wahlberg. I would rather see Wahlberg than Carrey or Rock as Steve Austin. I like Will Smith, and except for the ending, his The Wild, Wild West seemed... okay. Nothing compared tot he original series. But, okay.

I make the joke "it's not easy bein' green" 'cos The Green Hornet came out at a time when The Incredible Hulk and Green Lantern both under-performed at the box office. I liked The Incredible Hulk. I thought it had what every fan wanted - big fight scenes. Green Lantern was at least two movies jammed into one. When I think of Hal Jordan, I think of William Shatner with an emerald power ring. There's a scene at the beginning of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Shatner's Kirk seems so serious, he's almost angry. He tells his ill-fated Vulcan science officer that he's going into a meeting that won't last more than five minutes. That meeting is to get his ship back. That's confidence. Confidence to the point of arrogance. That's Hal Jordan.

But that's not why you called...

Like I said, Seth Rogen is a funny guy. I just can't see him as Britt Reid or The Green Hornet. I could see Greg Kinnear as Britt Reid, though. He played Captain Awesome in Mystery Men. I was kinda bummed about what happened to him in that film, I really enjoyed his performance. I could see him as Britt Reid. I think the Seth Rogen film was kinda disconnected from the comics. Rogen didn't remind me at all of Van Williams. Which was kind of a shame.

I read the Now Comics The Green Hornet series. That was some good stuff. I haven't read any of the Dynamite Entertainment or Kevin Smith The Green Hornet stuff.

It's a shame that the character might be Kryptonite right now and there's no chance of a sequel, remake or reboot.

Maybe in a few years there'll be somebody like a Greg Kinnear to play the Van Williams version of Britt Reid.

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